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clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo Class Referencefinal

Retains information about a captured region. More...

#include "clang/Sema/ScopeInfo.h"

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Public Member Functions

 CapturedRegionScopeInfo (DiagnosticsEngine &Diag, Scope *S, CapturedDecl *CD, RecordDecl *RD, ImplicitParamDecl *Context, CapturedRegionKind K, unsigned OpenMPLevel, unsigned OpenMPCaptureLevel)
 ~CapturedRegionScopeInfo () override
StringRef getRegionName () const
 A descriptive name for the kind of captured region this is. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::sema::CapturingScopeInfo
 CapturingScopeInfo (DiagnosticsEngine &Diag, ImplicitCaptureStyle Style)
void addCapture (VarDecl *Var, bool isBlock, bool isByref, bool isNested, SourceLocation Loc, SourceLocation EllipsisLoc, QualType CaptureType, bool Invalid)
void addVLATypeCapture (SourceLocation Loc, const VariableArrayType *VLAType, QualType CaptureType)
void addThisCapture (bool isNested, SourceLocation Loc, QualType CaptureType, bool ByCopy)
bool isCXXThisCaptured () const
 Determine whether the C++ 'this' is captured. More...
CapturegetCXXThisCapture ()
 Retrieve the capture of C++ 'this', if it has been captured. More...
bool isCaptured (VarDecl *Var) const
 Determine whether the given variable has been captured. More...
bool isVLATypeCaptured (const VariableArrayType *VAT) const
 Determine whether the given variable-array type has been captured. More...
CapturegetCapture (VarDecl *Var)
 Retrieve the capture of the given variable, if it has been captured already. More...
const CapturegetCapture (VarDecl *Var) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::sema::FunctionScopeInfo
 FunctionScopeInfo (DiagnosticsEngine &Diag)
virtual ~FunctionScopeInfo ()
template<typename ExprT >
void recordUseOfWeak (const ExprT *E, bool IsRead=true)
 Record that a weak object was accessed. More...
void recordUseOfWeak (const ObjCMessageExpr *Msg, const ObjCPropertyDecl *Prop)
void markSafeWeakUse (const Expr *E)
 Record that a given expression is a "safe" access of a weak object (e.g. More...
const WeakObjectUseMapgetWeakObjectUses () const
void setHasBranchIntoScope ()
void setHasBranchProtectedScope ()
void setHasIndirectGoto ()
void setHasDroppedStmt ()
void setHasOMPDeclareReductionCombiner ()
void setHasFallthroughStmt ()
void setHasCXXTry (SourceLocation TryLoc)
void setHasSEHTry (SourceLocation TryLoc)
bool NeedsScopeChecking () const
void addBlock (const BlockDecl *BD)
void addByrefBlockVar (VarDecl *VD)
bool isCoroutine () const
void setFirstCoroutineStmt (SourceLocation Loc, StringRef Keyword)
StringRef getFirstCoroutineStmtKeyword () const
void setNeedsCoroutineSuspends (bool value=true)
bool hasInvalidCoroutineSuspends () const
void setCoroutineSuspends (Stmt *Initial, Stmt *Final)
void Clear ()
 Clear out the information in this function scope, making it suitable for reuse. More...
bool isPlainFunction () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool classof (const FunctionScopeInfo *FSI)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::sema::CapturingScopeInfo
static bool classof (const FunctionScopeInfo *FSI)

Public Attributes

 The CapturedDecl for this statement. More...
 The captured record type. More...
 This is the enclosing scope of the captured region. More...
 The implicit parameter for the captured variables. More...
unsigned short CapRegionKind
 The kind of captured region. More...
unsigned short OpenMPLevel
unsigned short OpenMPCaptureLevel
- Public Attributes inherited from clang::sema::CapturingScopeInfo
ImplicitCaptureStyle ImpCaptureStyle
llvm::DenseMap< VarDecl *, unsigned > CaptureMap
 CaptureMap - A map of captured variables to (index+1) into Captures. More...
unsigned CXXThisCaptureIndex = 0
 CXXThisCaptureIndex - The (index+1) of the capture of 'this'; zero if 'this' is not captured. More...
SmallVector< Capture, 4 > Captures
 Captures - The captures. More...
bool HasImplicitReturnType = false
QualType ReturnType
 ReturnType - The target type of return statements in this context, or null if unknown. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from clang::sema::FunctionScopeInfo
ScopeKind Kind: 3
 What kind of scope we are describing. More...
bool HasBranchProtectedScope: 1
 Whether this function contains a VLA, @try, try, C++ initializer, or anything else that can't be jumped past. More...
bool HasBranchIntoScope: 1
 Whether this function contains any switches or direct gotos. More...
bool HasIndirectGoto: 1
 Whether this function contains any indirect gotos. More...
bool HasDroppedStmt: 1
 Whether a statement was dropped because it was invalid. More...
bool HasOMPDeclareReductionCombiner: 1
 True if current scope is for OpenMP declare reduction combiner. More...
bool HasFallthroughStmt: 1
 Whether there is a fallthrough statement in this function. More...
bool HasPotentialAvailabilityViolations: 1
 Whether we make reference to a declaration that could be unavailable. More...
bool ObjCShouldCallSuper: 1
 A flag that is set when parsing a method that must call super's implementation, such as -dealloc, -finalize, or any method marked with attribute((objc_requires_super)). More...
bool ObjCIsDesignatedInit: 1
 True when this is a method marked as a designated initializer. More...
bool ObjCWarnForNoDesignatedInitChain: 1
 This starts true for a method marked as designated initializer and will be set to false if there is an invocation to a designated initializer of the super class. More...
bool ObjCIsSecondaryInit: 1
 True when this is an initializer method not marked as a designated initializer within a class that has at least one initializer marked as a designated initializer. More...
bool ObjCWarnForNoInitDelegation: 1
 This starts true for a secondary initializer method and will be set to false if there is an invocation of an initializer on 'self'. More...
bool NeedsCoroutineSuspends: 1
 True only when this function has not already built, or attempted to build, the initial and final coroutine suspend points. More...
unsigned char FirstCoroutineStmtKind: 2
 An enumeration represeting the kind of the first coroutine statement in the function. More...
SourceLocation FirstCoroutineStmtLoc
 First coroutine statement in the current function. More...
SourceLocation FirstReturnLoc
 First 'return' statement in the current function. More...
SourceLocation FirstCXXTryLoc
 First C++ 'try' statement in the current function. More...
SourceLocation FirstSEHTryLoc
 First SEH '__try' statement in the current function. More...
DiagnosticErrorTrap ErrorTrap
 Used to determine if errors occurred in this function or block. More...
SmallVector< SwitchInfo, 8 > SwitchStack
 SwitchStack - This is the current set of active switch statements in the block. More...
SmallVector< ReturnStmt *, 4 > Returns
 The list of return statements that occur within the function or block, if there is any chance of applying the named return value optimization, or if we need to infer a return type. More...
VarDeclCoroutinePromise = nullptr
 The promise object for this coroutine, if any. More...
llvm::SmallMapVector< ParmVarDecl *, Stmt *, 4 > CoroutineParameterMoves
 A mapping between the coroutine function parameters that were moved to the coroutine frame, and their move statements. More...
std::pair< Stmt *, Stmt * > CoroutineSuspends
 The initial and final coroutine suspend points. More...
SmallVector< CompoundScopeInfo, 4 > CompoundScopes
 The stack of currently active compound stamement scopes in the function. More...
llvm::SmallPtrSet< const BlockDecl *, 1 > Blocks
 The set of blocks that are introduced in this function. More...
llvm::TinyPtrVector< VarDecl * > ByrefBlockVars
 The set of __block variables that are introduced in this function. More...
SmallVector< PossiblyUnreachableDiag, 4 > PossiblyUnreachableDiags
 A list of PartialDiagnostics created but delayed within the current function scope. More...
llvm::SmallPtrSet< const ParmVarDecl *, 8 > ModifiedNonNullParams
 A list of parameters which have the nonnull attribute and are modified in the function. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from clang::sema::CapturingScopeInfo
enum  ImplicitCaptureStyle {
  ImpCap_None, ImpCap_LambdaByval, ImpCap_LambdaByref, ImpCap_Block,
- Public Types inherited from clang::sema::FunctionScopeInfo
using SwitchInfo = llvm::PointerIntPair< SwitchStmt *, 1, bool >
 A SwitchStmt, along with a flag indicating if its list of case statements is incomplete (because we dropped an invalid one while parsing). More...
using WeakUseVector = SmallVector< WeakUseTy, 4 >
 Used to collect uses of a particular weak object in a function body. More...
using WeakObjectUseMap = llvm::SmallDenseMap< WeakObjectProfileTy, WeakUseVector, 8, WeakObjectProfileTy::DenseMapInfo >
 Used to collect all uses of weak objects in a function body. More...
- Protected Types inherited from clang::sema::FunctionScopeInfo
enum  ScopeKind { SK_Function, SK_Block, SK_Lambda, SK_CapturedRegion }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::sema::CapturingScopeInfo
 CapturingScopeInfo (const CapturingScopeInfo &)=default
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::sema::FunctionScopeInfo
 FunctionScopeInfo (const FunctionScopeInfo &)=default

Detailed Description

Retains information about a captured region.

Definition at line 741 of file ScopeInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CapturedRegionScopeInfo()

clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::CapturedRegionScopeInfo ( DiagnosticsEngine Diag,
Scope S,
CapturedDecl CD,
RecordDecl RD,
ImplicitParamDecl Context,
CapturedRegionKind  K,
unsigned  OpenMPLevel,
unsigned  OpenMPCaptureLevel 

Definition at line 761 of file ScopeInfo.h.

◆ ~CapturedRegionScopeInfo()

CapturedRegionScopeInfo::~CapturedRegionScopeInfo ( )

Definition at line 250 of file ScopeInfo.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ classof()

static bool clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::classof ( const FunctionScopeInfo FSI)

Definition at line 787 of file ScopeInfo.h.

References clang::sema::FunctionScopeInfo::Kind.

◆ getRegionName()

StringRef clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::getRegionName ( ) const

A descriptive name for the kind of captured region this is.

Definition at line 775 of file ScopeInfo.h.

References clang::CR_Default, clang::CR_ObjCAtFinally, and clang::CR_OpenMP.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CapRegionKind

unsigned short clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::CapRegionKind

The kind of captured region.

Definition at line 756 of file ScopeInfo.h.

◆ ContextParam

ImplicitParamDecl* clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::ContextParam

The implicit parameter for the captured variables.

Definition at line 753 of file ScopeInfo.h.

◆ OpenMPCaptureLevel

unsigned short clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::OpenMPCaptureLevel

Definition at line 759 of file ScopeInfo.h.

◆ OpenMPLevel

unsigned short clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::OpenMPLevel

Definition at line 758 of file ScopeInfo.h.

◆ TheCapturedDecl

CapturedDecl* clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::TheCapturedDecl

The CapturedDecl for this statement.

Definition at line 744 of file ScopeInfo.h.

◆ TheRecordDecl

RecordDecl* clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::TheRecordDecl

The captured record type.

Definition at line 747 of file ScopeInfo.h.

Referenced by clang::Sema::ActOnCapturedRegionError().

◆ TheScope

Scope* clang::sema::CapturedRegionScopeInfo::TheScope

This is the enclosing scope of the captured region.

Definition at line 750 of file ScopeInfo.h.

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