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AddressSpaces.h File Reference

Provides definitions for the various language-specific address spaces. More...

#include <cassert>

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namespace  clang
 The JSON file list parser is used to communicate input to InstallAPI.


using clang::LangASMap = unsigned[(unsigned) LangAS::FirstTargetAddressSpace]
 The type of a lookup table which maps from language-specific address spaces to target-specific ones.


enum class  clang::LangAS : unsigned {
  clang::Default = 0 , clang::opencl_global , clang::opencl_local , clang::opencl_constant ,
  clang::opencl_private , clang::opencl_generic , clang::opencl_global_device , clang::opencl_global_host ,
  clang::cuda_device , clang::cuda_constant , clang::cuda_shared , clang::sycl_global ,
  clang::sycl_global_device , clang::sycl_global_host , clang::sycl_local , clang::sycl_private ,
  clang::ptr32_sptr , clang::ptr32_uptr , clang::ptr64 , clang::hlsl_groupshared ,
  clang::wasm_funcref , clang::FirstTargetAddressSpace
 Defines the address space values used by the address space qualifier of QualType. More...


bool clang::isTargetAddressSpace (LangAS AS)
unsigned clang::toTargetAddressSpace (LangAS AS)
LangAS clang::getLangASFromTargetAS (unsigned TargetAS)
bool clang::isPtrSizeAddressSpace (LangAS AS)

Detailed Description

Provides definitions for the various language-specific address spaces.

Definition in file AddressSpaces.h.