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1//===--- Refactoring.cpp - Framework for clang refactoring tools ----------===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
9// Implements tools to support refactorings.
17#include "clang/Format/Format.h"
19#include "clang/Lex/Lexer.h"
21#include "llvm/Support/Path.h"
22#include "llvm/Support/raw_os_ostream.h"
24namespace clang {
25namespace tooling {
28 const CompilationDatabase &Compilations, ArrayRef<std::string> SourcePaths,
29 std::shared_ptr<PCHContainerOperations> PCHContainerOps)
30 : ClangTool(Compilations, SourcePaths, std::move(PCHContainerOps)) {}
32std::map<std::string, Replacements> &RefactoringTool::getReplacements() {
33 return FileToReplaces;
37 if (int Result = run(ActionFactory)) {
38 return Result;
39 }
41 LangOptions DefaultLangOptions;
43 TextDiagnosticPrinter DiagnosticPrinter(llvm::errs(), &*DiagOpts);
44 DiagnosticsEngine Diagnostics(
46 &*DiagOpts, &DiagnosticPrinter, false);
47 SourceManager Sources(Diagnostics, getFiles());
48 Rewriter Rewrite(Sources, DefaultLangOptions);
51 llvm::errs() << "Skipped some replacements.\n";
52 }
54 return saveRewrittenFiles(Rewrite);
58 bool Result = true;
59 for (const auto &Entry : groupReplacementsByFile(
60 Rewrite.getSourceMgr().getFileManager(), FileToReplaces))
62 return Result;
65int RefactoringTool::saveRewrittenFiles(Rewriter &Rewrite) {
66 return Rewrite.overwriteChangedFiles() ? 1 : 0;
70 const std::map<std::string, Replacements> &FileToReplaces,
71 Rewriter &Rewrite, StringRef Style) {
72 SourceManager &SM = Rewrite.getSourceMgr();
73 FileManager &Files = SM.getFileManager();
75 bool Result = true;
76 for (const auto &FileAndReplaces : groupReplacementsByFile(
77 Rewrite.getSourceMgr().getFileManager(), FileToReplaces)) {
78 const std::string &FilePath = FileAndReplaces.first;
79 auto &CurReplaces = FileAndReplaces.second;
81 FileEntryRef Entry = llvm::cantFail(Files.getFileRef(FilePath));
82 FileID ID = SM.getOrCreateFileID(Entry, SrcMgr::C_User);
83 StringRef Code = SM.getBufferData(ID);
85 auto CurStyle = format::getStyle(Style, FilePath, "LLVM");
86 if (!CurStyle) {
87 llvm::errs() << llvm::toString(CurStyle.takeError()) << "\n";
88 return false;
89 }
91 auto NewReplacements =
92 format::formatReplacements(Code, CurReplaces, *CurStyle);
93 if (!NewReplacements) {
94 llvm::errs() << llvm::toString(NewReplacements.takeError()) << "\n";
95 return false;
96 }
97 Result = applyAllReplacements(*NewReplacements, Rewrite) && Result;
98 }
99 return Result;
102} // end namespace tooling
103} // end namespace clang
static char ID
Definition: Arena.cpp:183
#define SM(sm)
Definition: Cuda.cpp:84
Defines the clang::FileManager interface and associated types.
Various functions to configurably format source code.
Defines the SourceManager interface.
Used for handling and querying diagnostic IDs.
Options for controlling the compiler diagnostics engine.
Concrete class used by the front-end to report problems and issues.
Definition: Diagnostic.h:192
A reference to a FileEntry that includes the name of the file as it was accessed by the FileManager's...
Definition: FileEntry.h:57
An opaque identifier used by SourceManager which refers to a source file (MemoryBuffer) along with it...
Implements support for file system lookup, file system caching, and directory search management.
Definition: FileManager.h:53
llvm::Expected< FileEntryRef > getFileRef(StringRef Filename, bool OpenFile=false, bool CacheFailure=true)
Lookup, cache, and verify the specified file (real or virtual).
Keeps track of the various options that can be enabled, which controls the dialect of C or C++ that i...
Definition: LangOptions.h:461
Rewriter - This is the main interface to the rewrite buffers.
Definition: Rewriter.h:32
This class handles loading and caching of source files into memory.
Utility to run a FrontendAction over a set of files.
Definition: Tooling.h:311
int run(ToolAction *Action)
Runs an action over all files specified in the command line.
Definition: Tooling.cpp:517
FileManager & getFiles()
Returns the file manager used in the tool.
Definition: Tooling.h:374
Interface for compilation databases.
Interface to generate clang::FrontendActions.
Definition: Tooling.h:98
bool applyAllReplacements(Rewriter &Rewrite)
Apply all stored replacements to the given Rewriter.
Definition: Refactoring.cpp:57
int runAndSave(FrontendActionFactory *ActionFactory)
Call run(), apply all generated replacements, and immediately save the results to disk.
Definition: Refactoring.cpp:36
std::map< std::string, Replacements > & getReplacements()
Returns the file path to replacements map to which replacements should be added during the run of the...
Definition: Refactoring.cpp:32
RefactoringTool(const CompilationDatabase &Compilations, ArrayRef< std::string > SourcePaths, std::shared_ptr< PCHContainerOperations > PCHContainerOps=std::make_shared< PCHContainerOperations >())
Definition: Refactoring.cpp:27
Expected< FormatStyle > getStyle(StringRef StyleName, StringRef FileName, StringRef FallbackStyle, StringRef Code="", llvm::vfs::FileSystem *FS=nullptr, bool AllowUnknownOptions=false)
Construct a FormatStyle based on StyleName.
Definition: Format.cpp:3959
Expected< tooling::Replacements > formatReplacements(StringRef Code, const tooling::Replacements &Replaces, const FormatStyle &Style)
Returns the replacements corresponding to applying and formatting Replaces on success; otheriwse,...
Definition: Format.cpp:3475
bool applyAllReplacements(const Replacements &Replaces, Rewriter &Rewrite)
Apply all replacements in Replaces to the Rewriter Rewrite.
bool formatAndApplyAllReplacements(const std::map< std::string, Replacements > &FileToReplaces, Rewriter &Rewrite, StringRef Style="file")
Groups Replaces by the file path and applies each group of Replacements on the related file in Rewrit...
Definition: Refactoring.cpp:69
std::map< std::string, Replacements > groupReplacementsByFile(FileManager &FileMgr, const std::map< std::string, Replacements > &FileToReplaces)
If there are multiple <File, Replacements> pairs with the same file entry, we only keep one pair and ...
The JSON file list parser is used to communicate input to InstallAPI.
@ Rewrite
We are substituting template parameters for (typically) other template parameters in order to rewrite...
@ Result
The result type of a method or function.
Definition: Format.h:5433