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clang::SemaHLSL Class Reference

#include "clang/Sema/SemaHLSL.h"

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Public Member Functions

 SemaHLSL (Sema &S)
DeclActOnStartBuffer (Scope *BufferScope, bool CBuffer, SourceLocation KwLoc, IdentifierInfo *Ident, SourceLocation IdentLoc, SourceLocation LBrace)
void ActOnFinishBuffer (Decl *Dcl, SourceLocation RBrace)
HLSLNumThreadsAttr * mergeNumThreadsAttr (Decl *D, const AttributeCommonInfo &AL, int X, int Y, int Z)
HLSLShaderAttr * mergeShaderAttr (Decl *D, const AttributeCommonInfo &AL, llvm::Triple::EnvironmentType ShaderType)
HLSLParamModifierAttr * mergeParamModifierAttr (Decl *D, const AttributeCommonInfo &AL, HLSLParamModifierAttr::Spelling Spelling)
void ActOnTopLevelFunction (FunctionDecl *FD)
void CheckEntryPoint (FunctionDecl *FD)
void CheckSemanticAnnotation (FunctionDecl *EntryPoint, const Decl *Param, const HLSLAnnotationAttr *AnnotationAttr)
void DiagnoseAttrStageMismatch (const Attr *A, llvm::Triple::EnvironmentType Stage, std::initializer_list< llvm::Triple::EnvironmentType > AllowedStages)
void DiagnoseAvailabilityViolations (TranslationUnitDecl *TU)
void handleNumThreadsAttr (Decl *D, const ParsedAttr &AL)
void handleSV_DispatchThreadIDAttr (Decl *D, const ParsedAttr &AL)
void handlePackOffsetAttr (Decl *D, const ParsedAttr &AL)
void handleShaderAttr (Decl *D, const ParsedAttr &AL)
void handleResourceBindingAttr (Decl *D, const ParsedAttr &AL)
void handleParamModifierAttr (Decl *D, const ParsedAttr &AL)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::SemaBase
 SemaBase (Sema &S)
ASTContextgetASTContext () const
DiagnosticsEnginegetDiagnostics () const
const LangOptionsgetLangOpts () const
SemaDiagnosticBuilder Diag (SourceLocation Loc, unsigned DiagID, bool DeferHint=false)
 Emit a diagnostic.
SemaDiagnosticBuilder Diag (SourceLocation Loc, const PartialDiagnostic &PD, bool DeferHint=false)
 Emit a partial diagnostic.
PartialDiagnostic PDiag (unsigned DiagID=0)
 Build a partial diagnostic.

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file SemaHLSL.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SemaHLSL()

SemaHLSL::SemaHLSL ( Sema S)

Definition at line 30 of file SemaHLSL.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ActOnFinishBuffer()

void SemaHLSL::ActOnFinishBuffer ( Decl Dcl,
SourceLocation  RBrace 

◆ ActOnStartBuffer()

Decl * SemaHLSL::ActOnStartBuffer ( Scope BufferScope,
bool  CBuffer,
SourceLocation  KwLoc,
IdentifierInfo Ident,
SourceLocation  IdentLoc,
SourceLocation  LBrace 

◆ ActOnTopLevelFunction()

void SemaHLSL::ActOnTopLevelFunction ( FunctionDecl FD)

◆ CheckEntryPoint()

void SemaHLSL::CheckEntryPoint ( FunctionDecl FD)

◆ CheckSemanticAnnotation()

void SemaHLSL::CheckSemanticAnnotation ( FunctionDecl EntryPoint,
const Decl Param,
const HLSLAnnotationAttr AnnotationAttr 

◆ DiagnoseAttrStageMismatch()

void SemaHLSL::DiagnoseAttrStageMismatch ( const Attr A,
llvm::Triple::EnvironmentType  Stage,
std::initializer_list< llvm::Triple::EnvironmentType >  AllowedStages 

◆ DiagnoseAvailabilityViolations()

void SemaHLSL::DiagnoseAvailabilityViolations ( TranslationUnitDecl TU)

◆ handleNumThreadsAttr()

void SemaHLSL::handleNumThreadsAttr ( Decl D,
const ParsedAttr AL 

◆ handlePackOffsetAttr()

void SemaHLSL::handlePackOffsetAttr ( Decl D,
const ParsedAttr AL 

◆ handleParamModifierAttr()

void SemaHLSL::handleParamModifierAttr ( Decl D,
const ParsedAttr AL 

◆ handleResourceBindingAttr()

void SemaHLSL::handleResourceBindingAttr ( Decl D,
const ParsedAttr AL 

◆ handleShaderAttr()

void SemaHLSL::handleShaderAttr ( Decl D,
const ParsedAttr AL 

◆ handleSV_DispatchThreadIDAttr()

void SemaHLSL::handleSV_DispatchThreadIDAttr ( Decl D,
const ParsedAttr AL 

◆ mergeNumThreadsAttr()

HLSLNumThreadsAttr * SemaHLSL::mergeNumThreadsAttr ( Decl D,
const AttributeCommonInfo AL,
int  X,
int  Y,
int  Z 

◆ mergeParamModifierAttr()

HLSLParamModifierAttr * SemaHLSL::mergeParamModifierAttr ( Decl D,
const AttributeCommonInfo AL,
HLSLParamModifierAttr::Spelling  Spelling 

◆ mergeShaderAttr()

HLSLShaderAttr * SemaHLSL::mergeShaderAttr ( Decl D,
const AttributeCommonInfo AL,
llvm::Triple::EnvironmentType  ShaderType 

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