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clang::OMPDistributeParallelForSimdDirective Class Referencefinal

This represents '#pragma omp distribute parallel for simd' composite directive. More...

#include "clang/AST/StmtOpenMP.h"

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Static Public Member Functions

static OMPDistributeParallelForSimdDirectiveCreate (const ASTContext &C, SourceLocation StartLoc, SourceLocation EndLoc, unsigned CollapsedNum, ArrayRef< OMPClause *> Clauses, Stmt *AssociatedStmt, const HelperExprs &Exprs)
 Creates directive with a list of Clauses. More...
static OMPDistributeParallelForSimdDirectiveCreateEmpty (const ASTContext &C, unsigned NumClauses, unsigned CollapsedNum, EmptyShell)
 Creates an empty directive with the place for NumClauses clauses. More...
static bool classof (const Stmt *T)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::OMPLoopDirective
static StmttryToFindNextInnerLoop (Stmt *CurStmt, bool TryImperfectlyNestedLoops)
 Try to find the next loop sub-statement in the specified statement CurStmt. More...
static const StmttryToFindNextInnerLoop (const Stmt *CurStmt, bool TryImperfectlyNestedLoops)
static bool classof (const Stmt *T)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::OMPExecutableDirective
static llvm::iterator_range< used_clauses_child_iteratorused_clauses_children (ArrayRef< OMPClause *> Clauses)
template<typename SpecificClause >
static llvm::iterator_range< specific_clause_iterator< SpecificClause > > getClausesOfKind (ArrayRef< OMPClause *> Clauses)
static bool classof (const Stmt *S)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::Stmt
static void addStmtClass (const StmtClass s)
static void EnableStatistics ()
static void PrintStats ()


class ASTStmtReader

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from clang::Stmt
enum  StmtClass { NoStmtClass = 0 }
using child_iterator = StmtIterator
 Child Iterators: All subclasses must implement 'children' to permit easy iteration over the substatements/subexpessions of an AST node. More...
using const_child_iterator = ConstStmtIterator
using child_range = llvm::iterator_range< child_iterator >
using const_child_range = llvm::iterator_range< const_child_iterator >
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::OMPLoopDirective
unsigned getCollapsedNumber () const
 Get number of collapsed loops. More...
ExprgetIterationVariable () const
ExprgetLastIteration () const
ExprgetCalcLastIteration () const
ExprgetPreCond () const
ExprgetCond () const
ExprgetInit () const
ExprgetInc () const
const StmtgetPreInits () const
StmtgetPreInits ()
ExprgetIsLastIterVariable () const
ExprgetLowerBoundVariable () const
ExprgetUpperBoundVariable () const
ExprgetStrideVariable () const
ExprgetEnsureUpperBound () const
ExprgetNextLowerBound () const
ExprgetNextUpperBound () const
ExprgetNumIterations () const
ExprgetPrevLowerBoundVariable () const
ExprgetPrevUpperBoundVariable () const
ExprgetDistInc () const
ExprgetPrevEnsureUpperBound () const
ExprgetCombinedLowerBoundVariable () const
ExprgetCombinedUpperBoundVariable () const
ExprgetCombinedEnsureUpperBound () const
ExprgetCombinedInit () const
ExprgetCombinedCond () const
ExprgetCombinedNextLowerBound () const
ExprgetCombinedNextUpperBound () const
ExprgetCombinedDistCond () const
ExprgetCombinedParForInDistCond () const
StmtgetBody ()
const StmtgetBody () const
ArrayRef< Expr * > counters ()
ArrayRef< Expr * > counters () const
ArrayRef< Expr * > private_counters ()
ArrayRef< Expr * > private_counters () const
ArrayRef< Expr * > inits ()
ArrayRef< Expr * > inits () const
ArrayRef< Expr * > updates ()
ArrayRef< Expr * > updates () const
ArrayRef< Expr * > finals ()
ArrayRef< Expr * > finals () const
ArrayRef< Expr * > dependent_counters ()
ArrayRef< Expr * > dependent_counters () const
ArrayRef< Expr * > dependent_inits ()
ArrayRef< Expr * > dependent_inits () const
ArrayRef< Expr * > finals_conditions ()
ArrayRef< Expr * > finals_conditions () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::OMPExecutableDirective
template<typename SpecificClause >
llvm::iterator_range< specific_clause_iterator< SpecificClause > > getClausesOfKind () const
template<typename SpecificClause >
const SpecificClause * getSingleClause () const
 Gets a single clause of the specified kind associated with the current directive iff there is only one clause of this kind (and assertion is fired if there is more than one clause is associated with the directive). More...
template<typename SpecificClause >
bool hasClausesOfKind () const
 Returns true if the current directive has one or more clauses of a specific kind. More...
SourceLocation getBeginLoc () const
 Returns starting location of directive kind. More...
SourceLocation getEndLoc () const
 Returns ending location of directive. More...
void setLocStart (SourceLocation Loc)
 Set starting location of directive kind. More...
void setLocEnd (SourceLocation Loc)
 Set ending location of directive. More...
unsigned getNumClauses () const
 Get number of clauses. More...
OMPClausegetClause (unsigned i) const
 Returns specified clause. More...
bool hasAssociatedStmt () const
 Returns true if directive has associated statement. More...
const StmtgetAssociatedStmt () const
 Returns statement associated with the directive. More...
StmtgetAssociatedStmt ()
const CapturedStmtgetCapturedStmt (OpenMPDirectiveKind RegionKind) const
 Returns the captured statement associated with the component region within the (combined) directive. More...
CapturedStmtgetInnermostCapturedStmt ()
 Get innermost captured statement for the construct. More...
const CapturedStmtgetInnermostCapturedStmt () const
OpenMPDirectiveKind getDirectiveKind () const
child_range children ()
const_child_range children () const
ArrayRef< OMPClause * > clauses ()
ArrayRef< OMPClause * > clauses () const
bool isStandaloneDirective () const
 Returns whether or not this is a Standalone directive. More...
const StmtgetStructuredBlock () const
 Returns the AST node representing OpenMP structured-block of this OpenMP executable directive, Prerequisite: Executable Directive must not be Standalone directive. More...
StmtgetStructuredBlock ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::Stmt
void * operator new (size_t bytes, const ASTContext &C, unsigned alignment=8)
void * operator new (size_t bytes, const ASTContext *C, unsigned alignment=8)
void * operator new (size_t bytes, void *mem) noexcept
void operator delete (void *, const ASTContext &, unsigned) noexcept
void operator delete (void *, const ASTContext *, unsigned) noexcept
void operator delete (void *, size_t) noexcept
void operator delete (void *, void *) noexcept
 Stmt ()=delete
 Stmt (const Stmt &)=delete
 Stmt (Stmt &&)=delete
Stmtoperator= (const Stmt &)=delete
Stmtoperator= (Stmt &&)=delete
 Stmt (StmtClass SC)
StmtClass getStmtClass () const
const char * getStmtClassName () const
SourceRange getSourceRange () const LLVM_READONLY
 SourceLocation tokens are not useful in isolation - they are low level value objects created/interpreted by SourceManager. More...
SourceLocation getBeginLoc () const LLVM_READONLY
SourceLocation getEndLoc () const LLVM_READONLY
void dump () const
 Dumps the specified AST fragment and all subtrees to llvm::errs(). More...
void dump (SourceManager &SM) const
void dump (raw_ostream &OS, SourceManager &SM) const
void dump (raw_ostream &OS) const
int64_t getID (const ASTContext &Context) const
void dumpColor () const
 dumpColor - same as dump(), but forces color highlighting. More...
void dumpPretty (const ASTContext &Context) const
 dumpPretty/printPretty - These two methods do a "pretty print" of the AST back to its original source language syntax. More...
void printPretty (raw_ostream &OS, PrinterHelper *Helper, const PrintingPolicy &Policy, unsigned Indentation=0, StringRef NewlineSymbol="\, const ASTContext *Context=nullptr) const
void printJson (raw_ostream &Out, PrinterHelper *Helper, const PrintingPolicy &Policy, bool AddQuotes) const
 Pretty-prints in JSON format. More...
void viewAST () const
 viewAST - Visualize an AST rooted at this Stmt* using GraphViz. More...
StmtIgnoreContainers (bool IgnoreCaptured=false)
 Skip no-op (attributed, compound) container stmts and skip captured stmt at the top, if IgnoreCaptured is true. More...
const StmtIgnoreContainers (bool IgnoreCaptured=false) const
const StmtstripLabelLikeStatements () const
 Strip off all label-like statements. More...
StmtstripLabelLikeStatements ()
child_range children ()
const_child_range children () const
child_iterator child_begin ()
child_iterator child_end ()
const_child_iterator child_begin () const
const_child_iterator child_end () const
void Profile (llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID, const ASTContext &Context, bool Canonical) const
 Produce a unique representation of the given statement. More...
void ProcessODRHash (llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID, ODRHash &Hash) const
 Calculate a unique representation for a statement that is stable across compiler invocations. More...
- Protected Types inherited from clang::Stmt
enum  { NumStmtBits = 8 }
enum  { NumExprBits = NumStmtBits + 5 + llvm::BitWidth<ExprDependence> }
enum  { NumCallExprBits = 32 }
enum  { NumOverloadExprBits = NumExprBits + 1 }
template<typename T >
using ConstCastIterator = CastIterator< T, const T *const, const Stmt *const >
 Const iterator for iterating over Stmt * arrays that contain only T *. More...
using ExprIterator = CastIterator< Expr >
using ConstExprIterator = ConstCastIterator< Expr >
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::OMPLoopDirective
template<typename T >
 OMPLoopDirective (const T *That, StmtClass SC, OpenMPDirectiveKind Kind, SourceLocation StartLoc, SourceLocation EndLoc, unsigned CollapsedNum, unsigned NumClauses, unsigned NumSpecialChildren=0)
 Build instance of loop directive of class Kind. More...
void setIterationVariable (Expr *IV)
void setLastIteration (Expr *LI)
void setCalcLastIteration (Expr *CLI)
void setPreCond (Expr *PC)
void setCond (Expr *Cond)
void setInit (Expr *Init)
void setInc (Expr *Inc)
void setPreInits (Stmt *PreInits)
void setIsLastIterVariable (Expr *IL)
void setLowerBoundVariable (Expr *LB)
void setUpperBoundVariable (Expr *UB)
void setStrideVariable (Expr *ST)
void setEnsureUpperBound (Expr *EUB)
void setNextLowerBound (Expr *NLB)
void setNextUpperBound (Expr *NUB)
void setNumIterations (Expr *NI)
void setPrevLowerBoundVariable (Expr *PrevLB)
void setPrevUpperBoundVariable (Expr *PrevUB)
void setDistInc (Expr *DistInc)
void setPrevEnsureUpperBound (Expr *PrevEUB)
void setCombinedLowerBoundVariable (Expr *CombLB)
void setCombinedUpperBoundVariable (Expr *CombUB)
void setCombinedEnsureUpperBound (Expr *CombEUB)
void setCombinedInit (Expr *CombInit)
void setCombinedCond (Expr *CombCond)
void setCombinedNextLowerBound (Expr *CombNLB)
void setCombinedNextUpperBound (Expr *CombNUB)
void setCombinedDistCond (Expr *CombDistCond)
void setCombinedParForInDistCond (Expr *CombParForInDistCond)
void setCounters (ArrayRef< Expr *> A)
void setPrivateCounters (ArrayRef< Expr *> A)
void setInits (ArrayRef< Expr *> A)
void setUpdates (ArrayRef< Expr *> A)
void setFinals (ArrayRef< Expr *> A)
void setDependentCounters (ArrayRef< Expr *> A)
void setDependentInits (ArrayRef< Expr *> A)
void setFinalsConditions (ArrayRef< Expr *> A)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::OMPExecutableDirective
template<typename T >
 OMPExecutableDirective (const T *, StmtClass SC, OpenMPDirectiveKind K, SourceLocation StartLoc, SourceLocation EndLoc, unsigned NumClauses, unsigned NumChildren)
 Build instance of directive of class K. More...
void setClauses (ArrayRef< OMPClause *> Clauses)
 Sets the list of variables for this clause. More...
void setAssociatedStmt (Stmt *S)
 Set the associated statement for the directive. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::Stmt
void * operator new (size_t bytes) noexcept
void operator delete (void *data) noexcept
 Stmt (StmtClass SC, EmptyShell)
 Construct an empty statement. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::OMPLoopDirective
static unsigned getArraysOffset (OpenMPDirectiveKind Kind)
 Offset to the start of children expression arrays. More...
static unsigned numLoopChildren (unsigned CollapsedNum, OpenMPDirectiveKind Kind)
 Children number. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from clang::Stmt
union {
   StmtBitfields   StmtBits
   NullStmtBitfields   NullStmtBits
   CompoundStmtBitfields   CompoundStmtBits
   LabelStmtBitfields   LabelStmtBits
   AttributedStmtBitfields   AttributedStmtBits
   IfStmtBitfields   IfStmtBits
   SwitchStmtBitfields   SwitchStmtBits
   WhileStmtBitfields   WhileStmtBits
   DoStmtBitfields   DoStmtBits
   ForStmtBitfields   ForStmtBits
   GotoStmtBitfields   GotoStmtBits
   ContinueStmtBitfields   ContinueStmtBits
   BreakStmtBitfields   BreakStmtBits
   ReturnStmtBitfields   ReturnStmtBits
   SwitchCaseBitfields   SwitchCaseBits
   ExprBitfields   ExprBits
   ConstantExprBitfields   ConstantExprBits
   PredefinedExprBitfields   PredefinedExprBits
   DeclRefExprBitfields   DeclRefExprBits
   FloatingLiteralBitfields   FloatingLiteralBits
   StringLiteralBitfields   StringLiteralBits
   CharacterLiteralBitfields   CharacterLiteralBits
   UnaryOperatorBitfields   UnaryOperatorBits
   UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExprBitfields   UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExprBits
   ArrayOrMatrixSubscriptExprBitfields   ArrayOrMatrixSubscriptExprBits
   CallExprBitfields   CallExprBits
   MemberExprBitfields   MemberExprBits
   CastExprBitfields   CastExprBits
   BinaryOperatorBitfields   BinaryOperatorBits
   InitListExprBitfields   InitListExprBits
   ParenListExprBitfields   ParenListExprBits
   GenericSelectionExprBitfields   GenericSelectionExprBits
   PseudoObjectExprBitfields   PseudoObjectExprBits
   SourceLocExprBitfields   SourceLocExprBits
   StmtExprBitfields   StmtExprBits
   CXXOperatorCallExprBitfields   CXXOperatorCallExprBits
   CXXRewrittenBinaryOperatorBitfields   CXXRewrittenBinaryOperatorBits
   CXXBoolLiteralExprBitfields   CXXBoolLiteralExprBits
   CXXNullPtrLiteralExprBitfields   CXXNullPtrLiteralExprBits
   CXXThisExprBitfields   CXXThisExprBits
   CXXThrowExprBitfields   CXXThrowExprBits
   CXXDefaultArgExprBitfields   CXXDefaultArgExprBits
   CXXDefaultInitExprBitfields   CXXDefaultInitExprBits
   CXXScalarValueInitExprBitfields   CXXScalarValueInitExprBits
   CXXNewExprBitfields   CXXNewExprBits
   CXXDeleteExprBitfields   CXXDeleteExprBits
   TypeTraitExprBitfields   TypeTraitExprBits
   DependentScopeDeclRefExprBitfields   DependentScopeDeclRefExprBits
   CXXConstructExprBitfields   CXXConstructExprBits
   ExprWithCleanupsBitfields   ExprWithCleanupsBits
   CXXUnresolvedConstructExprBitfields   CXXUnresolvedConstructExprBits
   CXXDependentScopeMemberExprBitfields   CXXDependentScopeMemberExprBits
   OverloadExprBitfields   OverloadExprBits
   UnresolvedLookupExprBitfields   UnresolvedLookupExprBits
   UnresolvedMemberExprBitfields   UnresolvedMemberExprBits
   CXXNoexceptExprBitfields   CXXNoexceptExprBits
   SubstNonTypeTemplateParmExprBitfields   SubstNonTypeTemplateParmExprBits
   LambdaExprBitfields   LambdaExprBits
   RequiresExprBitfields   RequiresExprBits
   CoawaitExprBitfields   CoawaitBits
   ObjCIndirectCopyRestoreExprBitfields   ObjCIndirectCopyRestoreExprBits
   OpaqueValueExprBitfields   OpaqueValueExprBits

Detailed Description

This represents '#pragma omp distribute parallel for simd' composite directive.

#pragma omp distribute parallel for simd private(x)

In this example directive '#pragma omp distribute parallel for simd' has clause 'private' with the variables 'x'

Definition at line 3906 of file StmtOpenMP.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ classof()

static bool clang::OMPDistributeParallelForSimdDirective::classof ( const Stmt T)

Definition at line 3962 of file StmtOpenMP.h.

References clang::Stmt::getStmtClass().

◆ Create()

OMPDistributeParallelForSimdDirective * OMPDistributeParallelForSimdDirective::Create ( const ASTContext C,
SourceLocation  StartLoc,
SourceLocation  EndLoc,
unsigned  CollapsedNum,
ArrayRef< OMPClause *>  Clauses,
Stmt AssociatedStmt,
const HelperExprs Exprs 

Creates directive with a list of Clauses.

CAST context.
StartLocStarting location of the directive kind.
EndLocEnding Location of the directive.
CollapsedNumNumber of collapsed loops.
ClausesList of clauses.
AssociatedStmtStatement, associated with the directive.
ExprsHelper expressions for CodeGen.

Definition at line 1540 of file StmtOpenMP.cpp.

References clang::ASTContext::Allocate(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::CalcLastIteration, clang::OMPLoopDirective::DistCombinedHelperExprs::Cond, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::Cond, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::Counters, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::DependentCounters, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::DependentInits, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::DistCombinedFields, clang::OMPLoopDirective::DistCombinedHelperExprs::DistCond, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::DistInc, clang::OMPLoopDirective::DistCombinedHelperExprs::EUB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::EUB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::Finals, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::FinalsConditions, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::IL, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::Inc, clang::OMPLoopDirective::DistCombinedHelperExprs::Init, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::Init, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::Inits, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::IterationVarRef, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::LastIteration, clang::OMPLoopDirective::DistCombinedHelperExprs::LB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::LB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::DistCombinedHelperExprs::NLB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::NLB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::DistCombinedHelperExprs::NUB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::NUB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::NumIterations, clang::OMPLoopDirective::DistCombinedHelperExprs::ParForInDistCond, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::PreCond, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::PreInits, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::PrevEUB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::PrevLB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::PrevUB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::PrivateCounters, clang::OMPExecutableDirective::setAssociatedStmt(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCalcLastIteration(), clang::OMPExecutableDirective::setClauses(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCombinedCond(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCombinedDistCond(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCombinedEnsureUpperBound(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCombinedInit(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCombinedLowerBoundVariable(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCombinedNextLowerBound(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCombinedNextUpperBound(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCombinedParForInDistCond(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCombinedUpperBoundVariable(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCond(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setCounters(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setDependentCounters(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setDependentInits(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setDistInc(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setEnsureUpperBound(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setFinals(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setFinalsConditions(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setInc(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setInit(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setInits(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setIsLastIterVariable(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setIterationVariable(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setLastIteration(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setLowerBoundVariable(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setNextLowerBound(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setNextUpperBound(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setNumIterations(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setPreCond(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setPreInits(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setPrevEnsureUpperBound(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setPrevLowerBoundVariable(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setPrevUpperBoundVariable(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setPrivateCounters(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setStrideVariable(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setUpdates(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::setUpperBoundVariable(), clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::ST, clang::OMPLoopDirective::DistCombinedHelperExprs::UB, clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::UB, and clang::OMPLoopDirective::HelperExprs::Updates.

Referenced by clang::Sema::ActOnOpenMPDistributeParallelForSimdDirective().

◆ CreateEmpty()

OMPDistributeParallelForSimdDirective * OMPDistributeParallelForSimdDirective::CreateEmpty ( const ASTContext C,
unsigned  NumClauses,
unsigned  CollapsedNum,

Creates an empty directive with the place for NumClauses clauses.

CAST context.
CollapsedNumNumber of collapsed nested loops.
NumClausesNumber of clauses.

Definition at line 1596 of file StmtOpenMP.cpp.

References clang::ASTContext::Allocate().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ASTStmtReader

friend class ASTStmtReader

Definition at line 3907 of file StmtOpenMP.h.

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