clang 19.0.0git
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2#include "clang/AST/Type.h"
5#include "clang/Lex/Lexer.h"
6#include "llvm/ADT/StringExtras.h"
7#include <optional>
9using namespace clang;
11void JSONNodeDumper::addPreviousDeclaration(const Decl *D) {
12 switch (D->getKind()) {
13#define DECL(DERIVED, BASE) \
14 case Decl::DERIVED: \
15 return writePreviousDeclImpl(cast<DERIVED##Decl>(D));
17#include "clang/AST/"
19#undef DECL
20 }
21 llvm_unreachable("Decl that isn't part of!");
25 const char *AttrName = nullptr;
26 switch (A->getKind()) {
27#define ATTR(X) \
28 case attr::X: \
29 AttrName = #X"Attr"; \
30 break;
31#include "clang/Basic/"
32#undef ATTR
33 }
34 JOS.attribute("id", createPointerRepresentation(A));
35 JOS.attribute("kind", AttrName);
36 JOS.attributeObject("range", [A, this] { writeSourceRange(A->getRange()); });
37 attributeOnlyIfTrue("inherited", A->isInherited());
38 attributeOnlyIfTrue("implicit", A->isImplicit());
40 // FIXME: it would be useful for us to output the spelling kind as well as
41 // the actual spelling. This would allow us to distinguish between the
42 // various attribute syntaxes, but we don't currently track that information
43 // within the AST.
44 //JOS.attribute("spelling", A->getSpelling());
50 if (!S)
51 return;
53 JOS.attribute("id", createPointerRepresentation(S));
54 JOS.attribute("kind", S->getStmtClassName());
55 JOS.attributeObject("range",
56 [S, this] { writeSourceRange(S->getSourceRange()); });
58 if (const auto *E = dyn_cast<Expr>(S)) {
59 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(E->getType()));
60 const char *Category = nullptr;
61 switch (E->getValueKind()) {
62 case VK_LValue: Category = "lvalue"; break;
63 case VK_XValue: Category = "xvalue"; break;
64 case VK_PRValue:
65 Category = "prvalue";
66 break;
67 }
68 JOS.attribute("valueCategory", Category);
69 }
74 JOS.attribute("id", createPointerRepresentation(T));
76 if (!T)
77 return;
79 JOS.attribute("kind", (llvm::Twine(T->getTypeClassName()) + "Type").str());
80 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(QualType(T, 0), /*Desugar=*/false));
81 attributeOnlyIfTrue("containsErrors", T->containsErrors());
82 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isDependent", T->isDependentType());
83 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isInstantiationDependent",
85 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isVariablyModified", T->isVariablyModifiedType());
86 attributeOnlyIfTrue("containsUnexpandedPack",
88 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isImported", T->isFromAST());
93 JOS.attribute("id", createPointerRepresentation(T.getAsOpaquePtr()));
94 JOS.attribute("kind", "QualType");
95 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(T));
96 JOS.attribute("qualifiers", T.split().Quals.getAsString());
100 if (TL.isNull())
101 return;
102 JOS.attribute("kind",
103 (llvm::Twine(TL.getTypeLocClass() == TypeLoc::Qualified
104 ? "Qualified"
105 : TL.getTypePtr()->getTypeClassName()) +
106 "TypeLoc")
107 .str());
108 JOS.attribute("type",
109 createQualType(QualType(TL.getType()), /*Desugar=*/false));
110 JOS.attributeObject("range",
111 [TL, this] { writeSourceRange(TL.getSourceRange()); });
115 JOS.attribute("id", createPointerRepresentation(D));
117 if (!D)
118 return;
120 JOS.attribute("kind", (llvm::Twine(D->getDeclKindName()) + "Decl").str());
121 JOS.attributeObject("loc",
122 [D, this] { writeSourceLocation(D->getLocation()); });
123 JOS.attributeObject("range",
124 [D, this] { writeSourceRange(D->getSourceRange()); });
125 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isImplicit", D->isImplicit());
126 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isInvalid", D->isInvalidDecl());
128 if (D->isUsed())
129 JOS.attribute("isUsed", true);
130 else if (D->isThisDeclarationReferenced())
131 JOS.attribute("isReferenced", true);
133 if (const auto *ND = dyn_cast<NamedDecl>(D))
134 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isHidden", !ND->isUnconditionallyVisible());
136 if (D->getLexicalDeclContext() != D->getDeclContext()) {
137 // Because of multiple inheritance, a DeclContext pointer does not produce
138 // the same pointer representation as a Decl pointer that references the
139 // same AST Node.
140 const auto *ParentDeclContextDecl = dyn_cast<Decl>(D->getDeclContext());
141 JOS.attribute("parentDeclContextId",
142 createPointerRepresentation(ParentDeclContextDecl));
143 }
145 addPreviousDeclaration(D);
150 const comments::FullComment *FC) {
151 if (!C)
152 return;
154 JOS.attribute("id", createPointerRepresentation(C));
155 JOS.attribute("kind", C->getCommentKindName());
156 JOS.attributeObject("loc",
157 [C, this] { writeSourceLocation(C->getLocation()); });
158 JOS.attributeObject("range",
159 [C, this] { writeSourceRange(C->getSourceRange()); });
165 const Decl *From, StringRef Label) {
166 JOS.attribute("kind", "TemplateArgument");
167 if (R.isValid())
168 JOS.attributeObject("range", [R, this] { writeSourceRange(R); });
170 if (From)
171 JOS.attribute(Label.empty() ? "fromDecl" : Label, createBareDeclRef(From));
177 JOS.attribute("kind", "CXXCtorInitializer");
178 if (Init->isAnyMemberInitializer())
179 JOS.attribute("anyInit", createBareDeclRef(Init->getAnyMember()));
180 else if (Init->isBaseInitializer())
181 JOS.attribute("baseInit",
182 createQualType(QualType(Init->getBaseClass(), 0)));
183 else if (Init->isDelegatingInitializer())
184 JOS.attribute("delegatingInit",
185 createQualType(Init->getTypeSourceInfo()->getType()));
186 else
187 llvm_unreachable("Unknown initializer type");
195 JOS.attribute("kind", "Capture");
196 attributeOnlyIfTrue("byref", C.isByRef());
197 attributeOnlyIfTrue("nested", C.isNested());
198 if (C.getVariable())
199 JOS.attribute("var", createBareDeclRef(C.getVariable()));
203 JOS.attribute("associationKind", A.getTypeSourceInfo() ? "case" : "default");
204 attributeOnlyIfTrue("selected", A.isSelected());
208 if (!R)
209 return;
211 switch (R->getKind()) {
213 JOS.attribute("kind", "TypeRequirement");
214 break;
216 JOS.attribute("kind", "SimpleRequirement");
217 break;
219 JOS.attribute("kind", "CompoundRequirement");
220 break;
222 JOS.attribute("kind", "NestedRequirement");
223 break;
224 }
226 if (auto *ER = dyn_cast<concepts::ExprRequirement>(R))
227 attributeOnlyIfTrue("noexcept", ER->hasNoexceptRequirement());
229 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isDependent", R->isDependent());
230 if (!R->isDependent())
231 JOS.attribute("satisfied", R->isSatisfied());
232 attributeOnlyIfTrue("containsUnexpandedPack",
237 std::string Str;
238 llvm::raw_string_ostream OS(Str);
239 Value.printPretty(OS, Ctx, Ty);
240 JOS.attribute("value", OS.str());
244 JOS.attribute("kind", "ConceptReference");
245 JOS.attribute("id", createPointerRepresentation(CR->getNamedConcept()));
246 if (const auto *Args = CR->getTemplateArgsAsWritten()) {
247 JOS.attributeArray("templateArgsAsWritten", [Args, this] {
248 for (const TemplateArgumentLoc &TAL : Args->arguments())
249 JOS.object(
250 [&TAL, this] { Visit(TAL.getArgument(), TAL.getSourceRange()); });
251 });
252 }
253 JOS.attributeObject("loc",
254 [CR, this] { writeSourceLocation(CR->getLocation()); });
255 JOS.attributeObject("range",
256 [CR, this] { writeSourceRange(CR->getSourceRange()); });
259void JSONNodeDumper::writeIncludeStack(PresumedLoc Loc, bool JustFirst) {
260 if (Loc.isInvalid())
261 return;
263 JOS.attributeBegin("includedFrom");
264 JOS.objectBegin();
266 if (!JustFirst) {
267 // Walk the stack recursively, then print out the presumed location.
268 writeIncludeStack(SM.getPresumedLoc(Loc.getIncludeLoc()));
269 }
271 JOS.attribute("file", Loc.getFilename());
272 JOS.objectEnd();
273 JOS.attributeEnd();
276void JSONNodeDumper::writeBareSourceLocation(SourceLocation Loc,
277 bool IsSpelling) {
278 PresumedLoc Presumed = SM.getPresumedLoc(Loc);
279 unsigned ActualLine = IsSpelling ? SM.getSpellingLineNumber(Loc)
281 StringRef ActualFile = SM.getBufferName(Loc);
283 if (Presumed.isValid()) {
284 JOS.attribute("offset", SM.getDecomposedLoc(Loc).second);
285 if (LastLocFilename != ActualFile) {
286 JOS.attribute("file", ActualFile);
287 JOS.attribute("line", ActualLine);
288 } else if (LastLocLine != ActualLine)
289 JOS.attribute("line", ActualLine);
291 StringRef PresumedFile = Presumed.getFilename();
292 if (PresumedFile != ActualFile && LastLocPresumedFilename != PresumedFile)
293 JOS.attribute("presumedFile", PresumedFile);
295 unsigned PresumedLine = Presumed.getLine();
296 if (ActualLine != PresumedLine && LastLocPresumedLine != PresumedLine)
297 JOS.attribute("presumedLine", PresumedLine);
299 JOS.attribute("col", Presumed.getColumn());
300 JOS.attribute("tokLen",
302 LastLocFilename = ActualFile;
303 LastLocPresumedFilename = PresumedFile;
304 LastLocPresumedLine = PresumedLine;
305 LastLocLine = ActualLine;
307 // Orthogonal to the file, line, and column de-duplication is whether the
308 // given location was a result of an include. If so, print where the
309 // include location came from.
310 writeIncludeStack(SM.getPresumedLoc(Presumed.getIncludeLoc()),
311 /*JustFirst*/ true);
312 }
315void JSONNodeDumper::writeSourceLocation(SourceLocation Loc) {
316 SourceLocation Spelling = SM.getSpellingLoc(Loc);
317 SourceLocation Expansion = SM.getExpansionLoc(Loc);
319 if (Expansion != Spelling) {
320 // If the expansion and the spelling are different, output subobjects
321 // describing both locations.
322 JOS.attributeObject("spellingLoc", [Spelling, this] {
323 writeBareSourceLocation(Spelling, /*IsSpelling*/ true);
324 });
325 JOS.attributeObject("expansionLoc", [Expansion, Loc, this] {
326 writeBareSourceLocation(Expansion, /*IsSpelling*/ false);
327 // If there is a macro expansion, add extra information if the interesting
328 // bit is the macro arg expansion.
329 if (SM.isMacroArgExpansion(Loc))
330 JOS.attribute("isMacroArgExpansion", true);
331 });
332 } else
333 writeBareSourceLocation(Spelling, /*IsSpelling*/ true);
336void JSONNodeDumper::writeSourceRange(SourceRange R) {
337 JOS.attributeObject("begin",
338 [R, this] { writeSourceLocation(R.getBegin()); });
339 JOS.attributeObject("end", [R, this] { writeSourceLocation(R.getEnd()); });
342std::string JSONNodeDumper::createPointerRepresentation(const void *Ptr) {
343 // Because JSON stores integer values as signed 64-bit integers, trying to
344 // represent them as such makes for very ugly pointer values in the resulting
345 // output. Instead, we convert the value to hex and treat it as a string.
346 return "0x" + llvm::utohexstr(reinterpret_cast<uint64_t>(Ptr), true);
349llvm::json::Object JSONNodeDumper::createQualType(QualType QT, bool Desugar) {
350 SplitQualType SQT = QT.split();
351 std::string SQTS = QualType::getAsString(SQT, PrintPolicy);
352 llvm::json::Object Ret{{"qualType", SQTS}};
354 if (Desugar && !QT.isNull()) {
356 if (DSQT != SQT) {
357 std::string DSQTS = QualType::getAsString(DSQT, PrintPolicy);
358 if (DSQTS != SQTS)
359 Ret["desugaredQualType"] = DSQTS;
360 }
361 if (const auto *TT = QT->getAs<TypedefType>())
362 Ret["typeAliasDeclId"] = createPointerRepresentation(TT->getDecl());
363 }
364 return Ret;
367void JSONNodeDumper::writeBareDeclRef(const Decl *D) {
368 JOS.attribute("id", createPointerRepresentation(D));
369 if (!D)
370 return;
372 JOS.attribute("kind", (llvm::Twine(D->getDeclKindName()) + "Decl").str());
373 if (const auto *ND = dyn_cast<NamedDecl>(D))
374 JOS.attribute("name", ND->getDeclName().getAsString());
375 if (const auto *VD = dyn_cast<ValueDecl>(D))
376 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(VD->getType()));
379llvm::json::Object JSONNodeDumper::createBareDeclRef(const Decl *D) {
380 llvm::json::Object Ret{{"id", createPointerRepresentation(D)}};
381 if (!D)
382 return Ret;
384 Ret["kind"] = (llvm::Twine(D->getDeclKindName()) + "Decl").str();
385 if (const auto *ND = dyn_cast<NamedDecl>(D))
386 Ret["name"] = ND->getDeclName().getAsString();
387 if (const auto *VD = dyn_cast<ValueDecl>(D))
388 Ret["type"] = createQualType(VD->getType());
389 return Ret;
392llvm::json::Array JSONNodeDumper::createCastPath(const CastExpr *C) {
393 llvm::json::Array Ret;
394 if (C->path_empty())
395 return Ret;
397 for (auto I = C->path_begin(), E = C->path_end(); I != E; ++I) {
398 const CXXBaseSpecifier *Base = *I;
399 const auto *RD =
400 cast<CXXRecordDecl>(Base->getType()->castAs<RecordType>()->getDecl());
402 llvm::json::Object Val{{"name", RD->getName()}};
403 if (Base->isVirtual())
404 Val["isVirtual"] = true;
405 Ret.push_back(std::move(Val));
406 }
407 return Ret;
410#define FIELD2(Name, Flag) if (RD->Flag()) Ret[Name] = true
411#define FIELD1(Flag) FIELD2(#Flag, Flag)
413static llvm::json::Object
415 llvm::json::Object Ret;
417 FIELD2("exists", hasDefaultConstructor);
418 FIELD2("trivial", hasTrivialDefaultConstructor);
419 FIELD2("nonTrivial", hasNonTrivialDefaultConstructor);
420 FIELD2("userProvided", hasUserProvidedDefaultConstructor);
421 FIELD2("isConstexpr", hasConstexprDefaultConstructor);
422 FIELD2("needsImplicit", needsImplicitDefaultConstructor);
423 FIELD2("defaultedIsConstexpr", defaultedDefaultConstructorIsConstexpr);
425 return Ret;
428static llvm::json::Object
430 llvm::json::Object Ret;
432 FIELD2("simple", hasSimpleCopyConstructor);
433 FIELD2("trivial", hasTrivialCopyConstructor);
434 FIELD2("nonTrivial", hasNonTrivialCopyConstructor);
435 FIELD2("userDeclared", hasUserDeclaredCopyConstructor);
436 FIELD2("hasConstParam", hasCopyConstructorWithConstParam);
437 FIELD2("implicitHasConstParam", implicitCopyConstructorHasConstParam);
438 FIELD2("needsImplicit", needsImplicitCopyConstructor);
439 FIELD2("needsOverloadResolution", needsOverloadResolutionForCopyConstructor);
441 FIELD2("defaultedIsDeleted", defaultedCopyConstructorIsDeleted);
443 return Ret;
446static llvm::json::Object
448 llvm::json::Object Ret;
450 FIELD2("exists", hasMoveConstructor);
451 FIELD2("simple", hasSimpleMoveConstructor);
452 FIELD2("trivial", hasTrivialMoveConstructor);
453 FIELD2("nonTrivial", hasNonTrivialMoveConstructor);
454 FIELD2("userDeclared", hasUserDeclaredMoveConstructor);
455 FIELD2("needsImplicit", needsImplicitMoveConstructor);
456 FIELD2("needsOverloadResolution", needsOverloadResolutionForMoveConstructor);
458 FIELD2("defaultedIsDeleted", defaultedMoveConstructorIsDeleted);
460 return Ret;
463static llvm::json::Object
465 llvm::json::Object Ret;
467 FIELD2("simple", hasSimpleCopyAssignment);
468 FIELD2("trivial", hasTrivialCopyAssignment);
469 FIELD2("nonTrivial", hasNonTrivialCopyAssignment);
470 FIELD2("hasConstParam", hasCopyAssignmentWithConstParam);
471 FIELD2("implicitHasConstParam", implicitCopyAssignmentHasConstParam);
472 FIELD2("userDeclared", hasUserDeclaredCopyAssignment);
473 FIELD2("needsImplicit", needsImplicitCopyAssignment);
474 FIELD2("needsOverloadResolution", needsOverloadResolutionForCopyAssignment);
476 return Ret;
479static llvm::json::Object
481 llvm::json::Object Ret;
483 FIELD2("exists", hasMoveAssignment);
484 FIELD2("simple", hasSimpleMoveAssignment);
485 FIELD2("trivial", hasTrivialMoveAssignment);
486 FIELD2("nonTrivial", hasNonTrivialMoveAssignment);
487 FIELD2("userDeclared", hasUserDeclaredMoveAssignment);
488 FIELD2("needsImplicit", needsImplicitMoveAssignment);
489 FIELD2("needsOverloadResolution", needsOverloadResolutionForMoveAssignment);
491 return Ret;
494static llvm::json::Object
496 llvm::json::Object Ret;
498 FIELD2("simple", hasSimpleDestructor);
499 FIELD2("irrelevant", hasIrrelevantDestructor);
500 FIELD2("trivial", hasTrivialDestructor);
501 FIELD2("nonTrivial", hasNonTrivialDestructor);
502 FIELD2("userDeclared", hasUserDeclaredDestructor);
503 FIELD2("needsImplicit", needsImplicitDestructor);
504 FIELD2("needsOverloadResolution", needsOverloadResolutionForDestructor);
506 FIELD2("defaultedIsDeleted", defaultedDestructorIsDeleted);
508 return Ret;
512JSONNodeDumper::createCXXRecordDefinitionData(const CXXRecordDecl *RD) {
513 llvm::json::Object Ret;
515 // This data is common to all C++ classes.
516 FIELD1(isGenericLambda);
517 FIELD1(isLambda);
518 FIELD1(isEmpty);
519 FIELD1(isAggregate);
520 FIELD1(isStandardLayout);
521 FIELD1(isTriviallyCopyable);
522 FIELD1(isPOD);
524 FIELD1(isPolymorphic);
525 FIELD1(isAbstract);
526 FIELD1(isLiteral);
528 FIELD1(hasUserDeclaredConstructor);
529 FIELD1(hasConstexprNonCopyMoveConstructor);
530 FIELD1(hasMutableFields);
531 FIELD1(hasVariantMembers);
532 FIELD2("canConstDefaultInit", allowConstDefaultInit);
534 Ret["defaultCtor"] = createDefaultConstructorDefinitionData(RD);
537 Ret["copyAssign"] = createCopyAssignmentDefinitionData(RD);
538 Ret["moveAssign"] = createMoveAssignmentDefinitionData(RD);
541 return Ret;
544#undef FIELD1
545#undef FIELD2
547std::string JSONNodeDumper::createAccessSpecifier(AccessSpecifier AS) {
548 const auto AccessSpelling = getAccessSpelling(AS);
549 if (AccessSpelling.empty())
550 return "none";
551 return AccessSpelling.str();
555JSONNodeDumper::createCXXBaseSpecifier(const CXXBaseSpecifier &BS) {
556 llvm::json::Object Ret;
558 Ret["type"] = createQualType(BS.getType());
559 Ret["access"] = createAccessSpecifier(BS.getAccessSpecifier());
560 Ret["writtenAccess"] =
561 createAccessSpecifier(BS.getAccessSpecifierAsWritten());
562 if (BS.isVirtual())
563 Ret["isVirtual"] = true;
564 if (BS.isPackExpansion())
565 Ret["isPackExpansion"] = true;
567 return Ret;
570void JSONNodeDumper::VisitAliasAttr(const AliasAttr *AA) {
571 JOS.attribute("aliasee", AA->getAliasee());
574void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCleanupAttr(const CleanupAttr *CA) {
575 JOS.attribute("cleanup_function", createBareDeclRef(CA->getFunctionDecl()));
578void JSONNodeDumper::VisitDeprecatedAttr(const DeprecatedAttr *DA) {
579 if (!DA->getMessage().empty())
580 JOS.attribute("message", DA->getMessage());
581 if (!DA->getReplacement().empty())
582 JOS.attribute("replacement", DA->getReplacement());
585void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUnavailableAttr(const UnavailableAttr *UA) {
586 if (!UA->getMessage().empty())
587 JOS.attribute("message", UA->getMessage());
590void JSONNodeDumper::VisitSectionAttr(const SectionAttr *SA) {
591 JOS.attribute("section_name", SA->getName());
594void JSONNodeDumper::VisitVisibilityAttr(const VisibilityAttr *VA) {
595 JOS.attribute("visibility", VisibilityAttr::ConvertVisibilityTypeToStr(
596 VA->getVisibility()));
599void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTLSModelAttr(const TLSModelAttr *TA) {
600 JOS.attribute("tls_model", TA->getModel());
604 JOS.attribute("decl", createBareDeclRef(TT->getDecl()));
605 if (!TT->typeMatchesDecl())
606 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(TT->desugar()));
610 JOS.attribute("decl", createBareDeclRef(TT->getFoundDecl()));
611 if (!TT->typeMatchesDecl())
612 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(TT->desugar()));
617 attributeOnlyIfTrue("noreturn", E.getNoReturn());
618 attributeOnlyIfTrue("producesResult", E.getProducesResult());
619 if (E.getHasRegParm())
620 JOS.attribute("regParm", E.getRegParm());
621 JOS.attribute("cc", FunctionType::getNameForCallConv(E.getCC()));
626 attributeOnlyIfTrue("trailingReturn", E.HasTrailingReturn);
627 attributeOnlyIfTrue("const", T->isConst());
628 attributeOnlyIfTrue("volatile", T->isVolatile());
629 attributeOnlyIfTrue("restrict", T->isRestrict());
630 attributeOnlyIfTrue("variadic", E.Variadic);
631 switch (E.RefQualifier) {
632 case RQ_LValue: JOS.attribute("refQualifier", "&"); break;
633 case RQ_RValue: JOS.attribute("refQualifier", "&&"); break;
634 case RQ_None: break;
635 }
636 switch (E.ExceptionSpec.Type) {
637 case EST_DynamicNone:
638 case EST_Dynamic: {
639 JOS.attribute("exceptionSpec", "throw");
640 llvm::json::Array Types;
642 Types.push_back(createQualType(QT));
643 JOS.attribute("exceptionTypes", std::move(Types));
644 } break;
645 case EST_MSAny:
646 JOS.attribute("exceptionSpec", "throw");
647 JOS.attribute("throwsAny", true);
648 break;
650 JOS.attribute("exceptionSpec", "noexcept");
651 break;
652 case EST_NoexceptTrue:
654 JOS.attribute("exceptionSpec", "noexcept");
655 JOS.attribute("conditionEvaluatesTo",
657 //JOS.attributeWithCall("exceptionSpecExpr",
658 // [this, E]() { Visit(E.ExceptionSpec.NoexceptExpr); });
659 break;
660 case EST_NoThrow:
661 JOS.attribute("exceptionSpec", "nothrow");
662 break;
663 // FIXME: I cannot find a way to trigger these cases while dumping the AST. I
664 // suspect you can only run into them when executing an AST dump from within
665 // the debugger, which is not a use case we worry about for the JSON dumping
666 // feature.
668 case EST_Unevaluated:
670 case EST_Unparsed:
671 case EST_None: break;
672 }
677 attributeOnlyIfTrue("spelledAsLValue", RT->isSpelledAsLValue());
681 switch (AT->getSizeModifier()) {
683 JOS.attribute("sizeModifier", "*");
684 break;
686 JOS.attribute("sizeModifier", "static");
687 break;
689 break;
690 }
692 std::string Str = AT->getIndexTypeQualifiers().getAsString();
693 if (!Str.empty())
694 JOS.attribute("indexTypeQualifiers", Str);
698 // FIXME: this should use ZExt instead of SExt, but JSON doesn't allow a
699 // narrowing conversion to int64_t so it cannot be expressed.
700 JOS.attribute("size", CAT->getSExtSize());
701 VisitArrayType(CAT);
705 const DependentSizedExtVectorType *VT) {
706 JOS.attributeObject(
707 "attrLoc", [VT, this] { writeSourceLocation(VT->getAttributeLoc()); });
711 JOS.attribute("numElements", VT->getNumElements());
712 switch (VT->getVectorKind()) {
714 break;
716 JOS.attribute("vectorKind", "altivec");
717 break;
719 JOS.attribute("vectorKind", "altivec pixel");
720 break;
722 JOS.attribute("vectorKind", "altivec bool");
723 break;
724 case VectorKind::Neon:
725 JOS.attribute("vectorKind", "neon");
726 break;
728 JOS.attribute("vectorKind", "neon poly");
729 break;
731 JOS.attribute("vectorKind", "fixed-length sve data vector");
732 break;
734 JOS.attribute("vectorKind", "fixed-length sve predicate vector");
735 break;
737 JOS.attribute("vectorKind", "fixed-length rvv data vector");
738 break;
740 JOS.attribute("vectorKind", "fixed-length rvv mask vector");
741 break;
742 }
746 JOS.attribute("decl", createBareDeclRef(UUT->getDecl()));
750 switch (UTT->getUTTKind()) {
751#define TRANSFORM_TYPE_TRAIT_DEF(Enum, Trait) \
752 case UnaryTransformType::Enum: \
753 JOS.attribute("transformKind", #Trait); \
754 break;
755#include "clang/Basic/TransformTypeTraits.def"
756 }
760 JOS.attribute("decl", createBareDeclRef(TT->getDecl()));
764 const TemplateTypeParmType *TTPT) {
765 JOS.attribute("depth", TTPT->getDepth());
766 JOS.attribute("index", TTPT->getIndex());
767 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isPack", TTPT->isParameterPack());
768 JOS.attribute("decl", createBareDeclRef(TTPT->getDecl()));
772 const SubstTemplateTypeParmType *STTPT) {
773 JOS.attribute("index", STTPT->getIndex());
774 if (auto PackIndex = STTPT->getPackIndex())
775 JOS.attribute("pack_index", *PackIndex);
780 JOS.attribute("index", T->getIndex());
784 JOS.attribute("undeduced", !AT->isDeduced());
785 switch (AT->getKeyword()) {
787 JOS.attribute("typeKeyword", "auto");
788 break;
790 JOS.attribute("typeKeyword", "decltype(auto)");
791 break;
793 JOS.attribute("typeKeyword", "__auto_type");
794 break;
795 }
799 const TemplateSpecializationType *TST) {
800 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isAlias", TST->isTypeAlias());
802 std::string Str;
803 llvm::raw_string_ostream OS(Str);
804 TST->getTemplateName().print(OS, PrintPolicy);
805 JOS.attribute("templateName", OS.str());
809 const InjectedClassNameType *ICNT) {
810 JOS.attribute("decl", createBareDeclRef(ICNT->getDecl()));
814 JOS.attribute("decl", createBareDeclRef(OIT->getDecl()));
818 if (std::optional<unsigned> N = PET->getNumExpansions())
819 JOS.attribute("numExpansions", *N);
823 if (const NestedNameSpecifier *NNS = ET->getQualifier()) {
824 std::string Str;
825 llvm::raw_string_ostream OS(Str);
826 NNS->print(OS, PrintPolicy, /*ResolveTemplateArgs*/ true);
827 JOS.attribute("qualifier", OS.str());
828 }
829 if (const TagDecl *TD = ET->getOwnedTagDecl())
830 JOS.attribute("ownedTagDecl", createBareDeclRef(TD));
834 JOS.attribute("macroName", MQT->getMacroIdentifier()->getName());
838 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isData", MPT->isMemberDataPointer());
839 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isFunction", MPT->isMemberFunctionPointer());
843 if (ND && ND->getDeclName()) {
844 JOS.attribute("name", ND->getNameAsString());
845 // FIXME: There are likely other contexts in which it makes no sense to ask
846 // for a mangled name.
847 if (isa<RequiresExprBodyDecl>(ND->getDeclContext()))
848 return;
850 // If the declaration is dependent or is in a dependent context, then the
851 // mangling is unlikely to be meaningful (and in some cases may cause
852 // "don't know how to mangle this" assertion failures.
853 if (ND->isTemplated())
854 return;
856 // Mangled names are not meaningful for locals, and may not be well-defined
857 // in the case of VLAs.
858 auto *VD = dyn_cast<VarDecl>(ND);
859 if (VD && VD->hasLocalStorage())
860 return;
862 // Do not mangle template deduction guides.
863 if (isa<CXXDeductionGuideDecl>(ND))
864 return;
866 std::string MangledName = ASTNameGen.getName(ND);
867 if (!MangledName.empty())
868 JOS.attribute("mangledName", MangledName);
869 }
873 VisitNamedDecl(TD);
874 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(TD->getUnderlyingType()));
878 VisitNamedDecl(TAD);
879 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(TAD->getUnderlyingType()));
883 VisitNamedDecl(ND);
884 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isInline", ND->isInline());
885 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isNested", ND->isNested());
886 if (!ND->isOriginalNamespace())
887 JOS.attribute("originalNamespace",
888 createBareDeclRef(ND->getOriginalNamespace()));
892 JOS.attribute("nominatedNamespace",
893 createBareDeclRef(UDD->getNominatedNamespace()));
897 VisitNamedDecl(NAD);
898 JOS.attribute("aliasedNamespace",
899 createBareDeclRef(NAD->getAliasedNamespace()));
903 std::string Name;
904 if (const NestedNameSpecifier *NNS = UD->getQualifier()) {
905 llvm::raw_string_ostream SOS(Name);
906 NNS->print(SOS, UD->getASTContext().getPrintingPolicy());
907 }
908 Name += UD->getNameAsString();
909 JOS.attribute("name", Name);
913 JOS.attribute("target", createBareDeclRef(UED->getEnumDecl()));
917 JOS.attribute("target", createBareDeclRef(USD->getTargetDecl()));
921 VisitNamedDecl(VD);
922 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(VD->getType()));
923 if (const auto *P = dyn_cast<ParmVarDecl>(VD))
924 attributeOnlyIfTrue("explicitObjectParameter",
925 P->isExplicitObjectParameter());
927 StorageClass SC = VD->getStorageClass();
928 if (SC != SC_None)
929 JOS.attribute("storageClass", VarDecl::getStorageClassSpecifierString(SC));
930 switch (VD->getTLSKind()) {
931 case VarDecl::TLS_Dynamic: JOS.attribute("tls", "dynamic"); break;
932 case VarDecl::TLS_Static: JOS.attribute("tls", "static"); break;
933 case VarDecl::TLS_None: break;
934 }
935 attributeOnlyIfTrue("nrvo", VD->isNRVOVariable());
936 attributeOnlyIfTrue("inline", VD->isInline());
937 attributeOnlyIfTrue("constexpr", VD->isConstexpr());
938 attributeOnlyIfTrue("modulePrivate", VD->isModulePrivate());
939 if (VD->hasInit()) {
940 switch (VD->getInitStyle()) {
941 case VarDecl::CInit: JOS.attribute("init", "c"); break;
942 case VarDecl::CallInit: JOS.attribute("init", "call"); break;
943 case VarDecl::ListInit: JOS.attribute("init", "list"); break;
945 JOS.attribute("init", "paren-list");
946 break;
947 }
948 }
949 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isParameterPack", VD->isParameterPack());
953 VisitNamedDecl(FD);
954 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(FD->getType()));
955 attributeOnlyIfTrue("mutable", FD->isMutable());
956 attributeOnlyIfTrue("modulePrivate", FD->isModulePrivate());
957 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isBitfield", FD->isBitField());
958 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasInClassInitializer", FD->hasInClassInitializer());
962 VisitNamedDecl(FD);
963 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(FD->getType()));
964 StorageClass SC = FD->getStorageClass();
965 if (SC != SC_None)
966 JOS.attribute("storageClass", VarDecl::getStorageClassSpecifierString(SC));
967 attributeOnlyIfTrue("inline", FD->isInlineSpecified());
968 attributeOnlyIfTrue("virtual", FD->isVirtualAsWritten());
969 attributeOnlyIfTrue("pure", FD->isPureVirtual());
970 attributeOnlyIfTrue("explicitlyDeleted", FD->isDeletedAsWritten());
971 attributeOnlyIfTrue("constexpr", FD->isConstexpr());
972 attributeOnlyIfTrue("variadic", FD->isVariadic());
973 attributeOnlyIfTrue("immediate", FD->isImmediateFunction());
975 if (FD->isDefaulted())
976 JOS.attribute("explicitlyDefaulted",
977 FD->isDeleted() ? "deleted" : "default");
979 if (StringLiteral *Msg = FD->getDeletedMessage())
980 JOS.attribute("deletedMessage", Msg->getString());
984 VisitNamedDecl(ED);
985 if (ED->isFixed())
986 JOS.attribute("fixedUnderlyingType", createQualType(ED->getIntegerType()));
987 if (ED->isScoped())
988 JOS.attribute("scopedEnumTag",
989 ED->isScopedUsingClassTag() ? "class" : "struct");
992 VisitNamedDecl(ECD);
993 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(ECD->getType()));
997 VisitNamedDecl(RD);
998 JOS.attribute("tagUsed", RD->getKindName());
999 attributeOnlyIfTrue("completeDefinition", RD->isCompleteDefinition());
1002 VisitRecordDecl(RD);
1004 // All other information requires a complete definition.
1005 if (!RD->isCompleteDefinition())
1006 return;
1008 JOS.attribute("definitionData", createCXXRecordDefinitionData(RD));
1009 if (RD->getNumBases()) {
1010 JOS.attributeArray("bases", [this, RD] {
1011 for (const auto &Spec : RD->bases())
1012 JOS.value(createCXXBaseSpecifier(Spec));
1013 });
1014 }
1018 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1019 JOS.attribute("bufferKind", D->isCBuffer() ? "cbuffer" : "tbuffer");
1023 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1024 JOS.attribute("tagUsed", D->wasDeclaredWithTypename() ? "typename" : "class");
1025 JOS.attribute("depth", D->getDepth());
1026 JOS.attribute("index", D->getIndex());
1027 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isParameterPack", D->isParameterPack());
1029 if (D->hasDefaultArgument())
1030 JOS.attributeObject("defaultArg", [=] {
1033 D->defaultArgumentWasInherited() ? "inherited from" : "previous");
1034 });
1038 const NonTypeTemplateParmDecl *D) {
1039 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1040 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(D->getType()));
1041 JOS.attribute("depth", D->getDepth());
1042 JOS.attribute("index", D->getIndex());
1043 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isParameterPack", D->isParameterPack());
1045 if (D->hasDefaultArgument())
1046 JOS.attributeObject("defaultArg", [=] {
1049 D->defaultArgumentWasInherited() ? "inherited from" : "previous");
1050 });
1054 const TemplateTemplateParmDecl *D) {
1055 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1056 JOS.attribute("depth", D->getDepth());
1057 JOS.attribute("index", D->getIndex());
1058 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isParameterPack", D->isParameterPack());
1060 if (D->hasDefaultArgument())
1061 JOS.attributeObject("defaultArg", [=] {
1062 const auto *InheritedFrom = D->getDefaultArgStorage().getInheritedFrom();
1064 InheritedFrom ? InheritedFrom->getSourceRange() : SourceLocation{},
1065 InheritedFrom,
1066 D->defaultArgumentWasInherited() ? "inherited from" : "previous");
1067 });
1071 StringRef Lang;
1072 switch (LSD->getLanguage()) {
1074 Lang = "C";
1075 break;
1077 Lang = "C++";
1078 break;
1079 }
1080 JOS.attribute("language", Lang);
1081 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasBraces", LSD->hasBraces());
1085 JOS.attribute("access", createAccessSpecifier(ASD->getAccess()));
1089 if (const TypeSourceInfo *T = FD->getFriendType())
1090 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(T->getType()));
1094 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1095 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(D->getType()));
1096 attributeOnlyIfTrue("synthesized", D->getSynthesize());
1097 switch (D->getAccessControl()) {
1098 case ObjCIvarDecl::None: JOS.attribute("access", "none"); break;
1099 case ObjCIvarDecl::Private: JOS.attribute("access", "private"); break;
1100 case ObjCIvarDecl::Protected: JOS.attribute("access", "protected"); break;
1101 case ObjCIvarDecl::Public: JOS.attribute("access", "public"); break;
1102 case ObjCIvarDecl::Package: JOS.attribute("access", "package"); break;
1103 }
1107 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1108 JOS.attribute("returnType", createQualType(D->getReturnType()));
1109 JOS.attribute("instance", D->isInstanceMethod());
1110 attributeOnlyIfTrue("variadic", D->isVariadic());
1114 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1115 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(D->getUnderlyingType()));
1116 attributeOnlyIfTrue("bounded", D->hasExplicitBound());
1117 switch (D->getVariance()) {
1119 break;
1121 JOS.attribute("variance", "covariant");
1122 break;
1124 JOS.attribute("variance", "contravariant");
1125 break;
1126 }
1130 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1131 JOS.attribute("interface", createBareDeclRef(D->getClassInterface()));
1132 JOS.attribute("implementation", createBareDeclRef(D->getImplementation()));
1134 llvm::json::Array Protocols;
1135 for (const auto* P : D->protocols())
1136 Protocols.push_back(createBareDeclRef(P));
1137 if (!Protocols.empty())
1138 JOS.attribute("protocols", std::move(Protocols));
1142 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1143 JOS.attribute("interface", createBareDeclRef(D->getClassInterface()));
1144 JOS.attribute("categoryDecl", createBareDeclRef(D->getCategoryDecl()));
1148 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1150 llvm::json::Array Protocols;
1151 for (const auto *P : D->protocols())
1152 Protocols.push_back(createBareDeclRef(P));
1153 if (!Protocols.empty())
1154 JOS.attribute("protocols", std::move(Protocols));
1158 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1159 JOS.attribute("super", createBareDeclRef(D->getSuperClass()));
1160 JOS.attribute("implementation", createBareDeclRef(D->getImplementation()));
1162 llvm::json::Array Protocols;
1163 for (const auto* P : D->protocols())
1164 Protocols.push_back(createBareDeclRef(P));
1165 if (!Protocols.empty())
1166 JOS.attribute("protocols", std::move(Protocols));
1170 const ObjCImplementationDecl *D) {
1171 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1172 JOS.attribute("super", createBareDeclRef(D->getSuperClass()));
1173 JOS.attribute("interface", createBareDeclRef(D->getClassInterface()));
1177 const ObjCCompatibleAliasDecl *D) {
1178 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1179 JOS.attribute("interface", createBareDeclRef(D->getClassInterface()));
1183 VisitNamedDecl(D);
1184 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(D->getType()));
1186 switch (D->getPropertyImplementation()) {
1187 case ObjCPropertyDecl::None: break;
1188 case ObjCPropertyDecl::Required: JOS.attribute("control", "required"); break;
1189 case ObjCPropertyDecl::Optional: JOS.attribute("control", "optional"); break;
1190 }
1195 JOS.attribute("getter", createBareDeclRef(D->getGetterMethodDecl()));
1197 JOS.attribute("setter", createBareDeclRef(D->getSetterMethodDecl()));
1198 attributeOnlyIfTrue("readonly",
1200 attributeOnlyIfTrue("assign", Attrs & ObjCPropertyAttribute::kind_assign);
1201 attributeOnlyIfTrue("readwrite",
1203 attributeOnlyIfTrue("retain", Attrs & ObjCPropertyAttribute::kind_retain);
1204 attributeOnlyIfTrue("copy", Attrs & ObjCPropertyAttribute::kind_copy);
1205 attributeOnlyIfTrue("nonatomic",
1207 attributeOnlyIfTrue("atomic", Attrs & ObjCPropertyAttribute::kind_atomic);
1208 attributeOnlyIfTrue("weak", Attrs & ObjCPropertyAttribute::kind_weak);
1209 attributeOnlyIfTrue("strong", Attrs & ObjCPropertyAttribute::kind_strong);
1210 attributeOnlyIfTrue("unsafe_unretained",
1212 attributeOnlyIfTrue("class", Attrs & ObjCPropertyAttribute::kind_class);
1213 attributeOnlyIfTrue("direct", Attrs & ObjCPropertyAttribute::kind_direct);
1214 attributeOnlyIfTrue("nullability",
1216 attributeOnlyIfTrue("null_resettable",
1218 }
1223 JOS.attribute("implKind", D->getPropertyImplementation() ==
1225 ? "synthesize"
1226 : "dynamic");
1227 JOS.attribute("propertyDecl", createBareDeclRef(D->getPropertyDecl()));
1228 JOS.attribute("ivarDecl", createBareDeclRef(D->getPropertyIvarDecl()));
1232 attributeOnlyIfTrue("variadic", D->isVariadic());
1233 attributeOnlyIfTrue("capturesThis", D->capturesCXXThis());
1237 JOS.attribute("name", AE->getOpAsString());
1241 JOS.attribute("encodedType", createQualType(OEE->getEncodedType()));
1245 std::string Str;
1246 llvm::raw_string_ostream OS(Str);
1248 OME->getSelector().print(OS);
1249 JOS.attribute("selector", OS.str());
1251 switch (OME->getReceiverKind()) {
1253 JOS.attribute("receiverKind", "instance");
1254 break;
1256 JOS.attribute("receiverKind", "class");
1257 JOS.attribute("classType", createQualType(OME->getClassReceiver()));
1258 break;
1260 JOS.attribute("receiverKind", "super (instance)");
1261 JOS.attribute("superType", createQualType(OME->getSuperType()));
1262 break;
1264 JOS.attribute("receiverKind", "super (class)");
1265 JOS.attribute("superType", createQualType(OME->getSuperType()));
1266 break;
1267 }
1269 QualType CallReturnTy = OME->getCallReturnType(Ctx);
1270 if (OME->getType() != CallReturnTy)
1271 JOS.attribute("callReturnType", createQualType(CallReturnTy));
1275 if (const ObjCMethodDecl *MD = OBE->getBoxingMethod()) {
1276 std::string Str;
1277 llvm::raw_string_ostream OS(Str);
1279 MD->getSelector().print(OS);
1280 JOS.attribute("selector", OS.str());
1281 }
1285 std::string Str;
1286 llvm::raw_string_ostream OS(Str);
1288 OSE->getSelector().print(OS);
1289 JOS.attribute("selector", OS.str());
1293 JOS.attribute("protocol", createBareDeclRef(OPE->getProtocol()));
1297 if (OPRE->isImplicitProperty()) {
1298 JOS.attribute("propertyKind", "implicit");
1299 if (const ObjCMethodDecl *MD = OPRE->getImplicitPropertyGetter())
1300 JOS.attribute("getter", createBareDeclRef(MD));
1301 if (const ObjCMethodDecl *MD = OPRE->getImplicitPropertySetter())
1302 JOS.attribute("setter", createBareDeclRef(MD));
1303 } else {
1304 JOS.attribute("propertyKind", "explicit");
1305 JOS.attribute("property", createBareDeclRef(OPRE->getExplicitProperty()));
1306 }
1308 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isSuperReceiver", OPRE->isSuperReceiver());
1309 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isMessagingGetter", OPRE->isMessagingGetter());
1310 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isMessagingSetter", OPRE->isMessagingSetter());
1314 const ObjCSubscriptRefExpr *OSRE) {
1315 JOS.attribute("subscriptKind",
1316 OSRE->isArraySubscriptRefExpr() ? "array" : "dictionary");
1318 if (const ObjCMethodDecl *MD = OSRE->getAtIndexMethodDecl())
1319 JOS.attribute("getter", createBareDeclRef(MD));
1320 if (const ObjCMethodDecl *MD = OSRE->setAtIndexMethodDecl())
1321 JOS.attribute("setter", createBareDeclRef(MD));
1325 JOS.attribute("decl", createBareDeclRef(OIRE->getDecl()));
1326 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isFreeIvar", OIRE->isFreeIvar());
1327 JOS.attribute("isArrow", OIRE->isArrow());
1331 JOS.attribute("value", OBLE->getValue() ? "__objc_yes" : "__objc_no");
1335 JOS.attribute("referencedDecl", createBareDeclRef(DRE->getDecl()));
1336 if (DRE->getDecl() != DRE->getFoundDecl())
1337 JOS.attribute("foundReferencedDecl",
1338 createBareDeclRef(DRE->getFoundDecl()));
1339 switch (DRE->isNonOdrUse()) {
1340 case NOUR_None: break;
1341 case NOUR_Unevaluated: JOS.attribute("nonOdrUseReason", "unevaluated"); break;
1342 case NOUR_Constant: JOS.attribute("nonOdrUseReason", "constant"); break;
1343 case NOUR_Discarded: JOS.attribute("nonOdrUseReason", "discarded"); break;
1344 }
1345 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isImmediateEscalating", DRE->isImmediateEscalating());
1349 const SYCLUniqueStableNameExpr *E) {
1350 JOS.attribute("typeSourceInfo",
1351 createQualType(E->getTypeSourceInfo()->getType()));
1355 JOS.attribute("name", PredefinedExpr::getIdentKindName(PE->getIdentKind()));
1359 JOS.attribute("isPostfix", UO->isPostfix());
1360 JOS.attribute("opcode", UnaryOperator::getOpcodeStr(UO->getOpcode()));
1361 if (!UO->canOverflow())
1362 JOS.attribute("canOverflow", false);
1366 JOS.attribute("opcode", BinaryOperator::getOpcodeStr(BO->getOpcode()));
1370 const CompoundAssignOperator *CAO) {
1372 JOS.attribute("computeLHSType", createQualType(CAO->getComputationLHSType()));
1373 JOS.attribute("computeResultType",
1374 createQualType(CAO->getComputationResultType()));
1378 // Note, we always write this Boolean field because the information it conveys
1379 // is critical to understanding the AST node.
1380 ValueDecl *VD = ME->getMemberDecl();
1381 JOS.attribute("name", VD && VD->getDeclName() ? VD->getNameAsString() : "");
1382 JOS.attribute("isArrow", ME->isArrow());
1383 JOS.attribute("referencedMemberDecl", createPointerRepresentation(VD));
1384 switch (ME->isNonOdrUse()) {
1385 case NOUR_None: break;
1386 case NOUR_Unevaluated: JOS.attribute("nonOdrUseReason", "unevaluated"); break;
1387 case NOUR_Constant: JOS.attribute("nonOdrUseReason", "constant"); break;
1388 case NOUR_Discarded: JOS.attribute("nonOdrUseReason", "discarded"); break;
1389 }
1393 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isGlobal", NE->isGlobalNew());
1394 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isArray", NE->isArray());
1395 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isPlacement", NE->getNumPlacementArgs() != 0);
1396 switch (NE->getInitializationStyle()) {
1398 break;
1400 JOS.attribute("initStyle", "call");
1401 break;
1403 JOS.attribute("initStyle", "list");
1404 break;
1405 }
1406 if (const FunctionDecl *FD = NE->getOperatorNew())
1407 JOS.attribute("operatorNewDecl", createBareDeclRef(FD));
1408 if (const FunctionDecl *FD = NE->getOperatorDelete())
1409 JOS.attribute("operatorDeleteDecl", createBareDeclRef(FD));
1412 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isGlobal", DE->isGlobalDelete());
1413 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isArray", DE->isArrayForm());
1414 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isArrayAsWritten", DE->isArrayFormAsWritten());
1415 if (const FunctionDecl *FD = DE->getOperatorDelete())
1416 JOS.attribute("operatorDeleteDecl", createBareDeclRef(FD));
1420 attributeOnlyIfTrue("implicit", TE->isImplicit());
1424 JOS.attribute("castKind", CE->getCastKindName());
1425 llvm::json::Array Path = createCastPath(CE);
1426 if (!Path.empty())
1427 JOS.attribute("path", std::move(Path));
1428 // FIXME: This may not be useful information as it can be obtusely gleaned
1429 // from the inner[] array.
1430 if (const NamedDecl *ND = CE->getConversionFunction())
1431 JOS.attribute("conversionFunc", createBareDeclRef(ND));
1435 VisitCastExpr(ICE);
1436 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isPartOfExplicitCast", ICE->isPartOfExplicitCast());
1440 attributeOnlyIfTrue("adl", CE->usesADL());
1444 const UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr *TTE) {
1445 JOS.attribute("name", getTraitSpelling(TTE->getKind()));
1446 if (TTE->isArgumentType())
1447 JOS.attribute("argType", createQualType(TTE->getArgumentType()));
1451 VisitNamedDecl(SOPE->getPack());
1455 const UnresolvedLookupExpr *ULE) {
1456 JOS.attribute("usesADL", ULE->requiresADL());
1457 JOS.attribute("name", ULE->getName().getAsString());
1459 JOS.attributeArray("lookups", [this, ULE] {
1460 for (const NamedDecl *D : ULE->decls())
1461 JOS.value(createBareDeclRef(D));
1462 });
1466 JOS.attribute("name", ALE->getLabel()->getName());
1467 JOS.attribute("labelDeclId", createPointerRepresentation(ALE->getLabel()));
1471 if (CTE->isTypeOperand()) {
1472 QualType Adjusted = CTE->getTypeOperand(Ctx);
1473 QualType Unadjusted = CTE->getTypeOperandSourceInfo()->getType();
1474 JOS.attribute("typeArg", createQualType(Unadjusted));
1475 if (Adjusted != Unadjusted)
1476 JOS.attribute("adjustedTypeArg", createQualType(Adjusted));
1477 }
1482 Visit(CE->getAPValueResult(), CE->getType());
1486 if (const FieldDecl *FD = ILE->getInitializedFieldInUnion())
1487 JOS.attribute("field", createBareDeclRef(FD));
1491 const GenericSelectionExpr *GSE) {
1492 attributeOnlyIfTrue("resultDependent", GSE->isResultDependent());
1496 const CXXUnresolvedConstructExpr *UCE) {
1497 if (UCE->getType() != UCE->getTypeAsWritten())
1498 JOS.attribute("typeAsWritten", createQualType(UCE->getTypeAsWritten()));
1499 attributeOnlyIfTrue("list", UCE->isListInitialization());
1503 CXXConstructorDecl *Ctor = CE->getConstructor();
1504 JOS.attribute("ctorType", createQualType(Ctor->getType()));
1505 attributeOnlyIfTrue("elidable", CE->isElidable());
1506 attributeOnlyIfTrue("list", CE->isListInitialization());
1507 attributeOnlyIfTrue("initializer_list", CE->isStdInitListInitialization());
1508 attributeOnlyIfTrue("zeroing", CE->requiresZeroInitialization());
1509 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hadMultipleCandidates", CE->hadMultipleCandidates());
1510 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isImmediateEscalating", CE->isImmediateEscalating());
1512 switch (CE->getConstructionKind()) {
1514 JOS.attribute("constructionKind", "complete");
1515 break;
1517 JOS.attribute("constructionKind", "delegating");
1518 break;
1520 JOS.attribute("constructionKind", "non-virtual base");
1521 break;
1523 JOS.attribute("constructionKind", "virtual base");
1524 break;
1525 }
1529 attributeOnlyIfTrue("cleanupsHaveSideEffects",
1531 if (EWC->getNumObjects()) {
1532 JOS.attributeArray("cleanups", [this, EWC] {
1533 for (const ExprWithCleanups::CleanupObject &CO : EWC->getObjects())
1534 if (auto *BD = CO.dyn_cast<BlockDecl *>()) {
1535 JOS.value(createBareDeclRef(BD));
1536 } else if (auto *CLE = CO.dyn_cast<CompoundLiteralExpr *>()) {
1537 llvm::json::Object Obj;
1538 Obj["id"] = createPointerRepresentation(CLE);
1539 Obj["kind"] = CLE->getStmtClassName();
1540 JOS.value(std::move(Obj));
1541 } else {
1542 llvm_unreachable("unexpected cleanup object type");
1543 }
1544 });
1545 }
1549 const CXXBindTemporaryExpr *BTE) {
1550 const CXXTemporary *Temp = BTE->getTemporary();
1551 JOS.attribute("temp", createPointerRepresentation(Temp));
1552 if (const CXXDestructorDecl *Dtor = Temp->getDestructor())
1553 JOS.attribute("dtor", createBareDeclRef(Dtor));
1557 const MaterializeTemporaryExpr *MTE) {
1558 if (const ValueDecl *VD = MTE->getExtendingDecl())
1559 JOS.attribute("extendingDecl", createBareDeclRef(VD));
1561 switch (MTE->getStorageDuration()) {
1562 case SD_Automatic:
1563 JOS.attribute("storageDuration", "automatic");
1564 break;
1565 case SD_Dynamic:
1566 JOS.attribute("storageDuration", "dynamic");
1567 break;
1568 case SD_FullExpression:
1569 JOS.attribute("storageDuration", "full expression");
1570 break;
1571 case SD_Static:
1572 JOS.attribute("storageDuration", "static");
1573 break;
1574 case SD_Thread:
1575 JOS.attribute("storageDuration", "thread");
1576 break;
1577 }
1579 attributeOnlyIfTrue("boundToLValueRef", MTE->isBoundToLvalueReference());
1583 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasRewrittenInit", Node->hasRewrittenInit());
1587 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasRewrittenInit", Node->hasRewrittenInit());
1591 const CXXDependentScopeMemberExpr *DSME) {
1592 JOS.attribute("isArrow", DSME->isArrow());
1593 JOS.attribute("member", DSME->getMember().getAsString());
1594 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasTemplateKeyword", DSME->hasTemplateKeyword());
1595 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasExplicitTemplateArgs",
1596 DSME->hasExplicitTemplateArgs());
1598 if (DSME->getNumTemplateArgs()) {
1599 JOS.attributeArray("explicitTemplateArgs", [DSME, this] {
1600 for (const TemplateArgumentLoc &TAL : DSME->template_arguments())
1601 JOS.object(
1602 [&TAL, this] { Visit(TAL.getArgument(), TAL.getSourceRange()); });
1603 });
1604 }
1608 if (!RE->isValueDependent())
1609 JOS.attribute("satisfied", RE->isSatisfied());
1613 llvm::SmallString<16> Buffer;
1614 IL->getValue().toString(Buffer,
1615 /*Radix=*/10, IL->getType()->isSignedIntegerType());
1616 JOS.attribute("value", Buffer);
1619 // FIXME: This should probably print the character literal as a string,
1620 // rather than as a numerical value. It would be nice if the behavior matched
1621 // what we do to print a string literal; right now, it is impossible to tell
1622 // the difference between 'a' and L'a' in C from the JSON output.
1623 JOS.attribute("value", CL->getValue());
1626 JOS.attribute("value", FPL->getValueAsString(/*Radix=*/10));
1629 llvm::SmallString<16> Buffer;
1630 FL->getValue().toString(Buffer);
1631 JOS.attribute("value", Buffer);
1634 std::string Buffer;
1635 llvm::raw_string_ostream SS(Buffer);
1636 SL->outputString(SS);
1637 JOS.attribute("value", SS.str());
1640 JOS.attribute("value", BLE->getValue());
1644 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasInit", IS->hasInitStorage());
1645 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasVar", IS->hasVarStorage());
1646 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasElse", IS->hasElseStorage());
1647 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isConstexpr", IS->isConstexpr());
1648 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isConsteval", IS->isConsteval());
1649 attributeOnlyIfTrue("constevalIsNegated", IS->isNegatedConsteval());
1653 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasInit", SS->hasInitStorage());
1654 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasVar", SS->hasVarStorage());
1657 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isGNURange", CS->caseStmtIsGNURange());
1661 JOS.attribute("name", LS->getName());
1662 JOS.attribute("declId", createPointerRepresentation(LS->getDecl()));
1663 attributeOnlyIfTrue("sideEntry", LS->isSideEntry());
1666 JOS.attribute("targetLabelDeclId",
1667 createPointerRepresentation(GS->getLabel()));
1671 attributeOnlyIfTrue("hasVar", WS->hasVarStorage());
1675 // FIXME: it would be nice for the ASTNodeTraverser would handle the catch
1676 // parameter the same way for C++ and ObjC rather. In this case, C++ gets a
1677 // null child node and ObjC gets no child node.
1678 attributeOnlyIfTrue("isCatchAll", OACS->getCatchParamDecl() == nullptr);
1682 JOS.attribute("isNull", true);
1685 JOS.attribute("type", createQualType(TA.getAsType()));
1688 const TemplateArgument &TA) {
1689 JOS.attribute("decl", createBareDeclRef(TA.getAsDecl()));
1692 JOS.attribute("isNullptr", true);
1695 JOS.attribute("value", TA.getAsIntegral().getSExtValue());
1698 // FIXME: cannot just call dump() on the argument, as that doesn't specify
1699 // the output format.
1702 const TemplateArgument &TA) {
1703 // FIXME: cannot just call dump() on the argument, as that doesn't specify
1704 // the output format.
1707 const TemplateArgument &TA) {
1708 JOS.attribute("isExpr", true);
1711 JOS.attribute("isPack", true);
1714StringRef JSONNodeDumper::getCommentCommandName(unsigned CommandID) const {
1715 if (Traits)
1716 return Traits->getCommandInfo(CommandID)->Name;
1717 if (const comments::CommandInfo *Info =
1719 return Info->Name;
1720 return "<invalid>";
1724 const comments::FullComment *) {
1725 JOS.attribute("text", C->getText());
1730 JOS.attribute("name", getCommentCommandName(C->getCommandID()));
1732 switch (C->getRenderKind()) {
1734 JOS.attribute("renderKind", "normal");
1735 break;
1737 JOS.attribute("renderKind", "bold");
1738 break;
1740 JOS.attribute("renderKind", "emphasized");
1741 break;
1743 JOS.attribute("renderKind", "monospaced");
1744 break;
1746 JOS.attribute("renderKind", "anchor");
1747 break;
1748 }
1750 llvm::json::Array Args;
1751 for (unsigned I = 0, E = C->getNumArgs(); I < E; ++I)
1752 Args.push_back(C->getArgText(I));
1754 if (!Args.empty())
1755 JOS.attribute("args", std::move(Args));
1760 JOS.attribute("name", C->getTagName());
1761 attributeOnlyIfTrue("selfClosing", C->isSelfClosing());
1762 attributeOnlyIfTrue("malformed", C->isMalformed());
1764 llvm::json::Array Attrs;
1765 for (unsigned I = 0, E = C->getNumAttrs(); I < E; ++I)
1766 Attrs.push_back(
1767 {{"name", C->getAttr(I).Name}, {"value", C->getAttr(I).Value}});
1769 if (!Attrs.empty())
1770 JOS.attribute("attrs", std::move(Attrs));
1775 JOS.attribute("name", C->getTagName());
1780 JOS.attribute("name", getCommentCommandName(C->getCommandID()));
1782 llvm::json::Array Args;
1783 for (unsigned I = 0, E = C->getNumArgs(); I < E; ++I)
1784 Args.push_back(C->getArgText(I));
1786 if (!Args.empty())
1787 JOS.attribute("args", std::move(Args));
1792 switch (C->getDirection()) {
1794 JOS.attribute("direction", "in");
1795 break;
1797 JOS.attribute("direction", "out");
1798 break;
1800 JOS.attribute("direction", "in,out");
1801 break;
1802 }
1803 attributeOnlyIfTrue("explicit", C->isDirectionExplicit());
1805 if (C->hasParamName())
1806 JOS.attribute("param", C->isParamIndexValid() ? C->getParamName(FC)
1807 : C->getParamNameAsWritten());
1809 if (C->isParamIndexValid() && !C->isVarArgParam())
1810 JOS.attribute("paramIdx", C->getParamIndex());
1815 if (C->hasParamName())
1816 JOS.attribute("param", C->isPositionValid() ? C->getParamName(FC)
1817 : C->getParamNameAsWritten());
1818 if (C->isPositionValid()) {
1819 llvm::json::Array Positions;
1820 for (unsigned I = 0, E = C->getDepth(); I < E; ++I)
1821 Positions.push_back(C->getIndex(I));
1823 if (!Positions.empty())
1824 JOS.attribute("positions", std::move(Positions));
1825 }
1830 JOS.attribute("name", getCommentCommandName(C->getCommandID()));
1831 JOS.attribute("closeName", C->getCloseName());
1836 const comments::FullComment *) {
1837 JOS.attribute("text", C->getText());
1842 JOS.attribute("text", C->getText());
1845llvm::json::Object JSONNodeDumper::createFPOptions(FPOptionsOverride FPO) {
1846 llvm::json::Object Ret;
1848 if (FPO.has##NAME##Override()) \
1849 Ret.try_emplace(#NAME, static_cast<unsigned>(FPO.get##NAME##Override()));
1850#include "clang/Basic/FPOptions.def"
1851 return Ret;
1855 VisitStmt(S);
1856 if (S->hasStoredFPFeatures())
1857 JOS.attribute("fpoptions", createFPOptions(S->getStoredFPFeatures()));
DynTypedNode Node
static bool isTrivial(ASTContext &Ctx, const Expr *E)
Checks if the expression is constant or does not have non-trivial function calls.
int Category
Definition: Format.cpp:2979
#define FIELD1(Flag)
static llvm::json::Object createMoveAssignmentDefinitionData(const CXXRecordDecl *RD)
#define FIELD2(Name, Flag)
static llvm::json::Object createCopyAssignmentDefinitionData(const CXXRecordDecl *RD)
static llvm::json::Object createCopyConstructorDefinitionData(const CXXRecordDecl *RD)
static llvm::json::Object createDestructorDefinitionData(const CXXRecordDecl *RD)
static llvm::json::Object createDefaultConstructorDefinitionData(const CXXRecordDecl *RD)
static llvm::json::Object createMoveConstructorDefinitionData(const CXXRecordDecl *RD)
static bool canPassInRegisters(Sema &S, CXXRecordDecl *D, TargetInfo::CallingConvKind CCK)
Determine whether a type is permitted to be passed or returned in registers, per C++ [class....
SourceLocation Loc
Definition: SemaObjC.cpp:758
Defines the SourceManager interface.
Defines various enumerations that describe declaration and type specifiers.
C Language Family Type Representation.
std::string Label
llvm::APInt getValue() const
APValue - This class implements a discriminated union of [uninitialized] [APSInt] [APFloat],...
Definition: APValue.h:122
@ None
There is no such object (it's outside its lifetime).
Definition: APValue.h:129
const LangOptions & getLangOpts() const
Definition: ASTContext.h:778
const clang::PrintingPolicy & getPrintingPolicy() const
Definition: ASTContext.h:700
std::string getName(const Decl *D)
Definition: Mangle.cpp:597
Represents an access specifier followed by colon ':'.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:86
AddrLabelExpr - The GNU address of label extension, representing &&label.
Definition: Expr.h:4338
LabelDecl * getLabel() const
Definition: Expr.h:4361
Represents an array type, per C99 - Array Declarators.
Definition: Type.h:3534
ArraySizeModifier getSizeModifier() const
Definition: Type.h:3548
Qualifiers getIndexTypeQualifiers() const
Definition: Type.h:3552
AtomicExpr - Variadic atomic builtins: __atomic_exchange, __atomic_fetch_*, __atomic_load,...
Definition: Expr.h:6437
StringRef getOpAsString() const
Definition: Expr.h:6502
Attr - This represents one attribute.
Definition: Attr.h:42
attr::Kind getKind() const
Definition: Attr.h:88
bool isInherited() const
Definition: Attr.h:97
bool isImplicit() const
Returns true if the attribute has been implicitly created instead of explicitly written by the user.
Definition: Attr.h:101
Represents a C++11 auto or C++14 decltype(auto) type, possibly constrained by a type-constraint.
Definition: Type.h:5997
AutoTypeKeyword getKeyword() const
Definition: Type.h:6028
A builtin binary operation expression such as "x + y" or "x <= y".
Definition: Expr.h:3840
StringRef getOpcodeStr() const
Definition: Expr.h:3905
Opcode getOpcode() const
Definition: Expr.h:3884
A class which contains all the information about a particular captured value.
Definition: Decl.h:4502
Represents a block literal declaration, which is like an unnamed FunctionDecl.
Definition: Decl.h:4496
bool capturesCXXThis() const
Definition: Decl.h:4628
bool isVariadic() const
Definition: Decl.h:4571
Represents a base class of a C++ class.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:146
AccessSpecifier getAccessSpecifierAsWritten() const
Retrieves the access specifier as written in the source code (which may mean that no access specifier...
Definition: DeclCXX.h:242
bool isVirtual() const
Determines whether the base class is a virtual base class (or not).
Definition: DeclCXX.h:203
QualType getType() const
Retrieves the type of the base class.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:249
bool isPackExpansion() const
Determine whether this base specifier is a pack expansion.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:210
AccessSpecifier getAccessSpecifier() const
Returns the access specifier for this base specifier.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:230
Represents binding an expression to a temporary.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1487
CXXTemporary * getTemporary()
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1505
A boolean literal, per ([C++ lex.bool] Boolean literals).
Definition: ExprCXX.h:720
bool getValue() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:737
Represents a call to a C++ constructor.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1542
bool isElidable() const
Whether this construction is elidable.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1611
bool hadMultipleCandidates() const
Whether the referred constructor was resolved from an overloaded set having size greater than 1.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1616
bool isStdInitListInitialization() const
Whether this constructor call was written as list-initialization, but was interpreted as forming a st...
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1635
bool isImmediateEscalating() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1700
bool requiresZeroInitialization() const
Whether this construction first requires zero-initialization before the initializer is called.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1644
CXXConstructorDecl * getConstructor() const
Get the constructor that this expression will (ultimately) call.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1605
bool isListInitialization() const
Whether this constructor call was written as list-initialization.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1624
CXXConstructionKind getConstructionKind() const
Determine whether this constructor is actually constructing a base class (rather than a complete obje...
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1653
Represents a C++ constructor within a class.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:2535
Represents a C++ base or member initializer.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:2300
A default argument (C++ [dcl.fct.default]).
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1264
A use of a default initializer in a constructor or in aggregate initialization.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1371
Represents a delete expression for memory deallocation and destructor calls, e.g.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:2493
FunctionDecl * getOperatorDelete() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:2532
bool isArrayForm() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:2519
bool isGlobalDelete() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:2518
bool isArrayFormAsWritten() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:2520
Represents a C++ member access expression where the actual member referenced could not be resolved be...
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3677
bool isArrow() const
Determine whether this member expression used the '->' operator; otherwise, it used the '.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3780
unsigned getNumTemplateArgs() const
Retrieve the number of template arguments provided as part of this template-id.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3875
bool hasExplicitTemplateArgs() const
Determines whether this member expression actually had a C++ template argument list explicitly specif...
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3854
DeclarationName getMember() const
Retrieve the name of the member that this expression refers to.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3819
bool hasTemplateKeyword() const
Determines whether the member name was preceded by the template keyword.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3850
ArrayRef< TemplateArgumentLoc > template_arguments() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3882
Represents a C++ destructor within a class.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:2799
Represents a new-expression for memory allocation and constructor calls, e.g: "new CXXNewExpr(foo)".
Definition: ExprCXX.h:2236
Represents a C++ struct/union/class.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:258
base_class_range bases()
Definition: DeclCXX.h:619
unsigned getNumBases() const
Retrieves the number of base classes of this class.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:613
bool needsOverloadResolutionForMoveConstructor() const
Determine whether we need to eagerly declare a defaulted move constructor for this class.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:906
bool needsOverloadResolutionForDestructor() const
Determine whether we need to eagerly declare a destructor for this class.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:1017
bool needsOverloadResolutionForCopyConstructor() const
Determine whether we need to eagerly declare a defaulted copy constructor for this class.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:816
Represents a C++ temporary.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1453
const CXXDestructorDecl * getDestructor() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1464
Represents the this expression in C++.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1148
bool isImplicit() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:1171
A C++ typeid expression (C++ [expr.typeid]), which gets the type_info that corresponds to the supplie...
Definition: ExprCXX.h:845
QualType getTypeOperand(ASTContext &Context) const
Retrieves the type operand of this typeid() expression after various required adjustments (removing r...
Definition: ExprCXX.cpp:162
bool isTypeOperand() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:881
TypeSourceInfo * getTypeOperandSourceInfo() const
Retrieve source information for the type operand.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:888
Describes an explicit type conversion that uses functional notion but could not be resolved because o...
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3551
bool isListInitialization() const
Determine whether this expression models list-initialization.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3606
QualType getTypeAsWritten() const
Retrieve the type that is being constructed, as specified in the source code.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3585
CallExpr - Represents a function call (C99, C++ []).
Definition: Expr.h:2820
bool usesADL() const
Definition: Expr.h:2980
CaseStmt - Represent a case statement.
Definition: Stmt.h:1801
bool caseStmtIsGNURange() const
True if this case statement is of the form case LHS ... RHS, which is a GNU extension.
Definition: Stmt.h:1868
CastExpr - Base class for type casts, including both implicit casts (ImplicitCastExpr) and explicit c...
Definition: Expr.h:3483
NamedDecl * getConversionFunction() const
If this cast applies a user-defined conversion, retrieve the conversion function that it invokes.
Definition: Expr.cpp:2003
static const char * getCastKindName(CastKind CK)
Definition: Expr.cpp:1952
unsigned getValue() const
Definition: Expr.h:1610
CompoundAssignOperator - For compound assignments (e.g.
Definition: Expr.h:4088
QualType getComputationLHSType() const
Definition: Expr.h:4122
QualType getComputationResultType() const
Definition: Expr.h:4125
CompoundLiteralExpr - [C99].
Definition: Expr.h:3413
CompoundStmt - This represents a group of statements like { stmt stmt }.
Definition: Stmt.h:1606
A reference to a concept and its template args, as it appears in the code.
Definition: ASTConcept.h:128
SourceRange getSourceRange() const LLVM_READONLY
Definition: ASTConcept.h:195
ConceptDecl * getNamedConcept() const
Definition: ASTConcept.h:203
SourceLocation getLocation() const
Definition: ASTConcept.h:179
const ASTTemplateArgumentListInfo * getTemplateArgsAsWritten() const
Definition: ASTConcept.h:207
Represents the canonical version of C arrays with a specified constant size.
Definition: Type.h:3572
int64_t getSExtSize() const
Return the size sign-extended as a uint64_t.
Definition: Type.h:3654
ConstantExpr - An expression that occurs in a constant context and optionally the result of evaluatin...
Definition: Expr.h:1072
APValue getAPValueResult() const
Definition: Expr.cpp:413
APValue::ValueKind getResultAPValueKind() const
Definition: Expr.h:1138
A reference to a declared variable, function, enum, etc.
Definition: Expr.h:1260
NamedDecl * getFoundDecl()
Get the NamedDecl through which this reference occurred.
Definition: Expr.h:1365
ValueDecl * getDecl()
Definition: Expr.h:1328
NonOdrUseReason isNonOdrUse() const
Is this expression a non-odr-use reference, and if so, why?
Definition: Expr.h:1452
bool isImmediateEscalating() const
Definition: Expr.h:1462
Decl - This represents one declaration (or definition), e.g.
Definition: DeclBase.h:86
ASTContext & getASTContext() const LLVM_READONLY
Definition: DeclBase.cpp:523
bool isImplicit() const
isImplicit - Indicates whether the declaration was implicitly generated by the implementation.
Definition: DeclBase.h:599
bool isTemplated() const
Determine whether this declaration is a templated entity (whether it is.
Definition: DeclBase.cpp:284
bool isInvalidDecl() const
Definition: DeclBase.h:594
SourceLocation getLocation() const
Definition: DeclBase.h:445
const char * getDeclKindName() const
Definition: DeclBase.cpp:145
bool isThisDeclarationReferenced() const
Whether this declaration was referenced.
Definition: DeclBase.h:627
bool isUsed(bool CheckUsedAttr=true) const
Whether any (re-)declaration of the entity was used, meaning that a definition is required.
Definition: DeclBase.cpp:552
DeclContext * getDeclContext()
Definition: DeclBase.h:454
AccessSpecifier getAccess() const
Definition: DeclBase.h:513
DeclContext * getLexicalDeclContext()
getLexicalDeclContext - The declaration context where this Decl was lexically declared (LexicalDC).
Definition: DeclBase.h:904
Kind getKind() const
Definition: DeclBase.h:448
virtual SourceRange getSourceRange() const LLVM_READONLY
Source range that this declaration covers.
Definition: DeclBase.h:433
std::string getAsString() const
Retrieve the human-readable string for this name.
bool isDeduced() const
Definition: Type.h:5985
const ParmDecl * getInheritedFrom() const
Get the parameter from which we inherit the default argument, if any.
Definition: DeclTemplate.h:345
Represents an extended vector type where either the type or size is dependent.
Definition: Type.h:3915
SourceLocation getAttributeLoc() const
Definition: Type.h:3931
Represents a type that was referred to using an elaborated type keyword, e.g., struct S,...
Definition: Type.h:6387
TagDecl * getOwnedTagDecl() const
Return the (re)declaration of this type owned by this occurrence of this type, or nullptr if there is...
Definition: Type.h:6435
NestedNameSpecifier * getQualifier() const
Retrieve the qualification on this type.
Definition: Type.h:6422
An instance of this object exists for each enum constant that is defined.
Definition: Decl.h:3299
Represents an enum.
Definition: Decl.h:3869
bool isScoped() const
Returns true if this is a C++11 scoped enumeration.
Definition: Decl.h:4074
bool isScopedUsingClassTag() const
Returns true if this is a C++11 scoped enumeration.
Definition: Decl.h:4077
bool isFixed() const
Returns true if this is an Objective-C, C++11, or Microsoft-style enumeration with a fixed underlying...
Definition: Decl.h:4083
QualType getIntegerType() const
Return the integer type this enum decl corresponds to.
Definition: Decl.h:4029
Represents an expression – generally a full-expression – that introduces cleanups to be run at the en...
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3468
bool cleanupsHaveSideEffects() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3503
ArrayRef< CleanupObject > getObjects() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3492
unsigned getNumObjects() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3496
llvm::PointerUnion< BlockDecl *, CompoundLiteralExpr * > CleanupObject
The type of objects that are kept in the cleanup.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3474
bool isValueDependent() const
Determines whether the value of this expression depends on.
Definition: Expr.h:175
QualType getType() const
Definition: Expr.h:142
Represents difference between two FPOptions values.
Definition: LangOptions.h:915
Represents a member of a struct/union/class.
Definition: Decl.h:3059
bool isMutable() const
Determines whether this field is mutable (C++ only).
Definition: Decl.h:3147
bool isBitField() const
Determines whether this field is a bitfield.
Definition: Decl.h:3150
bool hasInClassInitializer() const
Determine whether this member has a C++11 default member initializer.
Definition: Decl.h:3220
std::string getValueAsString(unsigned Radix) const
Definition: Expr.cpp:1012
llvm::APFloat getValue() const
Definition: Expr.h:1647
FriendDecl - Represents the declaration of a friend entity, which can be a function,...
Definition: DeclFriend.h:54
TypeSourceInfo * getFriendType() const
If this friend declaration names an (untemplated but possibly dependent) type, return the type; other...
Definition: DeclFriend.h:122
Represents a function declaration or definition.
Definition: Decl.h:1971
bool isImmediateFunction() const
Definition: Decl.cpp:3283
StringLiteral * getDeletedMessage() const
Get the message that indicates why this function was deleted.
Definition: Decl.h:2669
bool isVariadic() const
Whether this function is variadic.
Definition: Decl.cpp:3084
bool isDeleted() const
Whether this function has been deleted.
Definition: Decl.h:2504
StorageClass getStorageClass() const
Returns the storage class as written in the source.
Definition: Decl.h:2799
bool isConstexpr() const
Whether this is a (C++11) constexpr function or constexpr constructor.
Definition: Decl.h:2434
bool isDeletedAsWritten() const
Definition: Decl.h:2508
bool isPureVirtual() const
Whether this virtual function is pure, i.e.
Definition: Decl.h:2324
bool isDefaulted() const
Whether this function is defaulted.
Definition: Decl.h:2349
bool isVirtualAsWritten() const
Whether this function is marked as virtual explicitly.
Definition: Decl.h:2315
bool isInlineSpecified() const
Determine whether the "inline" keyword was specified for this function.
Definition: Decl.h:2810
Represents a prototype with parameter type info, e.g.
Definition: Type.h:4672
ExtProtoInfo getExtProtoInfo() const
Definition: Type.h:4916
A class which abstracts out some details necessary for making a call.
Definition: Type.h:4383
CallingConv getCC() const
Definition: Type.h:4445
unsigned getRegParm() const
Definition: Type.h:4438
bool getHasRegParm() const
Definition: Type.h:4436
bool getNoReturn() const
Definition: Type.h:4431
bool getProducesResult() const
Definition: Type.h:4432
FunctionType - C99 - Function Declarators.
Definition: Type.h:4272
ExtInfo getExtInfo() const
Definition: Type.h:4601
static StringRef getNameForCallConv(CallingConv CC)
Definition: Type.cpp:3540
bool isConst() const
Definition: Type.h:4607
bool isRestrict() const
Definition: Type.h:4609
bool isVolatile() const
Definition: Type.h:4608
Represents a C11 generic selection.
Definition: Expr.h:5725
AssociationTy< true > ConstAssociation
Definition: Expr.h:5957
bool isResultDependent() const
Whether this generic selection is result-dependent.
Definition: Expr.h:5977
GotoStmt - This represents a direct goto.
Definition: Stmt.h:2862
LabelDecl * getLabel() const
Definition: Stmt.h:2875
HLSLBufferDecl - Represent a cbuffer or tbuffer declaration.
Definition: Decl.h:4942
bool isCBuffer() const
Definition: Decl.h:4970
StringRef getName() const
Return the actual identifier string.
IfStmt - This represents an if/then/else.
Definition: Stmt.h:2138
bool hasElseStorage() const
True if this IfStmt has storage for an else statement.
Definition: Stmt.h:2213
bool hasVarStorage() const
True if this IfStmt has storage for a variable declaration.
Definition: Stmt.h:2210
bool isConstexpr() const
Definition: Stmt.h:2331
bool hasInitStorage() const
True if this IfStmt has the storage for an init statement.
Definition: Stmt.h:2207
bool isNegatedConsteval() const
Definition: Stmt.h:2327
bool isConsteval() const
Definition: Stmt.h:2318
ImplicitCastExpr - Allows us to explicitly represent implicit type conversions, which have no direct ...
Definition: Expr.h:3655
bool isPartOfExplicitCast() const
Definition: Expr.h:3686
Describes an C or C++ initializer list.
Definition: Expr.h:4847
FieldDecl * getInitializedFieldInUnion()
If this initializes a union, specifies which field in the union to initialize.
Definition: Expr.h:4966
The injected class name of a C++ class template or class template partial specialization.
Definition: Type.h:6237
CXXRecordDecl * getDecl() const
Definition: Type.cpp:4164
void VisitObjCSubscriptRefExpr(const ObjCSubscriptRefExpr *OSRE)
void VisitObjCInterfaceDecl(const ObjCInterfaceDecl *D)
void VisitUnresolvedLookupExpr(const UnresolvedLookupExpr *ULE)
void VisitCleanupAttr(const CleanupAttr *CA)
void VisitCaseStmt(const CaseStmt *CS)
void VisitImplicitCastExpr(const ImplicitCastExpr *ICE)
void VisitNamespaceAliasDecl(const NamespaceAliasDecl *NAD)
void VisitFunctionProtoType(const FunctionProtoType *T)
void VisitObjCImplementationDecl(const ObjCImplementationDecl *D)
void VisitVectorType(const VectorType *VT)
void VisitFunctionDecl(const FunctionDecl *FD)
void VisitObjCProtocolExpr(const ObjCProtocolExpr *OPE)
void VisitUsingDecl(const UsingDecl *UD)
void VisitEnumConstantDecl(const EnumConstantDecl *ECD)
void VisitConstantExpr(const ConstantExpr *CE)
void VisitRequiresExpr(const RequiresExpr *RE)
void VisitExprWithCleanups(const ExprWithCleanups *EWC)
void VisitCXXBoolLiteralExpr(const CXXBoolLiteralExpr *BLE)
void VisitTagType(const TagType *TT)
void Visit(const Attr *A)
void VisitLabelStmt(const LabelStmt *LS)
void VisitRValueReferenceType(const ReferenceType *RT)
void VisitObjCInterfaceType(const ObjCInterfaceType *OIT)
void VisitCXXConstructExpr(const CXXConstructExpr *CE)
void VisitObjCEncodeExpr(const ObjCEncodeExpr *OEE)
void VisitCXXDependentScopeMemberExpr(const CXXDependentScopeMemberExpr *ME)
void VisitStringLiteral(const StringLiteral *SL)
void VisitBlockDecl(const BlockDecl *D)
void VisitCXXDefaultInitExpr(const CXXDefaultInitExpr *Node)
void VisitSizeOfPackExpr(const SizeOfPackExpr *SOPE)
void VisitCXXUnresolvedConstructExpr(const CXXUnresolvedConstructExpr *UCE)
void VisitCXXTypeidExpr(const CXXTypeidExpr *CTE)
void VisitObjCPropertyImplDecl(const ObjCPropertyImplDecl *D)
void VisitAccessSpecDecl(const AccessSpecDecl *ASD)
void VisitDeprecatedAttr(const DeprecatedAttr *DA)
void VisitMemberPointerType(const MemberPointerType *MPT)
void VisitMemberExpr(const MemberExpr *ME)
void visitBlockCommandComment(const comments::BlockCommandComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void VisitCXXRecordDecl(const CXXRecordDecl *RD)
void VisitTemplateTemplateParmDecl(const TemplateTemplateParmDecl *D)
void VisitSwitchStmt(const SwitchStmt *SS)
void visitHTMLEndTagComment(const comments::HTMLEndTagComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void VisitBinaryOperator(const BinaryOperator *BO)
void visitVerbatimBlockLineComment(const comments::VerbatimBlockLineComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void VisitNonTypeTemplateParmDecl(const NonTypeTemplateParmDecl *D)
void VisitTemplateTypeParmDecl(const TemplateTypeParmDecl *D)
void VisitLinkageSpecDecl(const LinkageSpecDecl *LSD)
void VisitTypedefDecl(const TypedefDecl *TD)
void VisitTypedefType(const TypedefType *TT)
void VisitUnresolvedUsingType(const UnresolvedUsingType *UUT)
void VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmPackType(const SubstTemplateTypeParmPackType *T)
void VisitElaboratedType(const ElaboratedType *ET)
void VisitUnaryTransformType(const UnaryTransformType *UTT)
void VisitCallExpr(const CallExpr *CE)
void VisitVisibilityAttr(const VisibilityAttr *VA)
void VisitCompoundAssignOperator(const CompoundAssignOperator *CAO)
void visitParamCommandComment(const comments::ParamCommandComment *C, const comments::FullComment *FC)
void visitVerbatimBlockComment(const comments::VerbatimBlockComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void VisitAtomicExpr(const AtomicExpr *AE)
void VisitUsingShadowDecl(const UsingShadowDecl *USD)
void VisitFloatingLiteral(const FloatingLiteral *FL)
void VisitTemplateTypeParmType(const TemplateTypeParmType *TTPT)
void VisitUsingDirectiveDecl(const UsingDirectiveDecl *UDD)
void VisitTemplateSpecializationType(const TemplateSpecializationType *TST)
void VisitWhileStmt(const WhileStmt *WS)
void VisitDeclarationTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitVarDecl(const VarDecl *VD)
void VisitEnumDecl(const EnumDecl *ED)
void VisitPackTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitTemplateExpansionTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &TA)
void visitTextComment(const comments::TextComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void VisitFieldDecl(const FieldDecl *FD)
void VisitCXXBindTemporaryExpr(const CXXBindTemporaryExpr *BTE)
void VisitIntegralTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitObjCSelectorExpr(const ObjCSelectorExpr *OSE)
void VisitSYCLUniqueStableNameExpr(const SYCLUniqueStableNameExpr *E)
void VisitDeclRefExpr(const DeclRefExpr *DRE)
void VisitNullPtrTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitNamespaceDecl(const NamespaceDecl *ND)
void VisitObjCIvarRefExpr(const ObjCIvarRefExpr *OIRE)
void visitVerbatimLineComment(const comments::VerbatimLineComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void VisitAutoType(const AutoType *AT)
void VisitObjCIvarDecl(const ObjCIvarDecl *D)
void VisitUnavailableAttr(const UnavailableAttr *UA)
void VisitMacroQualifiedType(const MacroQualifiedType *MQT)
void VisitObjCPropertyDecl(const ObjCPropertyDecl *D)
void VisitObjCMethodDecl(const ObjCMethodDecl *D)
void visitTParamCommandComment(const comments::TParamCommandComment *C, const comments::FullComment *FC)
void VisitAddrLabelExpr(const AddrLabelExpr *ALE)
void VisitPredefinedExpr(const PredefinedExpr *PE)
void VisitAliasAttr(const AliasAttr *AA)
void VisitObjCCategoryImplDecl(const ObjCCategoryImplDecl *D)
void VisitPackExpansionType(const PackExpansionType *PET)
void VisitDependentSizedExtVectorType(const DependentSizedExtVectorType *VT)
void visitHTMLStartTagComment(const comments::HTMLStartTagComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void VisitSectionAttr(const SectionAttr *SA)
void VisitUsingType(const UsingType *TT)
void VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmType(const SubstTemplateTypeParmType *STTPT)
void VisitArrayType(const ArrayType *AT)
void VisitTypeTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitObjCBoxedExpr(const ObjCBoxedExpr *OBE)
void VisitObjCTypeParamDecl(const ObjCTypeParamDecl *D)
void VisitGenericSelectionExpr(const GenericSelectionExpr *GSE)
void VisitTemplateTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitCXXDefaultArgExpr(const CXXDefaultArgExpr *Node)
void VisitObjCBoolLiteralExpr(const ObjCBoolLiteralExpr *OBLE)
void VisitFixedPointLiteral(const FixedPointLiteral *FPL)
void VisitGotoStmt(const GotoStmt *GS)
void VisitCharacterLiteral(const CharacterLiteral *CL)
void VisitInitListExpr(const InitListExpr *ILE)
void VisitObjCProtocolDecl(const ObjCProtocolDecl *D)
void VisitTLSModelAttr(const TLSModelAttr *TA)
void VisitCompoundStmt(const CompoundStmt *IS)
void VisitHLSLBufferDecl(const HLSLBufferDecl *D)
void VisitCXXThisExpr(const CXXThisExpr *TE)
void VisitObjCPropertyRefExpr(const ObjCPropertyRefExpr *OPRE)
void VisitConstantArrayType(const ConstantArrayType *CAT)
void VisitObjCCompatibleAliasDecl(const ObjCCompatibleAliasDecl *D)
void VisitCXXNewExpr(const CXXNewExpr *NE)
void VisitObjCAtCatchStmt(const ObjCAtCatchStmt *OACS)
void VisitNullTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitCastExpr(const CastExpr *CE)
void VisitInjectedClassNameType(const InjectedClassNameType *ICNT)
void VisitIfStmt(const IfStmt *IS)
void VisitUnaryOperator(const UnaryOperator *UO)
void visitInlineCommandComment(const comments::InlineCommandComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void VisitUnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr(const UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr *TTE)
void VisitIntegerLiteral(const IntegerLiteral *IL)
void VisitUsingEnumDecl(const UsingEnumDecl *UED)
void VisitObjCMessageExpr(const ObjCMessageExpr *OME)
void VisitFunctionType(const FunctionType *T)
void VisitRecordDecl(const RecordDecl *RD)
void VisitTypeAliasDecl(const TypeAliasDecl *TAD)
void VisitExpressionTemplateArgument(const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitNamedDecl(const NamedDecl *ND)
void VisitObjCCategoryDecl(const ObjCCategoryDecl *D)
void VisitFriendDecl(const FriendDecl *FD)
void VisitCXXDeleteExpr(const CXXDeleteExpr *DE)
void VisitMaterializeTemporaryExpr(const MaterializeTemporaryExpr *MTE)
LabelStmt - Represents a label, which has a substatement.
Definition: Stmt.h:2031
LabelDecl * getDecl() const
Definition: Stmt.h:2049
bool isSideEntry() const
Definition: Stmt.h:2070
const char * getName() const
Definition: Stmt.cpp:421
static unsigned MeasureTokenLength(SourceLocation Loc, const SourceManager &SM, const LangOptions &LangOpts)
MeasureTokenLength - Relex the token at the specified location and return its length in bytes in the ...
Definition: Lexer.cpp:499
Represents a linkage specification.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:2934
LinkageSpecLanguageIDs getLanguage() const
Return the language specified by this linkage specification.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:2957
bool hasBraces() const
Determines whether this linkage specification had braces in its syntactic form.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:2968
Sugar type that represents a type that was qualified by a qualifier written as a macro invocation.
Definition: Type.h:5258
const IdentifierInfo * getMacroIdentifier() const
Definition: Type.h:5273
Represents a prvalue temporary that is written into memory so that a reference can bind to it.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:4722
StorageDuration getStorageDuration() const
Retrieve the storage duration for the materialized temporary.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:4747
bool isBoundToLvalueReference() const
Determine whether this materialized temporary is bound to an lvalue reference; otherwise,...
Definition: ExprCXX.h:4791
ValueDecl * getExtendingDecl()
Get the declaration which triggered the lifetime-extension of this temporary, if any.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:4772
MemberExpr - [C99] Structure and Union Members.
Definition: Expr.h:3172
ValueDecl * getMemberDecl() const
Retrieve the member declaration to which this expression refers.
Definition: Expr.h:3255
NonOdrUseReason isNonOdrUse() const
Is this expression a non-odr-use reference, and if so, why? This is only meaningful if the named memb...
Definition: Expr.h:3396
bool isArrow() const
Definition: Expr.h:3356
A pointer to member type per C++ 8.3.3 - Pointers to members.
Definition: Type.h:3476
bool isMemberFunctionPointer() const
Returns true if the member type (i.e.
Definition: Type.h:3496
bool isMemberDataPointer() const
Returns true if the member type (i.e.
Definition: Type.h:3502
This represents a decl that may have a name.
Definition: Decl.h:249
bool isModulePrivate() const
Whether this declaration was marked as being private to the module in which it was defined.
Definition: DeclBase.h:648
StringRef getName() const
Get the name of identifier for this declaration as a StringRef.
Definition: Decl.h:276
DeclarationName getDeclName() const
Get the actual, stored name of the declaration, which may be a special name.
Definition: Decl.h:315
std::string getNameAsString() const
Get a human-readable name for the declaration, even if it is one of the special kinds of names (C++ c...
Definition: Decl.h:292
Represents a C++ namespace alias.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:3120
NamedDecl * getAliasedNamespace() const
Retrieve the namespace that this alias refers to, which may either be a NamespaceDecl or a NamespaceA...
Definition: DeclCXX.h:3215
Represent a C++ namespace.
Definition: Decl.h:547
bool isOriginalNamespace() const
Return true if this declaration is an original (first) declaration of the namespace.
Definition: DeclCXX.cpp:3010
bool isInline() const
Returns true if this is an inline namespace declaration.
Definition: Decl.h:610
NamespaceDecl * getOriginalNamespace()
Get the original (first) namespace declaration.
Definition: DeclCXX.cpp:2996
bool isNested() const
Returns true if this is a nested namespace declaration.
Definition: Decl.h:627
Represents a C++ nested name specifier, such as "\::std::vector<int>::".
llvm::json::OStream JOS
NonTypeTemplateParmDecl - Declares a non-type template parameter, e.g., "Size" in.
const DefArgStorage & getDefaultArgStorage() const
bool hasDefaultArgument() const
Determine whether this template parameter has a default argument.
bool defaultArgumentWasInherited() const
Determines whether the default argument was inherited from a previous declaration of this template.
const TemplateArgumentLoc & getDefaultArgument() const
Retrieve the default argument, if any.
bool isParameterPack() const
Whether this parameter is a non-type template parameter pack.
unsigned getIndex() const
Get the index of the template parameter within its parameter list.
unsigned getDepth() const
Get the nesting depth of the template parameter.
This is a basic class for representing single OpenMP clause.
Definition: OpenMPClause.h:55
Represents Objective-C's @catch statement.
Definition: StmtObjC.h:77
const VarDecl * getCatchParamDecl() const
Definition: StmtObjC.h:97
ObjCBoolLiteralExpr - Objective-C Boolean Literal.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:87
ObjCBoxedExpr - used for generalized expression boxing.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:127
ObjCMethodDecl * getBoxingMethod() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:146
ObjCCategoryDecl - Represents a category declaration.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2326
ObjCCategoryImplDecl * getImplementation() const
Definition: DeclObjC.cpp:2158
ObjCInterfaceDecl * getClassInterface()
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2369
protocol_range protocols() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2400
ObjCCategoryImplDecl - An object of this class encapsulates a category @implementation declaration.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2542
ObjCCategoryDecl * getCategoryDecl() const
Definition: DeclObjC.cpp:2199
ObjCCompatibleAliasDecl - Represents alias of a class.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2772
const ObjCInterfaceDecl * getClassInterface() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2790
ObjCEncodeExpr, used for @encode in Objective-C.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:410
QualType getEncodedType() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:429
const ObjCInterfaceDecl * getClassInterface() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2483
ObjCImplementationDecl - Represents a class definition - this is where method definitions are specifi...
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2594
const ObjCInterfaceDecl * getSuperClass() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2732
Represents an ObjC class declaration.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:1153
protocol_range protocols() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:1358
ObjCImplementationDecl * getImplementation() const
Definition: DeclObjC.cpp:1629
ObjCInterfaceDecl * getSuperClass() const
Definition: DeclObjC.cpp:352
Interfaces are the core concept in Objective-C for object oriented design.
Definition: Type.h:6968
ObjCInterfaceDecl * getDecl() const
Get the declaration of this interface.
Definition: Type.cpp:903
ObjCIvarDecl - Represents an ObjC instance variable.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:1950
AccessControl getAccessControl() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:1998
bool getSynthesize() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2005
ObjCIvarRefExpr - A reference to an ObjC instance variable.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:549
ObjCIvarDecl * getDecl()
Definition: ExprObjC.h:579
bool isArrow() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:587
bool isFreeIvar() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:588
An expression that sends a message to the given Objective-C object or class.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:945
QualType getCallReturnType(ASTContext &Ctx) const
Definition: ExprObjC.cpp:265
Selector getSelector() const
Definition: ExprObjC.cpp:293
@ SuperInstance
The receiver is the instance of the superclass object.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:959
@ Instance
The receiver is an object instance.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:953
@ SuperClass
The receiver is a superclass.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:956
@ Class
The receiver is a class.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:950
QualType getClassReceiver() const
Returns the type of a class message send, or NULL if the message is not a class message.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:1279
QualType getSuperType() const
Retrieve the type referred to by 'super'.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:1336
ReceiverKind getReceiverKind() const
Determine the kind of receiver that this message is being sent to.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:1234
ObjCMethodDecl - Represents an instance or class method declaration.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:140
bool isVariadic() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:431
bool isInstanceMethod() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:426
QualType getReturnType() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:329
Represents one property declaration in an Objective-C interface.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:730
ObjCMethodDecl * getGetterMethodDecl() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:900
ObjCMethodDecl * getSetterMethodDecl() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:903
QualType getType() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:803
ObjCPropertyAttribute::Kind getPropertyAttributes() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:814
PropertyControl getPropertyImplementation() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:911
ObjCPropertyImplDecl - Represents implementation declaration of a property in a class or category imp...
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2802
ObjCIvarDecl * getPropertyIvarDecl() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2876
Kind getPropertyImplementation() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2872
ObjCPropertyDecl * getPropertyDecl() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2867
ObjCPropertyRefExpr - A dot-syntax expression to access an ObjC property.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:617
bool isMessagingGetter() const
True if the property reference will result in a message to the getter.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:736
ObjCPropertyDecl * getExplicitProperty() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:706
bool isMessagingSetter() const
True if the property reference will result in a message to the setter.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:743
ObjCMethodDecl * getImplicitPropertyGetter() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:711
bool isImplicitProperty() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:703
ObjCMethodDecl * getImplicitPropertySetter() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:716
bool isSuperReceiver() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:775
Represents an Objective-C protocol declaration.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2082
protocol_range protocols() const
Definition: DeclObjC.h:2158
ObjCProtocolExpr used for protocol expression in Objective-C.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:505
ObjCProtocolDecl * getProtocol() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:522
ObjCSelectorExpr used for @selector in Objective-C.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:455
Selector getSelector() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:469
ObjCSubscriptRefExpr - used for array and dictionary subscripting.
Definition: ExprObjC.h:844
bool isArraySubscriptRefExpr() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:897
ObjCMethodDecl * getAtIndexMethodDecl() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:889
ObjCMethodDecl * setAtIndexMethodDecl() const
Definition: ExprObjC.h:893
Represents the declaration of an Objective-C type parameter.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:578
bool hasExplicitBound() const
Whether this type parameter has an explicitly-written type bound, e.g., "T : NSView".
Definition: DeclObjC.h:640
ObjCTypeParamVariance getVariance() const
Determine the variance of this type parameter.
Definition: DeclObjC.h:623
This is the base type for all OpenACC Clauses.
Definition: OpenACCClause.h:24
llvm::iterator_range< decls_iterator > decls() const
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3077
DeclarationName getName() const
Gets the name looked up.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3088
Represents a pack expansion of types.
Definition: Type.h:6585
std::optional< unsigned > getNumExpansions() const
Retrieve the number of expansions that this pack expansion will generate, if known.
Definition: Type.h:6610
[C99] - A predefined identifier such as func.
Definition: Expr.h:1986
StringRef getIdentKindName() const
Definition: Expr.h:2043
PredefinedIdentKind getIdentKind() const
Definition: Expr.h:2021
Represents an unpacked "presumed" location which can be presented to the user.
unsigned getColumn() const
Return the presumed column number of this location.
const char * getFilename() const
Return the presumed filename of this location.
bool isValid() const
unsigned getLine() const
Return the presumed line number of this location.
SourceLocation getIncludeLoc() const
Return the presumed include location of this location.
A (possibly-)qualified type.
Definition: Type.h:940
bool isNull() const
Return true if this QualType doesn't point to a type yet.
Definition: Type.h:1007
SplitQualType getSplitDesugaredType() const
Definition: Type.h:1309
SplitQualType split() const
Divides a QualType into its unqualified type and a set of local qualifiers.
Definition: Type.h:7396
std::string getAsString() const
std::string getAsString() const
Represents a struct/union/class.
Definition: Decl.h:4170
A helper class that allows the use of isa/cast/dyncast to detect TagType objects of structs/unions/cl...
Definition: Type.h:5565
RecordDecl * getDecl() const
Definition: Type.h:5575
Base for LValueReferenceType and RValueReferenceType.
Definition: Type.h:3396
bool isSpelledAsLValue() const
Definition: Type.h:3409
C++2a [expr.prim.req]: A requires-expression provides a concise way to express requirements on templa...
Definition: ExprConcepts.h:510
bool isSatisfied() const
Whether or not the requires clause is satisfied.
Definition: ExprConcepts.h:562
TypeSourceInfo * getTypeSourceInfo()
Definition: Expr.h:2091
void print(llvm::raw_ostream &OS) const
Prints the full selector name (e.g. "foo:bar:").
Represents an expression that computes the length of a parameter pack.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:4252
NamedDecl * getPack() const
Retrieve the parameter pack.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:4321
Encodes a location in the source.
PresumedLoc getPresumedLoc(SourceLocation Loc, bool UseLineDirectives=true) const
Returns the "presumed" location of a SourceLocation specifies.
StringRef getBufferName(SourceLocation Loc, bool *Invalid=nullptr) const
Return the filename or buffer identifier of the buffer the location is in.
bool isMacroArgExpansion(SourceLocation Loc, SourceLocation *StartLoc=nullptr) const
Tests whether the given source location represents a macro argument's expansion into the function-lik...
SourceLocation getSpellingLoc(SourceLocation Loc) const
Given a SourceLocation object, return the spelling location referenced by the ID.
unsigned getSpellingLineNumber(SourceLocation Loc, bool *Invalid=nullptr) const
unsigned getExpansionLineNumber(SourceLocation Loc, bool *Invalid=nullptr) const
std::pair< FileID, unsigned > getDecomposedLoc(SourceLocation Loc) const
Decompose the specified location into a raw FileID + Offset pair.
SourceLocation getExpansionLoc(SourceLocation Loc) const
Given a SourceLocation object Loc, return the expansion location referenced by the ID.
A trivial tuple used to represent a source range.
SourceLocation getEnd() const
SourceLocation getBegin() const
bool isValid() const
RetTy Visit(PTR(Stmt) S, ParamTys... P)
Definition: StmtVisitor.h:44
Stmt - This represents one statement.
Definition: Stmt.h:84
StringLiteral - This represents a string literal expression, e.g.
Definition: Expr.h:1773
void outputString(raw_ostream &OS) const
Definition: Expr.cpp:1213
Represents the result of substituting a set of types for a template type parameter pack.
Definition: Type.h:5905
Represents the result of substituting a type for a template type parameter.
Definition: Type.h:5835
std::optional< unsigned > getPackIndex() const
Definition: Type.h:5865
unsigned getIndex() const
Returns the index of the replaced parameter in the associated declaration.
Definition: Type.h:5863
SwitchStmt - This represents a 'switch' stmt.
Definition: Stmt.h:2388
bool hasVarStorage() const
True if this SwitchStmt has storage for a condition variable.
Definition: Stmt.h:2449
bool hasInitStorage() const
True if this SwitchStmt has storage for an init statement.
Definition: Stmt.h:2446
Represents the declaration of a struct/union/class/enum.
Definition: Decl.h:3586
StringRef getKindName() const
Definition: Decl.h:3777
bool isCompleteDefinition() const
Return true if this decl has its body fully specified.
Definition: Decl.h:3689
TagDecl * getDecl() const
Definition: Type.cpp:4063
Location wrapper for a TemplateArgument.
Definition: TemplateBase.h:524
const TemplateArgument & getArgument() const
Definition: TemplateBase.h:574
Represents a template argument.
Definition: TemplateBase.h:61
QualType getAsType() const
Retrieve the type for a type template argument.
Definition: TemplateBase.h:319
llvm::APSInt getAsIntegral() const
Retrieve the template argument as an integral value.
Definition: TemplateBase.h:363
ValueDecl * getAsDecl() const
Retrieve the declaration for a declaration non-type template argument.
Definition: TemplateBase.h:326
void print(raw_ostream &OS, const PrintingPolicy &Policy, Qualified Qual=Qualified::AsWritten) const
Print the template name.
Represents a type template specialization; the template must be a class template, a type alias templa...
Definition: Type.h:6105
TemplateName getTemplateName() const
Retrieve the name of the template that we are specializing.
Definition: Type.h:6171
bool isTypeAlias() const
Determine if this template specialization type is for a type alias template that has been substituted...
Definition: Type.h:6164
TemplateTemplateParmDecl - Declares a template template parameter, e.g., "T" in.
const DefArgStorage & getDefaultArgStorage() const
const TemplateArgumentLoc & getDefaultArgument() const
Retrieve the default argument, if any.
bool isParameterPack() const
Whether this template template parameter is a template parameter pack.
unsigned getIndex() const
Get the index of the template parameter within its parameter list.
bool defaultArgumentWasInherited() const
Determines whether the default argument was inherited from a previous declaration of this template.
unsigned getDepth() const
Get the nesting depth of the template parameter.
bool hasDefaultArgument() const
Determine whether this template parameter has a default argument.
Declaration of a template type parameter.
bool wasDeclaredWithTypename() const
Whether this template type parameter was declared with the 'typename' keyword.
const TemplateArgumentLoc & getDefaultArgument() const
Retrieve the default argument, if any.
unsigned getIndex() const
Retrieve the index of the template parameter.
bool hasDefaultArgument() const
Determine whether this template parameter has a default argument.
bool defaultArgumentWasInherited() const
Determines whether the default argument was inherited from a previous declaration of this template.
bool isParameterPack() const
Returns whether this is a parameter pack.
unsigned getDepth() const
Retrieve the depth of the template parameter.
const DefArgStorage & getDefaultArgStorage() const
TemplateTypeParmDecl * getDecl() const
Definition: Type.h:5798
bool isParameterPack() const
Definition: Type.h:5796
unsigned getIndex() const
Definition: Type.h:5795
unsigned getDepth() const
Definition: Type.h:5794
Represents the declaration of a typedef-name via a C++11 alias-declaration.
Definition: Decl.h:3557
Base wrapper for a particular "section" of type source info.
Definition: TypeLoc.h:59
QualType getType() const
Get the type for which this source info wrapper provides information.
Definition: TypeLoc.h:133
SourceRange getSourceRange() const LLVM_READONLY
Get the full source range.
Definition: TypeLoc.h:153
TypeLocClass getTypeLocClass() const
Definition: TypeLoc.h:116
bool isNull() const
Definition: TypeLoc.h:121
const Type * getTypePtr() const
Definition: TypeLoc.h:137
A container of type source information.
Definition: Type.h:7346
QualType getType() const
Return the type wrapped by this type source info.
Definition: Type.h:7357
void Visit(const Type *T)
Performs the operation associated with this visitor object.
Definition: TypeVisitor.h:68
The base class of the type hierarchy.
Definition: Type.h:1827
bool isSignedIntegerType() const
Return true if this is an integer type that is signed, according to C99 6.2.5p4 [char,...
Definition: Type.cpp:2145
bool isInstantiationDependentType() const
Determine whether this type is an instantiation-dependent type, meaning that the type involves a temp...
Definition: Type.h:2677
bool isDependentType() const
Whether this type is a dependent type, meaning that its definition somehow depends on a template para...
Definition: Type.h:2669
bool containsUnexpandedParameterPack() const
Whether this type is or contains an unexpanded parameter pack, used to support C++0x variadic templat...
Definition: Type.h:2334
const char * getTypeClassName() const
Definition: Type.cpp:3329
bool containsErrors() const
Whether this type is an error type.
Definition: Type.h:2663
bool isVariablyModifiedType() const
Whether this type is a variably-modified type (C99 6.7.5).
Definition: Type.h:2687
bool isFromAST() const
Whether this type comes from an AST file.
Definition: Type.h:2317
const T * getAs() const
Member-template getAs<specific type>'.
Definition: Type.h:8146
Represents the declaration of a typedef-name via the 'typedef' type specifier.
Definition: Decl.h:3536
QualType getUnderlyingType() const
Definition: Decl.h:3489
TypedefNameDecl * getDecl() const
Definition: Type.h:5233
QualType desugar() const
Definition: Type.cpp:3883
bool typeMatchesDecl() const
Definition: Type.h:5241
UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr - expression with either a type or (unevaluated) expression operand.
Definition: Expr.h:2568
QualType getArgumentType() const
Definition: Expr.h:2611
bool isArgumentType() const
Definition: Expr.h:2610
UnaryExprOrTypeTrait getKind() const
Definition: Expr.h:2600
UnaryOperator - This represents the unary-expression's (except sizeof and alignof),...
Definition: Expr.h:2183
static bool isPostfix(Opcode Op)
isPostfix - Return true if this is a postfix operation, like x++.
Definition: Expr.h:2257
Opcode getOpcode() const
Definition: Expr.h:2223
static StringRef getOpcodeStr(Opcode Op)
getOpcodeStr - Turn an Opcode enum value into the punctuation char it corresponds to,...
Definition: Expr.cpp:1405
bool canOverflow() const
Returns true if the unary operator can cause an overflow.
Definition: Expr.h:2241
A unary type transform, which is a type constructed from another.
Definition: Type.h:5482
UTTKind getUTTKind() const
Definition: Type.h:5511
A reference to a name which we were able to look up during parsing but could not resolve to a specifi...
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3198
bool requiresADL() const
True if this declaration should be extended by argument-dependent lookup.
Definition: ExprCXX.h:3266
Represents the dependent type named by a dependently-scoped typename using declaration,...
Definition: Type.h:5160
UnresolvedUsingTypenameDecl * getDecl() const
Definition: Type.h:5171
Represents a C++ using-declaration.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:3512
NestedNameSpecifier * getQualifier() const
Retrieve the nested-name-specifier that qualifies the name.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:3549
Represents C++ using-directive.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:3015
NamespaceDecl * getNominatedNamespace()
Returns the namespace nominated by this using-directive.
Definition: DeclCXX.cpp:2958
Represents a C++ using-enum-declaration.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:3713
EnumDecl * getEnumDecl() const
Definition: DeclCXX.h:3757
Represents a shadow declaration implicitly introduced into a scope by a (resolved) using-declaration ...
Definition: DeclCXX.h:3320
NamedDecl * getTargetDecl() const
Gets the underlying declaration which has been brought into the local scope.
Definition: DeclCXX.h:3384
QualType desugar() const
Definition: Type.h:5206
UsingShadowDecl * getFoundDecl() const
Definition: Type.h:5200
bool typeMatchesDecl() const
Definition: Type.h:5209
Represent the declaration of a variable (in which case it is an lvalue) a function (in which case it ...
Definition: Decl.h:706
QualType getType() const
Definition: Decl.h:717
Represents a variable declaration or definition.
Definition: Decl.h:918
bool isConstexpr() const
Whether this variable is (C++11) constexpr.
Definition: Decl.h:1549
TLSKind getTLSKind() const
Definition: Decl.cpp:2158
bool hasInit() const
Definition: Decl.cpp:2388
InitializationStyle getInitStyle() const
The style of initialization for this declaration.
Definition: Decl.h:1446
static const char * getStorageClassSpecifierString(StorageClass SC)
Return the string used to specify the storage class SC.
Definition: Decl.cpp:2111
@ ListInit
Direct list-initialization (C++11)
Definition: Decl.h:929
@ CInit
C-style initialization with assignment.
Definition: Decl.h:923
@ ParenListInit
Parenthesized list-initialization (C++20)
Definition: Decl.h:932
@ CallInit
Call-style initialization (C++98)
Definition: Decl.h:926
bool isNRVOVariable() const
Determine whether this local variable can be used with the named return value optimization (NRVO).
Definition: Decl.h:1492
bool isInline() const
Whether this variable is (C++1z) inline.
Definition: Decl.h:1531
@ TLS_Static
TLS with a known-constant initializer.
Definition: Decl.h:941
@ TLS_Dynamic
TLS with a dynamic initializer.
Definition: Decl.h:944
@ TLS_None
Not a TLS variable.
Definition: Decl.h:938
StorageClass getStorageClass() const
Returns the storage class as written in the source.
Definition: Decl.h:1155
bool isParameterPack() const
Determine whether this variable is actually a function parameter pack or init-capture pack.
Definition: Decl.cpp:2658
Represents a GCC generic vector type.
Definition: Type.h:3985
unsigned getNumElements() const
Definition: Type.h:4000
VectorKind getVectorKind() const
Definition: Type.h:4005
WhileStmt - This represents a 'while' stmt.
Definition: Stmt.h:2584
bool hasVarStorage() const
True if this WhileStmt has storage for a condition variable.
Definition: Stmt.h:2634
RetTy Visit(PTR(Attr) A)
Definition: AttrVisitor.h:31
A command that has zero or more word-like arguments (number of word-like arguments depends on command...
Definition: Comment.h:604
static const CommandInfo * getBuiltinCommandInfo(StringRef Name)
const CommandInfo * getCommandInfo(StringRef Name) const
RetTy visit(PTR(Comment) C, ParamTys... P)
Any part of the comment.
Definition: Comment.h:65
A full comment attached to a declaration, contains block content.
Definition: Comment.h:1083
An opening HTML tag with attributes.
Definition: Comment.h:433
A command with word-like arguments that is considered inline content.
Definition: Comment.h:335
Doxygen \param command.
Definition: Comment.h:711
Doxygen \tparam command, describes a template parameter.
Definition: Comment.h:793
A verbatim block command (e.
Definition: Comment.h:879
A line of text contained in a verbatim block.
Definition: Comment.h:854
A verbatim line command.
Definition: Comment.h:930
A static requirement that can be used in a requires-expression to check properties of types and expre...
Definition: ExprConcepts.h:168
RequirementKind getKind() const
Definition: ExprConcepts.h:198
bool containsUnexpandedParameterPack() const
Definition: ExprConcepts.h:218
RetTy Visit(PTR(Decl) D)
Definition: DeclVisitor.h:37
RetTy Visit(REF(TemplateArgument) TA, ParamTys... P)
@ kind_nullability
Indicates that the nullability of the type was spelled with a property attribute rather than a type q...
bool Ret(InterpState &S, CodePtr &PC, APValue &Result)
Definition: Interp.h:224
The JSON file list parser is used to communicate input to InstallAPI.
if(T->getSizeExpr()) TRY_TO(TraverseStmt(const_cast< Expr * >(T -> getSizeExpr())))
@ GNUAutoType
__auto_type (GNU extension)
@ DecltypeAuto
llvm::StringRef getAccessSpelling(AccessSpecifier AS)
Definition: Specifiers.h:398
@ RQ_None
No ref-qualifier was provided.
Definition: Type.h:1776
@ RQ_LValue
An lvalue ref-qualifier was provided (&).
Definition: Type.h:1779
@ RQ_RValue
An rvalue ref-qualifier was provided (&&).
Definition: Type.h:1782
Storage classes.
Definition: Specifiers.h:245
@ SC_None
Definition: Specifiers.h:247
@ SD_Thread
Thread storage duration.
Definition: Specifiers.h:327
@ SD_Static
Static storage duration.
Definition: Specifiers.h:328
@ SD_FullExpression
Full-expression storage duration (for temporaries).
Definition: Specifiers.h:325
@ SD_Automatic
Automatic storage duration (most local variables).
Definition: Specifiers.h:326
@ SD_Dynamic
Dynamic storage duration.
Definition: Specifiers.h:329
@ VK_PRValue
A pr-value expression (in the C++11 taxonomy) produces a temporary value.
Definition: Specifiers.h:132
@ VK_XValue
An x-value expression is a reference to an object with independent storage but which can be "moved",...
Definition: Specifiers.h:141
@ VK_LValue
An l-value expression is a reference to an object with independent storage.
Definition: Specifiers.h:136
const char * getTraitSpelling(ExpressionTrait T) LLVM_READONLY
Return the spelling of the type trait TT. Never null.
const FunctionProtoType * T
@ Invariant
The parameter is invariant: must match exactly.
@ Contravariant
The parameter is contravariant, e.g., X<T> is a subtype of X when the type parameter is covariant and...
@ Covariant
The parameter is covariant, e.g., X<T> is a subtype of X when the type parameter is covariant and T i...
@ AltiVecBool
is AltiVec 'vector bool ...'
@ SveFixedLengthData
is AArch64 SVE fixed-length data vector
@ AltiVecVector
is AltiVec vector
@ AltiVecPixel
is AltiVec 'vector Pixel'
@ Neon
is ARM Neon vector
@ Generic
not a target-specific vector type
@ RVVFixedLengthData
is RISC-V RVV fixed-length data vector
@ RVVFixedLengthMask
is RISC-V RVV fixed-length mask vector
@ NeonPoly
is ARM Neon polynomial vector
@ SveFixedLengthPredicate
is AArch64 SVE fixed-length predicate vector
@ Parens
New-expression has a C++98 paren-delimited initializer.
@ None
New-expression has no initializer as written.
@ Braces
New-expression has a C++11 list-initializer.
@ EST_DependentNoexcept
noexcept(expression), value-dependent
@ EST_DynamicNone
@ EST_Uninstantiated
not instantiated yet
@ EST_Unparsed
not parsed yet
@ EST_NoThrow
Microsoft __declspec(nothrow) extension.
@ EST_None
no exception specification
Microsoft throw(...) extension.
@ EST_BasicNoexcept
@ EST_NoexceptFalse
noexcept(expression), evals to 'false'
@ EST_Unevaluated
not evaluated yet, for special member function
@ EST_NoexceptTrue
noexcept(expression), evals to 'true'
@ EST_Dynamic
throw(T1, T2)
A C++ access specifier (public, private, protected), plus the special value "none" which means differ...
Definition: Specifiers.h:120
@ NOUR_Discarded
This name appears as a potential result of a discarded value expression.
Definition: Specifiers.h:180
@ NOUR_Unevaluated
This name appears in an unevaluated operand.
Definition: Specifiers.h:174
@ NOUR_None
This is an odr-use.
Definition: Specifiers.h:172
@ NOUR_Constant
This name appears as a potential result of an lvalue-to-rvalue conversion that is a constant expressi...
Definition: Specifiers.h:177
unsigned long uint64_t
ExceptionSpecificationType Type
The kind of exception specification this is.
Definition: Type.h:4725
ArrayRef< QualType > Exceptions
Explicitly-specified list of exception types.
Definition: Type.h:4728
Extra information about a function prototype.
Definition: Type.h:4751
ExceptionSpecInfo ExceptionSpec
Definition: Type.h:4758
A std::pair-like structure for storing a qualified type split into its local qualifiers and its local...
Definition: Type.h:873
Information about a single command.