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clang::clangd::PreambleData Struct Reference

The parsed preamble and associated data. More...

#include <Preamble.h>

Public Member Functions

 PreambleData (PrecompiledPreamble Preamble)

Public Attributes

std::string Version
tooling::CompileCommand CompileCommand
PrecompiledPreamble Preamble
std::vector< DiagDiags
IncludeStructure Includes
include_cleaner::PragmaIncludes Pragmas
MainFileMacros Macros
std::vector< PragmaMarkMarks
std::unique_ptr< PreambleFileStatusCacheStatCache
CanonicalIncludes CanonIncludes
bool MainIsIncludeGuarded = false

Detailed Description

The parsed preamble and associated data.

As we must avoid re-parsing the preamble, any information that can only be obtained during parsing must be eagerly captured and stored here.

Definition at line 55 of file Preamble.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PreambleData()

clang::clangd::PreambleData::PreambleData ( PrecompiledPreamble  Preamble)

Definition at line 56 of file Preamble.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CanonIncludes

CanonicalIncludes clang::clangd::PreambleData::CanonIncludes

Definition at line 77 of file Preamble.h.

◆ CompileCommand

tooling::CompileCommand clang::clangd::PreambleData::CompileCommand

Definition at line 60 of file Preamble.h.

◆ Diags

std::vector<Diag> clang::clangd::PreambleData::Diags

Definition at line 62 of file Preamble.h.

◆ Includes

IncludeStructure clang::clangd::PreambleData::Includes

Definition at line 65 of file Preamble.h.

◆ Macros

MainFileMacros clang::clangd::PreambleData::Macros

Definition at line 71 of file Preamble.h.

◆ MainIsIncludeGuarded

bool clang::clangd::PreambleData::MainIsIncludeGuarded = false

Definition at line 80 of file Preamble.h.

◆ Marks

std::vector<PragmaMark> clang::clangd::PreambleData::Marks

Definition at line 73 of file Preamble.h.

◆ Pragmas

include_cleaner::PragmaIncludes clang::clangd::PreambleData::Pragmas

Definition at line 67 of file Preamble.h.

◆ Preamble

PrecompiledPreamble clang::clangd::PreambleData::Preamble

Definition at line 61 of file Preamble.h.

Referenced by clang::clangd::ClangdServer::signatureHelp().

◆ StatCache

std::unique_ptr<PreambleFileStatusCache> clang::clangd::PreambleData::StatCache

Definition at line 76 of file Preamble.h.

◆ Version

std::string clang::clangd::PreambleData::Version

Definition at line 59 of file Preamble.h.

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