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clang::JSONNodeDumper Class Reference

#include "clang/AST/JSONNodeDumper.h"

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Public Member Functions

 JSONNodeDumper (raw_ostream &OS, const SourceManager &SrcMgr, ASTContext &Ctx, const PrintingPolicy &PrintPolicy, const comments::CommandTraits *Traits)
void Visit (const Attr *A)
void Visit (const Stmt *Node)
void Visit (const Type *T)
void Visit (QualType T)
void Visit (const Decl *D)
void Visit (TypeLoc TL)
void Visit (const comments::Comment *C, const comments::FullComment *FC)
void Visit (const TemplateArgument &TA, SourceRange R={}, const Decl *From=nullptr, StringRef Label={})
void Visit (const CXXCtorInitializer *Init)
void Visit (const OpenACCClause *C)
void Visit (const OMPClause *C)
void Visit (const BlockDecl::Capture &C)
void Visit (const GenericSelectionExpr::ConstAssociation &A)
void Visit (const concepts::Requirement *R)
void Visit (const APValue &Value, QualType Ty)
void Visit (const ConceptReference *)
void VisitAliasAttr (const AliasAttr *AA)
void VisitCleanupAttr (const CleanupAttr *CA)
void VisitDeprecatedAttr (const DeprecatedAttr *DA)
void VisitUnavailableAttr (const UnavailableAttr *UA)
void VisitSectionAttr (const SectionAttr *SA)
void VisitVisibilityAttr (const VisibilityAttr *VA)
void VisitTLSModelAttr (const TLSModelAttr *TA)
void VisitTypedefType (const TypedefType *TT)
void VisitUsingType (const UsingType *TT)
void VisitFunctionType (const FunctionType *T)
void VisitFunctionProtoType (const FunctionProtoType *T)
void VisitRValueReferenceType (const ReferenceType *RT)
void VisitArrayType (const ArrayType *AT)
void VisitConstantArrayType (const ConstantArrayType *CAT)
void VisitDependentSizedExtVectorType (const DependentSizedExtVectorType *VT)
void VisitVectorType (const VectorType *VT)
void VisitUnresolvedUsingType (const UnresolvedUsingType *UUT)
void VisitUnaryTransformType (const UnaryTransformType *UTT)
void VisitTagType (const TagType *TT)
void VisitTemplateTypeParmType (const TemplateTypeParmType *TTPT)
void VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmType (const SubstTemplateTypeParmType *STTPT)
void VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmPackType (const SubstTemplateTypeParmPackType *T)
void VisitAutoType (const AutoType *AT)
void VisitTemplateSpecializationType (const TemplateSpecializationType *TST)
void VisitInjectedClassNameType (const InjectedClassNameType *ICNT)
void VisitObjCInterfaceType (const ObjCInterfaceType *OIT)
void VisitPackExpansionType (const PackExpansionType *PET)
void VisitElaboratedType (const ElaboratedType *ET)
void VisitMacroQualifiedType (const MacroQualifiedType *MQT)
void VisitMemberPointerType (const MemberPointerType *MPT)
void VisitNamedDecl (const NamedDecl *ND)
void VisitTypedefDecl (const TypedefDecl *TD)
void VisitTypeAliasDecl (const TypeAliasDecl *TAD)
void VisitNamespaceDecl (const NamespaceDecl *ND)
void VisitUsingDirectiveDecl (const UsingDirectiveDecl *UDD)
void VisitNamespaceAliasDecl (const NamespaceAliasDecl *NAD)
void VisitUsingDecl (const UsingDecl *UD)
void VisitUsingEnumDecl (const UsingEnumDecl *UED)
void VisitUsingShadowDecl (const UsingShadowDecl *USD)
void VisitVarDecl (const VarDecl *VD)
void VisitFieldDecl (const FieldDecl *FD)
void VisitFunctionDecl (const FunctionDecl *FD)
void VisitEnumDecl (const EnumDecl *ED)
void VisitEnumConstantDecl (const EnumConstantDecl *ECD)
void VisitRecordDecl (const RecordDecl *RD)
void VisitCXXRecordDecl (const CXXRecordDecl *RD)
void VisitHLSLBufferDecl (const HLSLBufferDecl *D)
void VisitTemplateTypeParmDecl (const TemplateTypeParmDecl *D)
void VisitNonTypeTemplateParmDecl (const NonTypeTemplateParmDecl *D)
void VisitTemplateTemplateParmDecl (const TemplateTemplateParmDecl *D)
void VisitLinkageSpecDecl (const LinkageSpecDecl *LSD)
void VisitAccessSpecDecl (const AccessSpecDecl *ASD)
void VisitFriendDecl (const FriendDecl *FD)
void VisitObjCIvarDecl (const ObjCIvarDecl *D)
void VisitObjCMethodDecl (const ObjCMethodDecl *D)
void VisitObjCTypeParamDecl (const ObjCTypeParamDecl *D)
void VisitObjCCategoryDecl (const ObjCCategoryDecl *D)
void VisitObjCCategoryImplDecl (const ObjCCategoryImplDecl *D)
void VisitObjCProtocolDecl (const ObjCProtocolDecl *D)
void VisitObjCInterfaceDecl (const ObjCInterfaceDecl *D)
void VisitObjCImplementationDecl (const ObjCImplementationDecl *D)
void VisitObjCCompatibleAliasDecl (const ObjCCompatibleAliasDecl *D)
void VisitObjCPropertyDecl (const ObjCPropertyDecl *D)
void VisitObjCPropertyImplDecl (const ObjCPropertyImplDecl *D)
void VisitBlockDecl (const BlockDecl *D)
void VisitDeclRefExpr (const DeclRefExpr *DRE)
void VisitSYCLUniqueStableNameExpr (const SYCLUniqueStableNameExpr *E)
void VisitPredefinedExpr (const PredefinedExpr *PE)
void VisitUnaryOperator (const UnaryOperator *UO)
void VisitBinaryOperator (const BinaryOperator *BO)
void VisitCompoundAssignOperator (const CompoundAssignOperator *CAO)
void VisitMemberExpr (const MemberExpr *ME)
void VisitAtomicExpr (const AtomicExpr *AE)
void VisitCXXNewExpr (const CXXNewExpr *NE)
void VisitCXXDeleteExpr (const CXXDeleteExpr *DE)
void VisitCXXThisExpr (const CXXThisExpr *TE)
void VisitCastExpr (const CastExpr *CE)
void VisitImplicitCastExpr (const ImplicitCastExpr *ICE)
void VisitCallExpr (const CallExpr *CE)
void VisitUnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr (const UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr *TTE)
void VisitSizeOfPackExpr (const SizeOfPackExpr *SOPE)
void VisitUnresolvedLookupExpr (const UnresolvedLookupExpr *ULE)
void VisitAddrLabelExpr (const AddrLabelExpr *ALE)
void VisitCXXTypeidExpr (const CXXTypeidExpr *CTE)
void VisitConstantExpr (const ConstantExpr *CE)
void VisitInitListExpr (const InitListExpr *ILE)
void VisitGenericSelectionExpr (const GenericSelectionExpr *GSE)
void VisitCXXUnresolvedConstructExpr (const CXXUnresolvedConstructExpr *UCE)
void VisitCXXConstructExpr (const CXXConstructExpr *CE)
void VisitExprWithCleanups (const ExprWithCleanups *EWC)
void VisitCXXBindTemporaryExpr (const CXXBindTemporaryExpr *BTE)
void VisitMaterializeTemporaryExpr (const MaterializeTemporaryExpr *MTE)
void VisitCXXDependentScopeMemberExpr (const CXXDependentScopeMemberExpr *ME)
void VisitRequiresExpr (const RequiresExpr *RE)
void VisitCXXDefaultArgExpr (const CXXDefaultArgExpr *Node)
void VisitCXXDefaultInitExpr (const CXXDefaultInitExpr *Node)
void VisitObjCEncodeExpr (const ObjCEncodeExpr *OEE)
void VisitObjCMessageExpr (const ObjCMessageExpr *OME)
void VisitObjCBoxedExpr (const ObjCBoxedExpr *OBE)
void VisitObjCSelectorExpr (const ObjCSelectorExpr *OSE)
void VisitObjCProtocolExpr (const ObjCProtocolExpr *OPE)
void VisitObjCPropertyRefExpr (const ObjCPropertyRefExpr *OPRE)
void VisitObjCSubscriptRefExpr (const ObjCSubscriptRefExpr *OSRE)
void VisitObjCIvarRefExpr (const ObjCIvarRefExpr *OIRE)
void VisitObjCBoolLiteralExpr (const ObjCBoolLiteralExpr *OBLE)
void VisitIntegerLiteral (const IntegerLiteral *IL)
void VisitCharacterLiteral (const CharacterLiteral *CL)
void VisitFixedPointLiteral (const FixedPointLiteral *FPL)
void VisitFloatingLiteral (const FloatingLiteral *FL)
void VisitStringLiteral (const StringLiteral *SL)
void VisitCXXBoolLiteralExpr (const CXXBoolLiteralExpr *BLE)
void VisitIfStmt (const IfStmt *IS)
void VisitSwitchStmt (const SwitchStmt *SS)
void VisitCaseStmt (const CaseStmt *CS)
void VisitLabelStmt (const LabelStmt *LS)
void VisitGotoStmt (const GotoStmt *GS)
void VisitWhileStmt (const WhileStmt *WS)
void VisitObjCAtCatchStmt (const ObjCAtCatchStmt *OACS)
void VisitCompoundStmt (const CompoundStmt *IS)
void VisitNullTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitTypeTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitDeclarationTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitNullPtrTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitIntegralTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitTemplateTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitTemplateExpansionTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitExpressionTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &TA)
void VisitPackTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &TA)
void visitTextComment (const comments::TextComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void visitInlineCommandComment (const comments::InlineCommandComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void visitHTMLStartTagComment (const comments::HTMLStartTagComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void visitHTMLEndTagComment (const comments::HTMLEndTagComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void visitBlockCommandComment (const comments::BlockCommandComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void visitParamCommandComment (const comments::ParamCommandComment *C, const comments::FullComment *FC)
void visitTParamCommandComment (const comments::TParamCommandComment *C, const comments::FullComment *FC)
void visitVerbatimBlockComment (const comments::VerbatimBlockComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void visitVerbatimBlockLineComment (const comments::VerbatimBlockLineComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
void visitVerbatimLineComment (const comments::VerbatimLineComment *C, const comments::FullComment *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::attrvisitor::Base< Ptr, ImplClass, RetTy, ParamTys >
RetTy Visit (PTR(Attr) A)
RetTy VisitAttr (PTR(Attr))
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::comments::CommentVisitorBase< Ptr, ImplClass, RetTy, ParamTys >
RetTy visit (PTR(Comment) C, ParamTys... P)
RetTy visitComment (PTR(Comment) C, ParamTys... P)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::templateargumentvisitor::Base< Ref, ImplClass, RetTy, ParamTys >
RetTy Visit (REF(TemplateArgument) TA, ParamTys... P)
 VISIT_METHOD (Declaration)
 VISIT_METHOD (Integral)
 VISIT_METHOD (StructuralValue)
 VISIT_METHOD (Template)
 VISIT_METHOD (TemplateExpansion)
 VISIT_METHOD (Expression)
RetTy VisitTemplateArgument (REF(TemplateArgument), ParamTys...)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::StmtVisitorBase< Ptr, ImplClass, RetTy, ParamTys >
RetTy Visit (PTR(Stmt) S, ParamTys... P)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::TypeVisitor< JSONNodeDumper >
void Visit (const Type *T)
 Performs the operation associated with this visitor object.
void VisitType (const Type *)
 Method called if ImpClass doesn't provide specific handler for some type class.
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::declvisitor::Base< Ptr, ImplClass, RetTy >
RetTy Visit (PTR(Decl) D)
RetTy VisitDecl (PTR(Decl) D)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::NodeStreamer
template<typename Fn >
void AddChild (Fn DoAddChild)
 Add a child of the current node. Calls DoAddChild without arguments.
template<typename Fn >
void AddChild (StringRef Label, Fn DoAddChild)
 Add a child of the current node with an optional label.
 NodeStreamer (raw_ostream &OS)


class JSONDumper

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from clang::StmtVisitorBase< Ptr, ImplClass, RetTy, ParamTys >
ParamTys P { return RetTy()
- Protected Attributes inherited from clang::NodeStreamer
llvm::json::OStream JOS

Detailed Description

Definition at line 116 of file JSONNodeDumper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ JSONNodeDumper()

clang::JSONNodeDumper::JSONNodeDumper ( raw_ostream &  OS,
const SourceManager SrcMgr,
ASTContext Ctx,
const PrintingPolicy PrintPolicy,
const comments::CommandTraits Traits 

Definition at line 188 of file JSONNodeDumper.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Visit() [1/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const APValue Value,
QualType  Ty 

Definition at line 236 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ Visit() [2/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const Attr A)

◆ Visit() [3/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const BlockDecl::Capture C)

Definition at line 194 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ Visit() [4/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const comments::Comment C,
const comments::FullComment FC 

◆ Visit() [5/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const ConceptReference CR)

◆ Visit() [6/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const concepts::Requirement R)

◆ Visit() [7/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const CXXCtorInitializer Init)

Definition at line 176 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::Init, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ Visit() [8/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const Decl D)

◆ Visit() [9/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const GenericSelectionExpr::ConstAssociation A)

Definition at line 202 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ Visit() [10/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const OMPClause C)

Definition at line 192 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

◆ Visit() [11/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const OpenACCClause C)

Definition at line 190 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

◆ Visit() [12/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const Stmt Node)

◆ Visit() [13/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const TemplateArgument TA,
SourceRange  R = {},
const Decl From = nullptr,
StringRef  Label = {} 

◆ Visit() [14/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( const Type T)

◆ Visit() [15/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( QualType  T)

Definition at line 92 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS, and clang::T.

◆ Visit() [16/16]

void JSONNodeDumper::Visit ( TypeLoc  TL)

◆ VisitAccessSpecDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitAccessSpecDecl ( const AccessSpecDecl ASD)

Definition at line 1084 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::Decl::getAccess(), and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitAddrLabelExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitAddrLabelExpr ( const AddrLabelExpr ALE)

◆ VisitAliasAttr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitAliasAttr ( const AliasAttr *  AA)

Definition at line 570 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitArrayType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitArrayType ( const ArrayType AT)

◆ VisitAtomicExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitAtomicExpr ( const AtomicExpr AE)

◆ VisitAutoType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitAutoType ( const AutoType AT)

◆ VisitBinaryOperator()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitBinaryOperator ( const BinaryOperator BO)

◆ visitBlockCommandComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitBlockCommandComment ( const comments::BlockCommandComment C,
const comments::FullComment  

Definition at line 1778 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitBlockDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitBlockDecl ( const BlockDecl D)

◆ VisitCallExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCallExpr ( const CallExpr CE)

Definition at line 1439 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::CallExpr::usesADL().

◆ VisitCaseStmt()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCaseStmt ( const CaseStmt CS)

Definition at line 1656 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::CaseStmt::caseStmtIsGNURange().

◆ VisitCastExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCastExpr ( const CastExpr CE)

◆ VisitCharacterLiteral()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCharacterLiteral ( const CharacterLiteral CL)

◆ VisitCleanupAttr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCleanupAttr ( const CleanupAttr *  CA)

Definition at line 574 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitCompoundAssignOperator()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCompoundAssignOperator ( const CompoundAssignOperator CAO)

◆ VisitCompoundStmt()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCompoundStmt ( const CompoundStmt IS)

Definition at line 1854 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitConstantArrayType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitConstantArrayType ( const ConstantArrayType CAT)

◆ VisitConstantExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitConstantExpr ( const ConstantExpr CE)

◆ VisitCXXBindTemporaryExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXBindTemporaryExpr ( const CXXBindTemporaryExpr BTE)

◆ VisitCXXBoolLiteralExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXBoolLiteralExpr ( const CXXBoolLiteralExpr BLE)

◆ VisitCXXConstructExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXConstructExpr ( const CXXConstructExpr CE)

◆ VisitCXXDefaultArgExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXDefaultArgExpr ( const CXXDefaultArgExpr Node)

Definition at line 1582 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References Node.

◆ VisitCXXDefaultInitExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXDefaultInitExpr ( const CXXDefaultInitExpr Node)

Definition at line 1586 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References Node.

◆ VisitCXXDeleteExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXDeleteExpr ( const CXXDeleteExpr DE)

◆ VisitCXXDependentScopeMemberExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXDependentScopeMemberExpr ( const CXXDependentScopeMemberExpr ME)

◆ VisitCXXNewExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXNewExpr ( const CXXNewExpr NE)

◆ VisitCXXRecordDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXRecordDecl ( const CXXRecordDecl RD)

◆ VisitCXXThisExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXThisExpr ( const CXXThisExpr TE)

Definition at line 1419 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::CXXThisExpr::isImplicit().

◆ VisitCXXTypeidExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXTypeidExpr ( const CXXTypeidExpr CTE)

◆ VisitCXXUnresolvedConstructExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitCXXUnresolvedConstructExpr ( const CXXUnresolvedConstructExpr UCE)

◆ VisitDeclarationTemplateArgument()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitDeclarationTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument TA)

◆ VisitDeclRefExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitDeclRefExpr ( const DeclRefExpr DRE)

◆ VisitDependentSizedExtVectorType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitDependentSizedExtVectorType ( const DependentSizedExtVectorType VT)

◆ VisitDeprecatedAttr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitDeprecatedAttr ( const DeprecatedAttr *  DA)

Definition at line 578 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitElaboratedType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitElaboratedType ( const ElaboratedType ET)

◆ VisitEnumConstantDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitEnumConstantDecl ( const EnumConstantDecl ECD)

◆ VisitEnumDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitEnumDecl ( const EnumDecl ED)

◆ VisitExpressionTemplateArgument()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitExpressionTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument TA)

Definition at line 1706 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitExprWithCleanups()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitExprWithCleanups ( const ExprWithCleanups EWC)

◆ VisitFieldDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitFieldDecl ( const FieldDecl FD)

◆ VisitFixedPointLiteral()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitFixedPointLiteral ( const FixedPointLiteral FPL)

◆ VisitFloatingLiteral()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitFloatingLiteral ( const FloatingLiteral FL)

◆ VisitFriendDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitFriendDecl ( const FriendDecl FD)

◆ VisitFunctionDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitFunctionDecl ( const FunctionDecl FD)

◆ VisitFunctionProtoType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitFunctionProtoType ( const FunctionProtoType T)

◆ VisitFunctionType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitFunctionType ( const FunctionType T)

◆ VisitGenericSelectionExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitGenericSelectionExpr ( const GenericSelectionExpr GSE)

◆ VisitGotoStmt()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitGotoStmt ( const GotoStmt GS)

Definition at line 1665 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::GotoStmt::getLabel(), and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitHLSLBufferDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitHLSLBufferDecl ( const HLSLBufferDecl D)

◆ visitHTMLEndTagComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitHTMLEndTagComment ( const comments::HTMLEndTagComment C,
const comments::FullComment  

Definition at line 1773 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ visitHTMLStartTagComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitHTMLStartTagComment ( const comments::HTMLStartTagComment C,
const comments::FullComment  

Definition at line 1758 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitIfStmt()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitIfStmt ( const IfStmt IS)

◆ VisitImplicitCastExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitImplicitCastExpr ( const ImplicitCastExpr ICE)

◆ VisitInitListExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitInitListExpr ( const InitListExpr ILE)

◆ VisitInjectedClassNameType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitInjectedClassNameType ( const InjectedClassNameType ICNT)

◆ visitInlineCommandComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitInlineCommandComment ( const comments::InlineCommandComment C,
const comments::FullComment  

◆ VisitIntegerLiteral()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitIntegerLiteral ( const IntegerLiteral IL)

◆ VisitIntegralTemplateArgument()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitIntegralTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument TA)

◆ VisitLabelStmt()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitLabelStmt ( const LabelStmt LS)

◆ VisitLinkageSpecDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitLinkageSpecDecl ( const LinkageSpecDecl LSD)

◆ VisitMacroQualifiedType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitMacroQualifiedType ( const MacroQualifiedType MQT)

◆ VisitMaterializeTemporaryExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitMaterializeTemporaryExpr ( const MaterializeTemporaryExpr MTE)

◆ VisitMemberExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitMemberExpr ( const MemberExpr ME)

◆ VisitMemberPointerType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitMemberPointerType ( const MemberPointerType MPT)

◆ VisitNamedDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitNamedDecl ( const NamedDecl ND)

◆ VisitNamespaceAliasDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitNamespaceAliasDecl ( const NamespaceAliasDecl NAD)

◆ VisitNamespaceDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitNamespaceDecl ( const NamespaceDecl ND)

◆ VisitNonTypeTemplateParmDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitNonTypeTemplateParmDecl ( const NonTypeTemplateParmDecl D)

◆ VisitNullPtrTemplateArgument()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitNullPtrTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument TA)

Definition at line 1691 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitNullTemplateArgument()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitNullTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument TA)

Definition at line 1681 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitObjCAtCatchStmt()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCAtCatchStmt ( const ObjCAtCatchStmt OACS)

Definition at line 1674 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::ObjCAtCatchStmt::getCatchParamDecl().

◆ VisitObjCBoolLiteralExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCBoolLiteralExpr ( const ObjCBoolLiteralExpr OBLE)

◆ VisitObjCBoxedExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCBoxedExpr ( const ObjCBoxedExpr OBE)

◆ VisitObjCCategoryDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCCategoryDecl ( const ObjCCategoryDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCCategoryImplDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCCategoryImplDecl ( const ObjCCategoryImplDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCCompatibleAliasDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCCompatibleAliasDecl ( const ObjCCompatibleAliasDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCEncodeExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCEncodeExpr ( const ObjCEncodeExpr OEE)

◆ VisitObjCImplementationDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCImplementationDecl ( const ObjCImplementationDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCInterfaceDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCInterfaceDecl ( const ObjCInterfaceDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCInterfaceType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCInterfaceType ( const ObjCInterfaceType OIT)

◆ VisitObjCIvarDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCIvarDecl ( const ObjCIvarDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCIvarRefExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCIvarRefExpr ( const ObjCIvarRefExpr OIRE)

◆ VisitObjCMessageExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCMessageExpr ( const ObjCMessageExpr OME)

◆ VisitObjCMethodDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCMethodDecl ( const ObjCMethodDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCPropertyDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCPropertyDecl ( const ObjCPropertyDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCPropertyImplDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCPropertyImplDecl ( const ObjCPropertyImplDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCPropertyRefExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCPropertyRefExpr ( const ObjCPropertyRefExpr OPRE)

◆ VisitObjCProtocolDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCProtocolDecl ( const ObjCProtocolDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCProtocolExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCProtocolExpr ( const ObjCProtocolExpr OPE)

◆ VisitObjCSelectorExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCSelectorExpr ( const ObjCSelectorExpr OSE)

◆ VisitObjCSubscriptRefExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCSubscriptRefExpr ( const ObjCSubscriptRefExpr OSRE)

◆ VisitObjCTypeParamDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitObjCTypeParamDecl ( const ObjCTypeParamDecl D)

◆ VisitPackExpansionType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitPackExpansionType ( const PackExpansionType PET)

◆ VisitPackTemplateArgument()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitPackTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument TA)

Definition at line 1710 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ visitParamCommandComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitParamCommandComment ( const comments::ParamCommandComment C,
const comments::FullComment FC 

◆ VisitPredefinedExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitPredefinedExpr ( const PredefinedExpr PE)

◆ VisitRecordDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitRecordDecl ( const RecordDecl RD)

◆ VisitRequiresExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitRequiresExpr ( const RequiresExpr RE)

◆ VisitRValueReferenceType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitRValueReferenceType ( const ReferenceType RT)

Definition at line 676 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::ReferenceType::isSpelledAsLValue().

◆ VisitSectionAttr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitSectionAttr ( const SectionAttr *  SA)

Definition at line 590 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitSizeOfPackExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitSizeOfPackExpr ( const SizeOfPackExpr SOPE)

Definition at line 1450 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::SizeOfPackExpr::getPack(), and VisitNamedDecl().

◆ VisitStringLiteral()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitStringLiteral ( const StringLiteral SL)

◆ VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmPackType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmPackType ( const SubstTemplateTypeParmPackType T)

Definition at line 778 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS, and clang::T.

◆ VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmType ( const SubstTemplateTypeParmType STTPT)

◆ VisitSwitchStmt()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitSwitchStmt ( const SwitchStmt SS)

◆ VisitSYCLUniqueStableNameExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitSYCLUniqueStableNameExpr ( const SYCLUniqueStableNameExpr E)

◆ VisitTagType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTagType ( const TagType TT)

Definition at line 759 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::TagType::getDecl(), and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitTemplateExpansionTemplateArgument()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTemplateExpansionTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument TA)

Definition at line 1701 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

◆ VisitTemplateSpecializationType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTemplateSpecializationType ( const TemplateSpecializationType TST)

◆ VisitTemplateTemplateArgument()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTemplateTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument TA)

Definition at line 1697 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

◆ VisitTemplateTemplateParmDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTemplateTemplateParmDecl ( const TemplateTemplateParmDecl D)

◆ VisitTemplateTypeParmDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTemplateTypeParmDecl ( const TemplateTypeParmDecl D)

◆ VisitTemplateTypeParmType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTemplateTypeParmType ( const TemplateTypeParmType TTPT)

◆ visitTextComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitTextComment ( const comments::TextComment C,
const comments::FullComment  

Definition at line 1723 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitTLSModelAttr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTLSModelAttr ( const TLSModelAttr *  TA)

Definition at line 599 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ visitTParamCommandComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitTParamCommandComment ( const comments::TParamCommandComment C,
const comments::FullComment FC 

Definition at line 1813 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitTypeAliasDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTypeAliasDecl ( const TypeAliasDecl TAD)

◆ VisitTypedefDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTypedefDecl ( const TypedefDecl TD)

◆ VisitTypedefType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTypedefType ( const TypedefType TT)

◆ VisitTypeTemplateArgument()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitTypeTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument TA)

◆ VisitUnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr ( const UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr TTE)

◆ VisitUnaryOperator()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUnaryOperator ( const UnaryOperator UO)

◆ VisitUnaryTransformType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUnaryTransformType ( const UnaryTransformType UTT)

Definition at line 749 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::UnaryTransformType::getUTTKind().

◆ VisitUnavailableAttr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUnavailableAttr ( const UnavailableAttr *  UA)

Definition at line 585 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitUnresolvedLookupExpr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUnresolvedLookupExpr ( const UnresolvedLookupExpr ULE)

◆ VisitUnresolvedUsingType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUnresolvedUsingType ( const UnresolvedUsingType UUT)

◆ VisitUsingDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUsingDecl ( const UsingDecl UD)

◆ VisitUsingDirectiveDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUsingDirectiveDecl ( const UsingDirectiveDecl UDD)

◆ VisitUsingEnumDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUsingEnumDecl ( const UsingEnumDecl UED)

◆ VisitUsingShadowDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUsingShadowDecl ( const UsingShadowDecl USD)

◆ VisitUsingType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitUsingType ( const UsingType TT)

◆ VisitVarDecl()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitVarDecl ( const VarDecl VD)

◆ VisitVectorType()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitVectorType ( const VectorType VT)

◆ visitVerbatimBlockComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitVerbatimBlockComment ( const comments::VerbatimBlockComment C,
const comments::FullComment  

Definition at line 1828 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ visitVerbatimBlockLineComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitVerbatimBlockLineComment ( const comments::VerbatimBlockLineComment C,
const comments::FullComment  

Definition at line 1834 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ visitVerbatimLineComment()

void JSONNodeDumper::visitVerbatimLineComment ( const comments::VerbatimLineComment C,
const comments::FullComment  

Definition at line 1840 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::C, and clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitVisibilityAttr()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitVisibilityAttr ( const VisibilityAttr *  VA)

Definition at line 594 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::NodeStreamer::JOS.

◆ VisitWhileStmt()

void JSONNodeDumper::VisitWhileStmt ( const WhileStmt WS)

Definition at line 1670 of file JSONNodeDumper.cpp.

References clang::WhileStmt::hasVarStorage().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ JSONDumper

friend class JSONDumper

Definition at line 125 of file JSONNodeDumper.h.

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