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__clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h File Reference

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typedef _Float16 __2f16 __attribute__((ext_vector_type(2)))
 Zeroes the upper 128 bits (bits 255:128) of all YMM registers.


__device__ __attribute__ ((const)) float __ocml_acos_f32(float)
__device__ __attribute__ ((pure)) float __ocml_acosh_f32(float)
__device__ float __ocml_cos_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_native_cos_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_cospi_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_i0_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_i1_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_frexp_f32 (float, __attribute__((address_space(5))) int *)
__device__ float __ocml_j0_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_j1_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_lgamma_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_modf_f32 (float, __attribute__((address_space(5))) float *)
__device__ float __ocml_remquo_f32 (float, float, __attribute__((address_space(5))) int *)
__device__ float __ocml_sincos_f32 (float, __attribute__((address_space(5))) float *)
__device__ float __ocml_sincospi_f32 (float, __attribute__((address_space(5))) float *)
__device__ float __ocml_sin_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_native_sin_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_sinpi_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_tan_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_tgamma_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_y0_f32 (float)
__device__ float __ocml_y1_f32 (float)
__device__ double __ocml_cos_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_cospi_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_i0_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_i1_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_frexp_f64 (double, __attribute__((address_space(5))) int *)
__device__ double __ocml_j0_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_j1_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_lgamma_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_modf_f64 (double, __attribute__((address_space(5))) double *)
__device__ double __ocml_remquo_f64 (double, double, __attribute__((address_space(5))) int *)
__device__ double __ocml_sincos_f64 (double, __attribute__((address_space(5))) double *)
__device__ double __ocml_sincospi_f64 (double, __attribute__((address_space(5))) double *)
__device__ double __ocml_sin_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_sinpi_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_tan_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_tgamma_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_y0_f64 (double)
__device__ double __ocml_y1_f64 (double)
__device__ _Float16 __ocml_cos_f16 (_Float16)
__device__ _Float16 __ocml_sin_f16 (_Float16)
__device__ __2f16 __ocml_cos_2f16 (__2f16)
__device__ __2f16 __llvm_amdgcn_rcp_2f16 (__2f16 __x)
__device__ __2f16 __ocml_sin_2f16 (__2f16)


__device__ float
__device__ int
__device__ double
__device__ _Float16
__device__ __2f16 b
__device__ __2f16 float c
__device__ __2f16 float bool s
__device__ __2f16
__device__ __2i16

Typedef Documentation

◆ __attribute__

typedef unsigned int __v4su __attribute__((__vector_size__(16)))

Zeroes the upper 128 bits (bits 255:128) of all YMM registers.

Loads a memory sequence containing the specified memory address into the L1 data cache and sets the cache-coherency to modified.

Returns a 64-bit hardware-generated random value.

Returns a 32-bit hardware-generated random value.

This intrinsic corresponds to the VZEROUPPER instruction.

This intrinsic corresponds to the RDRAND instruction.

__pA pointer to a 32-bit memory location to place the random value.
1 if the value was successfully generated, 0 otherwise.

This intrinsic corresponds to the RDRAND instruction.

__pA pointer to a 64-bit memory location to place the random value.
1 if the value was successfully generated, 0 otherwise.

This provides a hint to the processor that the cache line will be modified. It is intended for use when the cache line will be written to shortly after the prefetch is performed.

Note that the effect of this intrinsic is dependent on the processor implementation.

This intrinsic corresponds to the PREFETCHW instruction.

__PA pointer specifying the memory address to be prefetched.

Definition at line 316 of file __clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h.

Function Documentation

◆ __attribute__() [1/2]

__device__ __attribute__ ( (const)  )

Definition at line 141 of file __clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h.

References __x.

◆ __attribute__() [2/2]

__device__ __attribute__ ( (pure)  )

◆ __llvm_amdgcn_rcp_2f16()

__device__ __2f16 __llvm_amdgcn_rcp_2f16 ( __2f16  __x)

Definition at line 336 of file __clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h.

References __2f16, and __x.

◆ __ocml_cos_2f16()

__device__ __2f16 __ocml_cos_2f16 ( __2f16  )

◆ __ocml_cos_f16()

__device__ _Float16 __ocml_cos_f16 ( _Float16  )

◆ __ocml_cos_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_cos_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by cosf().

◆ __ocml_cos_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_cos_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by cos().

◆ __ocml_cospi_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_cospi_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by cospif().

◆ __ocml_cospi_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_cospi_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by cospi().

◆ __ocml_frexp_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_frexp_f32 ( float  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) int  

Referenced by frexpf().

◆ __ocml_frexp_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_frexp_f64 ( double  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) int  

Referenced by frexp().

◆ __ocml_i0_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_i0_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by cyl_bessel_i0f().

◆ __ocml_i0_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_i0_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by cyl_bessel_i0().

◆ __ocml_i1_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_i1_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by cyl_bessel_i1f().

◆ __ocml_i1_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_i1_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by cyl_bessel_i1().

◆ __ocml_j0_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_j0_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by j0f().

◆ __ocml_j0_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_j0_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by j0().

◆ __ocml_j1_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_j1_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by j1f().

◆ __ocml_j1_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_j1_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by j1().

◆ __ocml_lgamma_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_lgamma_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by lgammaf().

◆ __ocml_lgamma_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_lgamma_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by lgamma().

◆ __ocml_modf_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_modf_f32 ( float  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) float  

Referenced by modff().

◆ __ocml_modf_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_modf_f64 ( double  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) double  

Referenced by modf().

◆ __ocml_native_cos_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_native_cos_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by __cosf(), and __sincosf().

◆ __ocml_native_sin_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_native_sin_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by __sincosf(), and __sinf().

◆ __ocml_remquo_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_remquo_f32 ( float  ,
float  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) int  

Referenced by remquof().

◆ __ocml_remquo_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_remquo_f64 ( double  ,
double  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) int  

Referenced by remquo().

◆ __ocml_sin_2f16()

__device__ __2f16 __ocml_sin_2f16 ( __2f16  )

◆ __ocml_sin_f16()

__device__ _Float16 __ocml_sin_f16 ( _Float16  )

◆ __ocml_sin_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_sin_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by sinf().

◆ __ocml_sin_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_sin_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by sin().

◆ __ocml_sincos_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_sincos_f32 ( float  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) float  

Referenced by sincosf().

◆ __ocml_sincos_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_sincos_f64 ( double  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) double  

Referenced by sincos().

◆ __ocml_sincospi_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_sincospi_f32 ( float  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) float  

Referenced by sincospif().

◆ __ocml_sincospi_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_sincospi_f64 ( double  ,
__attribute__((address_space(5))) double  

Referenced by sincospi().

◆ __ocml_sinpi_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_sinpi_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by sinpif().

◆ __ocml_sinpi_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_sinpi_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by sinpi().

◆ __ocml_tan_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_tan_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by __tanf(), and tanf().

◆ __ocml_tan_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_tan_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by tan().

◆ __ocml_tgamma_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_tgamma_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by tgammaf().

◆ __ocml_tgamma_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_tgamma_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by tgamma().

◆ __ocml_y0_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_y0_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by y0f().

◆ __ocml_y0_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_y0_f64 ( double  )

Referenced by y0().

◆ __ocml_y1_f32()

__device__ float __ocml_y1_f32 ( float  )

Referenced by y1f().

◆ __ocml_y1_f64()

__device__ double __ocml_y1_f64 ( double  )

References __x.

Referenced by y1().

Variable Documentation

◆ __2f16

__device__ __2f16

Definition at line 329 of file __clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h.

Referenced by __llvm_amdgcn_rcp_2f16().

◆ __2i16

__device__ __2i16

Definition at line 345 of file __clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h.

◆ _Float16

__device__ _Float16

Definition at line 298 of file __clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h.

◆ b

__device__ __2f16 b

◆ c

__device__ __2f16 float c

Definition at line 320 of file __clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h.

Referenced by clang::html::AddLineNumbers(), consumeWhitespace(), clang::StringLiteral::containsNonAscii(), clang::StringLiteral::containsNonAsciiOrNull(), DecodeTypeFromStr(), clang::markup::EmitString(), clang::html::EscapeText(), findMatchingPunctuation(), clang::ExtVectorType::getAccessorIdx(), clang::AnalysisDeclContext::getCFGReachablityAnalysis(), clang::AnalysisDeclContext::getCFGStmtMap(), clang::ExtVectorType::getNumericAccessorIdx(), clang::ExtVectorType::getPointAccessorIdx(), clang::targets::AArch64TargetInfo::getTargetDefines(), clang::ExtVectorType::isAccessorWithinNumElements(), clang::isAlphanumeric(), clang::isASCII(), clang::isAsciiIdentifierContinue(), clang::Lexer::isAsciiIdentifierContinueChar(), clang::isAsciiIdentifierStart(), clang::isDigit(), IsExponentPart(), clang::format::encoding::isHexDigit(), clang::isHexDigit(), clang::isHorizontalWhitespace(), clang::isLetter(), clang::isLowercase(), clang::format::encoding::isOctDigit(), clang::isPreprocessingNumberBody(), clang::isPrintable(), clang::isPunctuation(), clang::isRawStringDelimBody(), IsRGBA(), clang::isUppercase(), clang::isVerticalWhitespace(), clang::isWhitespace(), isWhitespaceExceptNL(), clang::NumericLiteralParser::NumericLiteralParser(), clang::analyze_format_string::ParseAmount(), parseChar(), parseId(), ParsePrintfSpecifier(), ParseScanfSpecifier(), parseStringId(), printableTextForNextCharacter(), selectInterestingSourceRegion(), clang::CloneConstraint::splitCloneGroups(), clang::toLowercase(), and clang::toUppercase().

◆ double

__device__ double

◆ float

__device__ float

Definition at line 22 of file __clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h.

Referenced by vec_promote().

◆ int

__device__ int

Definition at line 63 of file __clang_hip_libdevice_declares.h.

Referenced by __divdc3(), __divsc3(), _mulx_u32(), abs(), clang::Sema::ActOnDecompositionDeclarator(), clang::Sema::ActOnFinishSwitchStmt(), clang::Sema::adjustMemberFunctionCC(), clang::Sema::BuildMemberReferenceExpr(), checkArithmeticOrEnumeralThreeWayCompare(), clang::Sema::CheckCallingConvAttr(), clang::Sema::CheckComparisonCategoryType(), clang::driver::CudaInstallationDetector::CheckCudaVersionSupportsArch(), CheckCXX98CompatAccessibleCopy(), checkEnumArithmeticConversions(), clang::Sema::CheckExplicitlyDefaultedComparison(), CheckIncrementDecrementOperand(), checkMethodFamilyMismatch(), clang::Sema::CheckPointerToMemberOperands(), clang::Sema::CheckTemplateArgumentList(), clang::Sema::CheckTypenameType(), clang::Sema::CheckTypeTraitArity(), CopyObject(), clang::driver::CudaInstallationDetector::CudaInstallationDetector(), clang::Sema::DeduceTemplateSpecializationFromInitializer(), clang::InitializationSequence::Diagnose(), clang::ImplicitConversionSequence::DiagnoseAmbiguousConversion(), diagnoseInvalidUnicodeCodepointInIdentifier(), clang::ODRDiagsEmitter::diagnoseMismatch(), diagnoseMissingArgument(), clang::Sema::diagnoseMissingImport(), clang::Sema::diagnoseMissingTemplateArguments(), DiagnoseReinterpretUpDownCast(), diagnoseRepeatedUseOfWeak(), clang::Sema::DiagnoseSentinelCalls(), clang::Sema::DiagnoseUnexpandedParameterPacks(), diagnoseUnsatisfiedRequirement(), diagnoseWellFormedUnsatisfiedConstraintExpr(), clang::SourceManager::dump(), clang::Sema::EnsureTemplateArgumentListConstraints(), clang::DeclSpec::Finish(), clang::ento::PathDiagnosticConsumer::FlushDiagnostics(), clang::GetConversionRank(), GetDeclSpecTypeForDeclarator(), GetImplicitConversionName(), clang::Sema::GetNameFromUnqualifiedId(), handleFunctionTypeAttr(), handleMSP430InterruptAttr(), clang::Decl::isReachable(), clang::Decl::isUnconditionallyVisible(), clang::Sema::LookupLiteralOperator(), LookupMemberExpr(), clang::Sema::MergeFunctionDecl(), clang::OverloadCandidateSet::NoteCandidates(), clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::NoteCandidates(), clang::RISCV::operator<<(), clang::Sema::PrintInstantiationStack(), printStateTraitWithLocationContextJson(), clang::ASTReader::ReadAST(), clang::targets::X86TargetInfo::validateAsmConstraint(), vec_abs(), vec_add(), vec_and(), vec_andc(), vec_nor(), vec_or(), vec_promote(), vec_sel(), vec_sl(), vec_sr(), vec_sub(), vec_vadduwm(), vec_vand(), vec_vandc(), vec_vnor(), vec_vor(), vec_vsel(), vec_vsubuwm(), vec_vxor(), vec_xor(), and wasLineContinuation().

◆ s

__device__ __2f16 float bool s