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TokenKinds.h File Reference
#include "llvm/ADT/DenseMapInfo.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Compiler.h"
#include "clang/Basic/TokenKinds.def"
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struct  llvm::DenseMapInfo< clang::tok::PPKeywordKind >


 YAML serialization mapping.


#define TOK(X)   X,
#define PPKEYWORD(X)   pp_##X,
#define OBJC_AT_KEYWORD(X)   objc_##X,


enum  clang::tok::TokenKind : unsigned short { clang::tok::NUM_TOKENS }
 Provides a simple uniform namespace for tokens from all C languages. More...
enum  clang::tok::PPKeywordKind { clang::tok::NUM_PP_KEYWORDS }
 Provides a namespace for preprocessor keywords which start with a '#' at the beginning of the line. More...
enum  clang::tok::ObjCKeywordKind { clang::tok::NUM_OBJC_KEYWORDS }
 Provides a namespace for Objective-C keywords which start with an '@'. More...
enum  clang::tok::OnOffSwitch { clang::tok::OOS_ON, clang::tok::OOS_OFF, clang::tok::OOS_DEFAULT }
 Defines the possible values of an on-off-switch (C99 6.10.6p2). More...


const char * clang::tok::getTokenName (TokenKind Kind) LLVM_READNONE
 Determines the name of a token as used within the front end. More...
const char * clang::tok::getPunctuatorSpelling (TokenKind Kind) LLVM_READNONE
 Determines the spelling of simple punctuation tokens like '!' or '', and returns NULL for literal and annotation tokens. More...
const char * clang::tok::getKeywordSpelling (TokenKind Kind) LLVM_READNONE
 Determines the spelling of simple keyword and contextual keyword tokens like 'int' and 'dynamic_cast'. More...
const char * clang::tok::getPPKeywordSpelling (PPKeywordKind Kind) LLVM_READNONE
 Returns the spelling of preprocessor keywords, such as "else". More...
bool clang::tok::isAnyIdentifier (TokenKind K)
 Return true if this is a raw identifier or an identifier kind. More...
bool clang::tok::isStringLiteral (TokenKind K)
 Return true if this is a C or C++ string-literal (or C++11 user-defined-string-literal) token. More...
bool clang::tok::isLiteral (TokenKind K)
 Return true if this is a "literal" kind, like a numeric constant, string, etc. More...
bool clang::tok::isAnnotation (TokenKind K)
 Return true if this is any of tok::annot_* kinds. More...
bool clang::tok::isPragmaAnnotation (TokenKind K)
 Return true if this is an annotation token representing a pragma. More...

Detailed Description

Defines the clang::TokenKind enum and support functions.

Definition in file TokenKinds.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define OBJC_AT_KEYWORD (   X)    objc_##X,

Definition at line 42 of file TokenKinds.h.


#define PPKEYWORD (   X)    pp_##X,

Definition at line 34 of file TokenKinds.h.


#define TOK (   X)    X,

Definition at line 26 of file TokenKinds.h.