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clang::comments Namespace Reference


namespace  tok


class  BlockCommandComment
 A command that has zero or more word-like arguments (number of word-like arguments depends on command name) and a paragraph as an argument (e. More...
class  BlockContentComment
 Block content (contains inline content). More...
class  BriefParser
 A very simple comment parser that extracts "a brief description". More...
struct  CommandInfo
 Information about a single command. More...
class  CommandTraits
 This class provides information about commands that can be used in comments. More...
class  Comment
 Any part of the comment. More...
class  CommentVisitor
class  CommentVisitorBase
class  ConstCommentVisitor
struct  DeclInfo
 Information about the declaration, useful to clients of FullComment. More...
class  FullComment
 A full comment attached to a declaration, contains block content. More...
class  HTMLEndTagComment
 A closing HTML tag. More...
class  HTMLStartTagComment
 An opening HTML tag with attributes. More...
class  HTMLTagComment
 Abstract class for opening and closing HTML tags. More...
class  InlineCommandComment
 A command with word-like arguments that is considered inline content. More...
class  InlineContentComment
 Inline content (contained within a block). More...
class  Lexer
 Comment lexer. More...
class  ParagraphComment
 A single paragraph that contains inline content. More...
class  ParamCommandComment
 Doxygen \param command. More...
class  Parser
 Doxygen comment parser. More...
class  Sema
class  TextComment
 Plain text. More...
class  TextTokenRetokenizer
 Re-lexes a sequence of tok::text tokens. More...
class  Token
 Comment token. More...
class  TParamCommandComment
 Doxygen \tparam command, describes a template parameter. More...
class  VerbatimBlockComment
 A verbatim block command (e. More...
class  VerbatimBlockLineComment
 A line of text contained in a verbatim block. More...
class  VerbatimLineComment
 A verbatim line command. More...


enum  CommandMarkerKind { CMK_Backslash = 0 , CMK_At = 1 }
 Describes the syntax that was used in a documentation command. More...


static TypeLoc lookThroughTypedefOrTypeAliasLocs (TypeLoc &SrcTL)
static bool getFunctionTypeLoc (TypeLoc TL, FunctionTypeLoc &ResFTL)
static bool isHTMLNamedCharacterReferenceCharacter (char C)
static bool isHTMLDecimalCharacterReferenceCharacter (char C)
static bool isHTMLHexCharacterReferenceCharacter (char C)
static StringRef convertCodePointToUTF8 (llvm::BumpPtrAllocator &Allocator, unsigned CodePoint)
static int getParamPassDirection (StringRef Arg)
 Turn a string into the corresponding PassDirection or -1 if it's not valid.
static bool isClassOrStructDeclImpl (const Decl *D)

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ CommandMarkerKind

Describes the syntax that was used in a documentation command.

Exact values of this enumeration are important because they used to select parts of diagnostic messages. Audit diagnostics before changing or adding a new value.


Command started with a backslash character:


Command started with an 'at' character:


Definition at line 36 of file Comment.h.

Function Documentation

◆ convertCodePointToUTF8()

static StringRef clang::comments::convertCodePointToUTF8 ( llvm::BumpPtrAllocator &  Allocator,
unsigned  CodePoint 

Definition at line 39 of file CommentLexer.cpp.

◆ getFunctionTypeLoc()

static bool clang::comments::getFunctionTypeLoc ( TypeLoc  TL,
FunctionTypeLoc ResFTL 

◆ getParamPassDirection()

static int clang::comments::getParamPassDirection ( StringRef  Arg)

Turn a string into the corresponding PassDirection or -1 if it's not valid.

Definition at line 222 of file CommentSema.cpp.

References clang::comments::ParamCommandComment::In, clang::comments::ParamCommandComment::InOut, and clang::comments::ParamCommandComment::Out.

Referenced by clang::comments::Sema::actOnParamCommandDirectionArg().

◆ isClassOrStructDeclImpl()

static bool clang::comments::isClassOrStructDeclImpl ( const Decl D)

Definition at line 876 of file CommentSema.cpp.

◆ isHTMLDecimalCharacterReferenceCharacter()

static bool clang::comments::isHTMLDecimalCharacterReferenceCharacter ( char  C)

Definition at line 31 of file CommentLexer.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::isDigit().

◆ isHTMLHexCharacterReferenceCharacter()

static bool clang::comments::isHTMLHexCharacterReferenceCharacter ( char  C)

Definition at line 35 of file CommentLexer.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::isHexDigit().

◆ isHTMLNamedCharacterReferenceCharacter()

static bool clang::comments::isHTMLNamedCharacterReferenceCharacter ( char  C)

Definition at line 27 of file CommentLexer.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::isLetter().

◆ lookThroughTypedefOrTypeAliasLocs()

static TypeLoc clang::comments::lookThroughTypedefOrTypeAliasLocs ( TypeLoc SrcTL)