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Basic Directory Reference
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directory  Target


file  ABI.h [code]
 Enums/classes describing ABI related information about constructors, destructors and thunks.
file  AddressSpaces.h [code]
 Provides definitions for the various language-specific address spaces.
file  AlignedAllocation.h [code]
 Defines a function that returns the minimum OS versions supporting C++17's aligned allocation functions.
file  AllDiagnostics.h [code]
 Includes all the separate Diagnostic headers & some related helpers.
file  AttributeCommonInfo.h [code]
file  Attributes.h [code]
file  AttrKinds.h [code]
 Defines the clang::attr::Kind enum.
file  AttrSubjectMatchRules.h [code]
file  BitmaskEnum.h [code]
 Provides LLVM's BitmaskEnum facility to enumeration types declared in namespace clang.
file  Builtins.h [code]
 Defines enum values for all the target-independent builtin functions.
file  CapturedStmt.h [code]
file  CharInfo.h [code]
file  CLWarnings.h [code]
file  CodeGenOptions.h [code]
file  CommentOptions.h [code]
 Defines the clang::CommentOptions interface.
file  Cuda.h [code]
file  CustomizableOptional.h [code]
file  DarwinSDKInfo.h [code]
file  Diagnostic.h [code]
 Defines the Diagnostic-related interfaces.
file  DiagnosticAnalysis.h [code]
file  DiagnosticAST.h [code]
file  DiagnosticCategories.h [code]
file  DiagnosticComment.h [code]
file  DiagnosticCrossTU.h [code]
file  DiagnosticDriver.h [code]
file  DiagnosticError.h [code]
file  DiagnosticFrontend.h [code]
file  DiagnosticIDs.h [code]
 Defines the Diagnostic IDs-related interfaces.
file  DiagnosticInstallAPI.h [code]
file  DiagnosticLex.h [code]
file  DiagnosticOptions.h [code]
file  DiagnosticParse.h [code]
file  DiagnosticRefactoring.h [code]
file  DiagnosticSema.h [code]
file  DiagnosticSerialization.h [code]
file  DirectoryEntry.h [code]
 Defines interfaces for clang::DirectoryEntry and clang::DirectoryEntryRef.
file  ExceptionSpecificationType.h [code]
 Defines the ExceptionSpecificationType enumeration and various utility functions.
file  ExpressionTraits.h [code]
 Defines enumerations for expression traits intrinsics.
file  FileEntry.h [code]
 Defines interfaces for clang::FileEntry and clang::FileEntryRef.
file  FileManager.h [code]
 Defines the clang::FileManager interface and associated types.
file  FileSystemOptions.h [code]
 Defines the clang::FileSystemOptions interface.
file  FileSystemStatCache.h [code]
 Defines the FileSystemStatCache interface.
file  HeaderInclude.h [code]
 Defines enums used when emitting included header information.
file  HLSLRuntime.h [code]
 Defines helper utilities for supporting the HLSL runtime environment.
file  IdentifierTable.h [code]
 Defines the clang::IdentifierInfo, clang::IdentifierTable, and clang::Selector interfaces.
file  JsonSupport.h [code]
file  Lambda.h [code]
 Defines several types used to describe C++ lambda expressions that are shared between the parser and AST.
file  LangOptions.h [code]
 Defines the clang::LangOptions interface.
file  LangStandard.h [code]
file  Linkage.h [code]
 Defines the Linkage enumeration and various utility functions.
file  LLVM.h [code]
 Forward-declares and imports various common LLVM datatypes that clang wants to use unqualified.
file  MacroBuilder.h [code]
 Defines the clang::MacroBuilder utility class.
file  MakeSupport.h [code]
file  Module.h [code]
 Defines the clang::Module class, which describes a module in the source code.
file  NoSanitizeList.h [code]
file  ObjCRuntime.h [code]
 Defines types useful for describing an Objective-C runtime.
file  OpenACCKinds.h [code]
 Defines some OpenACC-specific enums and functions.
file  OpenCLOptions.h [code]
 Defines the clang::OpenCLOptions class.
file  OpenMPKinds.h [code]
 Defines some OpenMP-specific enums and functions.
file  OperatorKinds.h [code]
 Defines an enumeration for C++ overloaded operators.
file  OperatorPrecedence.h [code]
 Defines and computes precedence levels for binary/ternary operators.
file  ParsedAttrInfo.h [code]
file  PartialDiagnostic.h [code]
 Implements a partial diagnostic that can be emitted anwyhere in a DiagnosticBuilder stream.
file  PlistSupport.h [code]
file  PointerAuthOptions.h [code]
file  PragmaKinds.h [code]
file  PrettyStackTrace.h [code]
 Defines the PrettyStackTraceEntry class, which is used to make crashes give more contextual information about what the program was doing when it crashed.
file  ProfileList.h [code]
file  Sanitizers.h [code]
 Defines the clang::SanitizerKind enum.
file  SanitizerSpecialCaseList.h [code]
file  Sarif.h [code]
 Defines clang::SarifDocumentWriter, clang::SarifRule, clang::SarifResult.
file  SourceLocation.h [code]
 Defines the clang::SourceLocation class and associated facilities.
file  SourceManager.h [code]
 Defines the SourceManager interface.
file  SourceManagerInternals.h [code]
 Defines implementation details of the clang::SourceManager class.
file  SourceMgrAdapter.h [code]
file  Specifiers.h [code]
 Defines various enumerations that describe declaration and type specifiers.
file  Stack.h [code]
 Defines utilities for dealing with stack allocation and stack space.
file  SyncScope.h [code]
 Provides definitions for the atomic synchronization scopes.
file  TargetBuiltins.h [code]
 Enumerates target-specific builtins in their own namespaces within namespace clang.
file  TargetCXXABI.h [code]
 Defines the TargetCXXABI class, which abstracts details of the C++ ABI that we're targeting.
file  TargetID.h [code]
file  TargetInfo.h [code]
 Defines the clang::TargetInfo interface.
file  TargetOptions.h [code]
 Defines the clang::TargetOptions class.
file  TemplateKinds.h [code]
 Defines the clang::TemplateNameKind enum.
file  Thunk.h [code]
 Enums/classes describing THUNK related information about constructors, destructors and thunks.
file  TokenKinds.h [code]
 Defines the clang::TokenKind enum and support functions.
file  TypeTraits.h [code]
 Defines enumerations for the type traits support.
file  Version.h [code]
 Defines version macros and version-related utility functions for Clang.
file  Visibility.h [code]
 Defines the clang::Visibility enumeration and various utility functions.
file  XRayInstr.h [code]
 Defines the clang::XRayInstrKind enum.
file  XRayLists.h [code]