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1//===--- Preamble.h - Reusing expensive parts of the AST ---------*- C++-*-===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
9// The vast majority of code in a typical translation unit is in the headers
10// included at the top of the file.
12// The preamble optimization says that we can parse this code once, and reuse
13// the result multiple times. The preamble is invalidated by changes to the
14// code in the preamble region, to the compile command, or to files on disk.
16// This is the most important optimization in clangd: it allows operations like
17// code-completion to have sub-second latency. It is supported by the
18// PrecompiledPreamble functionality in clang, which wraps the techniques used
19// by PCH files, modules etc into a convenient interface.
25#include "CollectMacros.h"
26#include "Compiler.h"
27#include "Diagnostics.h"
28#include "FS.h"
29#include "Headers.h"
30#include "clang-include-cleaner/Record.h"
31#include "support/Path.h"
32#include "clang/Basic/SourceManager.h"
33#include "clang/Basic/TargetOptions.h"
34#include "clang/Frontend/CompilerInvocation.h"
35#include "clang/Frontend/PrecompiledPreamble.h"
36#include "clang/Lex/Lexer.h"
37#include "clang/Tooling/CompilationDatabase.h"
38#include "llvm/ADT/ArrayRef.h"
39#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
41#include <cstddef>
42#include <functional>
43#include <memory>
44#include <string>
45#include <utility>
46#include <vector>
48namespace clang {
49namespace clangd {
51/// The captured AST context.
52/// Keeps necessary structs for an ASTContext and Preprocessor alive.
53/// This enables consuming them after context that produced the AST is gone.
54/// (e.g. indexing a preamble ast on a separate thread). ASTContext stored
55/// inside is still not thread-safe.
59 CapturedASTCtx(CompilerInstance &Clang)
60 : Invocation(Clang.getInvocationPtr()),
61 Diagnostics(Clang.getDiagnosticsPtr()), Target(Clang.getTargetPtr()),
62 AuxTarget(Clang.getAuxTarget()), FileMgr(Clang.getFileManagerPtr()),
63 SourceMgr(Clang.getSourceManagerPtr()), PP(Clang.getPreprocessorPtr()),
64 Context(Clang.getASTContextPtr()) {}
66 CapturedASTCtx(const CapturedASTCtx &) = delete;
71 ASTContext &getASTContext() { return *Context; }
72 Preprocessor &getPreprocessor() { return *PP; }
73 CompilerInvocation &getCompilerInvocation() { return *Invocation; }
74 FileManager &getFileManager() { return *FileMgr; }
75 void setStatCache(std::shared_ptr<PreambleFileStatusCache> StatCache) {
76 this->StatCache = StatCache;
77 }
80 std::shared_ptr<CompilerInvocation> Invocation;
81 IntrusiveRefCntPtr<DiagnosticsEngine> Diagnostics;
82 IntrusiveRefCntPtr<TargetInfo> Target;
83 IntrusiveRefCntPtr<TargetInfo> AuxTarget;
84 IntrusiveRefCntPtr<FileManager> FileMgr;
85 IntrusiveRefCntPtr<SourceManager> SourceMgr;
86 std::shared_ptr<Preprocessor> PP;
87 IntrusiveRefCntPtr<ASTContext> Context;
88 std::shared_ptr<PreambleFileStatusCache> StatCache;
91/// The parsed preamble and associated data.
93/// As we must avoid re-parsing the preamble, any information that can only
94/// be obtained during parsing must be eagerly captured and stored here.
96 PreambleData(PrecompiledPreamble Preamble) : Preamble(std::move(Preamble)) {}
98 // Version of the ParseInputs this preamble was built from.
99 std::string Version;
100 tooling::CompileCommand CompileCommand;
101 // Target options used when building the preamble. Changes in target can cause
102 // crashes when deserializing preamble, this enables consumers to use the
103 // same target (without reparsing CompileCommand).
104 std::shared_ptr<TargetOptions> TargetOpts = nullptr;
105 PrecompiledPreamble Preamble;
106 std::vector<Diag> Diags;
107 // Processes like code completions and go-to-definitions will need #include
108 // information, and their compile action skips preamble range.
110 // Captures #include-mapping information in #included headers.
111 std::shared_ptr<const include_cleaner::PragmaIncludes> Pragmas;
112 // Macros defined in the preamble section of the main file.
113 // Users care about headers vs main-file, not preamble vs non-preamble.
114 // These should be treated as main-file entities e.g. for code completion.
116 // Pragma marks defined in the preamble section of the main file.
117 std::vector<PragmaMark> Marks;
118 // Cache of FS operations performed when building the preamble.
119 // When reusing a preamble, this cache can be consumed to save IO.
120 std::shared_ptr<PreambleFileStatusCache> StatCache;
121 // Whether there was a (possibly-incomplete) include-guard on the main file.
122 // We need to propagate this information "by hand" to subsequent parses.
127 std::function<void(CapturedASTCtx ASTCtx,
128 std::shared_ptr<const include_cleaner::PragmaIncludes>)>;
130/// Timings and statistics from the premble build. Unlike PreambleData, these
131/// do not need to be stored for later, but can be useful for logging, metrics,
132/// etc.
134 /// Total wall time it took to build preamble, in seconds.
136 /// Time spent in filesystem operations during the build, in seconds.
139 /// Estimate of the memory used while building the preamble.
140 /// This memory has been released when buildPreamble returns.
141 /// For example, this includes the size of the in-memory AST (ASTContext).
142 size_t BuildSize;
143 /// The serialized size of the preamble.
144 /// This storage is needed while the preamble is used (but may be on disk).
148/// Build a preamble for the new inputs unless an old one can be reused.
149/// If \p PreambleCallback is set, it will be run on top of the AST while
150/// building the preamble.
151/// If Stats is not non-null, build statistics will be exported there.
152std::shared_ptr<const PreambleData>
153buildPreamble(PathRef FileName, CompilerInvocation CI,
154 const ParseInputs &Inputs, bool StoreInMemory,
155 PreambleParsedCallback PreambleCallback,
156 PreambleBuildStats *Stats = nullptr);
158/// Returns true if \p Preamble is reusable for \p Inputs. Note that it will
159/// return true when some missing headers are now available.
160/// FIXME: Should return more information about the delta between \p Preamble
161/// and \p Inputs, e.g. new headers.
163 const ParseInputs &Inputs, PathRef FileName,
164 const CompilerInvocation &CI);
166/// Stores information required to parse a TU using a (possibly stale) Baseline
167/// preamble. Later on this information can be injected into the main file by
168/// updating compiler invocation with \c apply. This injected section
169/// approximately reflects additions to the preamble in Modified contents, e.g.
170/// new include directives.
174 /// \p Preamble is used verbatim.
176 /// Builds a patch that contains new PP directives introduced to the preamble
177 /// section of \p Modified compared to \p Baseline.
178 /// FIXME: This only handles include directives, we should at least handle
179 /// define/undef.
180 static PreamblePatch createFullPatch(llvm::StringRef FileName,
181 const ParseInputs &Modified,
182 const PreambleData &Baseline);
183 static PreamblePatch createMacroPatch(llvm::StringRef FileName,
184 const ParseInputs &Modified,
185 const PreambleData &Baseline);
186 /// Returns the FileEntry for the preamble patch of MainFilePath in SM, if
187 /// any.
188 static OptionalFileEntryRef getPatchEntry(llvm::StringRef MainFilePath,
189 const SourceManager &SM);
191 /// Adjusts CI (which compiles the modified inputs) to be used with the
192 /// baseline preamble. This is done by inserting an artificial include to the
193 /// \p CI that contains new directives calculated in create.
194 void apply(CompilerInvocation &CI) const;
196 /// Returns #include directives from the \c Modified preamble that were
197 /// resolved using the \c Baseline preamble. This covers the new locations of
198 /// inclusions that were moved around, but not inclusions of new files. Those
199 /// will be recorded when parsing the main file: the includes in the injected
200 /// section will be resolved back to their spelled positions in the main file
201 /// using the presumed-location mechanism.
202 std::vector<Inclusion> preambleIncludes() const;
204 /// Returns preamble bounds for the Modified.
205 PreambleBounds modifiedBounds() const { return ModifiedBounds; }
207 /// Returns textual patch contents.
208 llvm::StringRef text() const { return PatchContents; }
210 /// Returns diag locations for Modified contents.
211 llvm::ArrayRef<Diag> patchedDiags() const { return PatchedDiags; }
213 static constexpr llvm::StringLiteral HeaderName = "__preamble_patch__.h";
215 llvm::ArrayRef<PragmaMark> marks() const;
216 const MainFileMacros &mainFileMacros() const;
219 static PreamblePatch create(llvm::StringRef FileName,
220 const ParseInputs &Modified,
221 const PreambleData &Baseline,
224 PreamblePatch() = default;
225 std::string PatchContents;
226 std::string PatchFileName;
227 // Includes that are present in both Baseline and Modified. Used for
228 // patching includes of baseline preamble.
229 std::vector<Inclusion> PreambleIncludes;
230 // Diags that were attached to a line preserved in Modified contents.
231 std::vector<Diag> PatchedDiags;
232 PreambleBounds ModifiedBounds = {0, false};
233 const PreambleData *Baseline = nullptr;
234 std::vector<PragmaMark> PatchedMarks;
235 MainFileMacros PatchedMacros;
238} // namespace clangd
239} // namespace clang
std::unique_ptr< CompilerInstance > Clang
StringRef FileName
std::unique_ptr< CompilerInvocation > CI
A context is an immutable container for per-request data that must be propagated through layers that ...
Definition: Context.h:69
Stores information required to parse a TU using a (possibly stale) Baseline preamble.
Definition: Preamble.h:171
static OptionalFileEntryRef getPatchEntry(llvm::StringRef MainFilePath, const SourceManager &SM)
Returns the FileEntry for the preamble patch of MainFilePath in SM, if any.
Definition: Preamble.cpp:965
const MainFileMacros & mainFileMacros() const
Definition: Preamble.cpp:959
llvm::ArrayRef< PragmaMark > marks() const
Definition: Preamble.cpp:953
void apply(CompilerInvocation &CI) const
Adjusts CI (which compiles the modified inputs) to be used with the baseline preamble.
Definition: Preamble.cpp:916
static PreamblePatch unmodified(const PreambleData &Preamble)
Preamble is used verbatim.
Definition: Preamble.cpp:944
llvm::ArrayRef< Diag > patchedDiags() const
Returns diag locations for Modified contents.
Definition: Preamble.h:211
llvm::StringRef text() const
Returns textual patch contents.
Definition: Preamble.h:208
static PreamblePatch createMacroPatch(llvm::StringRef FileName, const ParseInputs &Modified, const PreambleData &Baseline)
Definition: Preamble.cpp:910
static PreamblePatch createFullPatch(llvm::StringRef FileName, const ParseInputs &Modified, const PreambleData &Baseline)
Builds a patch that contains new PP directives introduced to the preamble section of Modified compare...
Definition: Preamble.cpp:904
static constexpr llvm::StringLiteral HeaderName
Definition: Preamble.h:213
std::vector< Inclusion > preambleIncludes() const
Returns #include directives from the Modified preamble that were resolved using the Baseline preamble...
Definition: Preamble.cpp:940
PreambleBounds modifiedBounds() const
Returns preamble bounds for the Modified.
Definition: Preamble.h:205
std::function< void(CapturedASTCtx ASTCtx, std::shared_ptr< const include_cleaner::PragmaIncludes >)> PreambleParsedCallback
Definition: Preamble.h:128
bool isPreambleCompatible(const PreambleData &Preamble, const ParseInputs &Inputs, PathRef FileName, const CompilerInvocation &CI)
Returns true if Preamble is reusable for Inputs.
Definition: Preamble.cpp:731
std::shared_ptr< const PreambleData > buildPreamble(PathRef FileName, CompilerInvocation CI, const ParseInputs &Inputs, bool StoreInMemory, PreambleParsedCallback PreambleCallback, PreambleBuildStats *Stats)
Build a preamble for the new inputs unless an old one can be reused.
Definition: Preamble.cpp:591
llvm::StringRef PathRef
A typedef to represent a ref to file path.
Definition: Path.h:29
===– Representation.cpp - ClangDoc Representation --------—*- C++ -*-===//
The captured AST context.
Definition: Preamble.h:57
CapturedASTCtx & operator=(CapturedASTCtx &&)=default
CapturedASTCtx & operator=(const CapturedASTCtx &)=delete
CapturedASTCtx(const CapturedASTCtx &)=delete
void setStatCache(std::shared_ptr< PreambleFileStatusCache > StatCache)
Definition: Preamble.h:75
CapturedASTCtx(CompilerInstance &Clang)
Definition: Preamble.h:59
CapturedASTCtx(CapturedASTCtx &&)=default
CompilerInvocation & getCompilerInvocation()
Definition: Preamble.h:73
Preprocessor & getPreprocessor()
Definition: Preamble.h:72
FileManager & getFileManager()
Definition: Preamble.h:74
ASTContext & getASTContext()
Definition: Preamble.h:71
Information required to run clang, e.g. to parse AST or do code completion.
Definition: Compiler.h:48
Timings and statistics from the premble build.
Definition: Preamble.h:133
double FileSystemTime
Time spent in filesystem operations during the build, in seconds.
Definition: Preamble.h:137
size_t BuildSize
Estimate of the memory used while building the preamble.
Definition: Preamble.h:142
double TotalBuildTime
Total wall time it took to build preamble, in seconds.
Definition: Preamble.h:135
size_t SerializedSize
The serialized size of the preamble.
Definition: Preamble.h:145
The parsed preamble and associated data.
Definition: Preamble.h:95
std::vector< Diag > Diags
Definition: Preamble.h:106
std::vector< PragmaMark > Marks
Definition: Preamble.h:117
PrecompiledPreamble Preamble
Definition: Preamble.h:105
std::shared_ptr< const include_cleaner::PragmaIncludes > Pragmas
Definition: Preamble.h:111
PreambleData(PrecompiledPreamble Preamble)
Definition: Preamble.h:96
std::shared_ptr< PreambleFileStatusCache > StatCache
Definition: Preamble.h:120
std::shared_ptr< TargetOptions > TargetOpts
Definition: Preamble.h:104
tooling::CompileCommand CompileCommand
Definition: Preamble.h:100
IncludeStructure Includes
Definition: Preamble.h:109
MainFileMacros Macros
Definition: Preamble.h:115