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Linkage.h File Reference
#include <utility>
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enum  clang::Linkage : unsigned char {
  clang::NoLinkage = 0, clang::InternalLinkage, clang::UniqueExternalLinkage, clang::VisibleNoLinkage,
  clang::ModuleInternalLinkage, clang::ModuleLinkage, clang::ExternalLinkage
 Describes the different kinds of linkage (C++ [], C99 6.2.2) that an entity may have. More...
enum  clang::LanguageLinkage { clang::CLanguageLinkage, clang::CXXLanguageLinkage, clang::NoLanguageLinkage }
 Describes the different kinds of language linkage (C++ []) that an entity may have. More...
enum  clang::GVALinkage {
  clang::GVA_Internal, clang::GVA_AvailableExternally, clang::GVA_DiscardableODR, clang::GVA_StrongExternal,
 A more specific kind of linkage than enum Linkage. More...


bool clang::isDiscardableGVALinkage (GVALinkage L)
bool clang::isUniqueGVALinkage (GVALinkage L)
 Do we know that this will be the only definition of this symbol (excluding inlining-only definitions)? More...
bool clang::isExternallyVisible (Linkage L)
Linkage clang::getFormalLinkage (Linkage L)
bool clang::isExternalFormalLinkage (Linkage L)
Linkage clang::minLinkage (Linkage L1, Linkage L2)
 Compute the minimum linkage given two linkages. More...

Detailed Description

Defines the Linkage enumeration and various utility functions.

Definition in file Linkage.h.