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clang::ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl Class Referencefinal

#include "clang/AST/DeclTemplate.h"

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Public Member Functions

ArrayRef< TemplateArgumentgetTemplateArguments () const
void setTemplateArguments (ArrayRef< TemplateArgument > Converted)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::Decl
 Decl ()=delete
 Decl (const Decl &)=delete
 Decl (Decl &&)=delete
Decloperator= (const Decl &)=delete
Decloperator= (Decl &&)=delete
virtual SourceRange getSourceRange () const LLVM_READONLY
 Source range that this declaration covers.
SourceLocation getBeginLoc () const LLVM_READONLY
SourceLocation getEndLoc () const LLVM_READONLY
SourceLocation getLocation () const
void setLocation (SourceLocation L)
Kind getKind () const
const char * getDeclKindName () const
DeclgetNextDeclInContext ()
const DeclgetNextDeclInContext () const
DeclContextgetDeclContext ()
const DeclContextgetDeclContext () const
DeclContextgetNonTransparentDeclContext ()
 Return the non transparent context.
const DeclContextgetNonTransparentDeclContext () const
DeclgetNonClosureContext ()
 Find the innermost non-closure ancestor of this declaration, walking up through blocks, lambdas, etc.
const DeclgetNonClosureContext () const
TranslationUnitDeclgetTranslationUnitDecl ()
const TranslationUnitDeclgetTranslationUnitDecl () const
bool isInAnonymousNamespace () const
bool isInStdNamespace () const
bool isFileContextDecl () const
ASTContextgetASTContext () const LLVM_READONLY
const LangOptionsgetLangOpts () const LLVM_READONLY
 Helper to get the language options from the ASTContext.
void setAccess (AccessSpecifier AS)
AccessSpecifier getAccess () const
AccessSpecifier getAccessUnsafe () const
 Retrieve the access specifier for this declaration, even though it may not yet have been properly set.
bool hasAttrs () const
void setAttrs (const AttrVec &Attrs)
AttrVecgetAttrs ()
const AttrVecgetAttrs () const
void dropAttrs ()
void addAttr (Attr *A)
attr_range attrs () const
attr_iterator attr_begin () const
attr_iterator attr_end () const
template<typename... Ts>
void dropAttrs ()
template<typename T >
void dropAttr ()
template<typename T >
llvm::iterator_range< specific_attr_iterator< T > > specific_attrs () const
template<typename T >
specific_attr_iterator< Tspecific_attr_begin () const
template<typename T >
specific_attr_iterator< Tspecific_attr_end () const
template<typename T >
TgetAttr () const
template<typename T >
bool hasAttr () const
unsigned getMaxAlignment () const
 getMaxAlignment - return the maximum alignment specified by attributes on this decl, 0 if there are none.
void setInvalidDecl (bool Invalid=true)
 setInvalidDecl - Indicates the Decl had a semantic error.
bool isInvalidDecl () const
bool isImplicit () const
 isImplicit - Indicates whether the declaration was implicitly generated by the implementation.
void setImplicit (bool I=true)
bool isUsed (bool CheckUsedAttr=true) const
 Whether any (re-)declaration of the entity was used, meaning that a definition is required.
void setIsUsed ()
 Set whether the declaration is used, in the sense of odr-use.
void markUsed (ASTContext &C)
 Mark the declaration used, in the sense of odr-use.
bool isReferenced () const
 Whether any declaration of this entity was referenced.
bool isThisDeclarationReferenced () const
 Whether this declaration was referenced.
void setReferenced (bool R=true)
bool isTopLevelDeclInObjCContainer () const
 Whether this declaration is a top-level declaration (function, global variable, etc.) that is lexically inside an objc container definition.
void setTopLevelDeclInObjCContainer (bool V=true)
ExternalSourceSymbolAttr * getExternalSourceSymbolAttr () const
 Looks on this and related declarations for an applicable external source symbol attribute.
bool isModulePrivate () const
 Whether this declaration was marked as being private to the module in which it was defined.
bool isInExportDeclContext () const
 Whether this declaration was exported in a lexical context.
bool isInvisibleOutsideTheOwningModule () const
bool isInAnotherModuleUnit () const
 Whether this declaration comes from another module unit.
bool isFromExplicitGlobalModule () const
 Whether this declaration comes from explicit global module.
bool hasDefiningAttr () const
 Return true if this declaration has an attribute which acts as definition of the entity, such as 'alias' or 'ifunc'.
const AttrgetDefiningAttr () const
 Return this declaration's defining attribute if it has one.
void setFromASTFile ()
 Set the FromASTFile flag.
void setOwningModuleID (unsigned ID)
 Set the owning module ID.
AvailabilityResult getAvailability (std::string *Message=nullptr, VersionTuple EnclosingVersion=VersionTuple(), StringRef *RealizedPlatform=nullptr) const
 Determine the availability of the given declaration.
VersionTuple getVersionIntroduced () const
 Retrieve the version of the target platform in which this declaration was introduced.
bool isDeprecated (std::string *Message=nullptr) const
 Determine whether this declaration is marked 'deprecated'.
bool isUnavailable (std::string *Message=nullptr) const
 Determine whether this declaration is marked 'unavailable'.
bool isWeakImported () const
 Determine whether this is a weak-imported symbol.
bool canBeWeakImported (bool &IsDefinition) const
 Determines whether this symbol can be weak-imported, e.g., whether it would be well-formed to add the weak_import attribute.
bool isFromASTFile () const
 Determine whether this declaration came from an AST file (such as a precompiled header or module) rather than having been parsed.
GlobalDeclID getGlobalID () const
 Retrieve the global declaration ID associated with this declaration, which specifies where this Decl was loaded from.
unsigned getOwningModuleID () const
 Retrieve the global ID of the module that owns this particular declaration.
ModulegetImportedOwningModule () const
 Get the imported owning module, if this decl is from an imported (non-local) module.
ModulegetLocalOwningModule () const
 Get the local owning module, if known.
void setLocalOwningModule (Module *M)
bool hasOwningModule () const
 Is this declaration owned by some module?
ModulegetOwningModule () const
 Get the module that owns this declaration (for visibility purposes).
ModulegetOwningModuleForLinkage (bool IgnoreLinkage=false) const
 Get the module that owns this declaration for linkage purposes.
bool isUnconditionallyVisible () const
 Determine whether this declaration is definitely visible to name lookup, independent of whether the owning module is visible.
bool isReachable () const
void setVisibleDespiteOwningModule ()
 Set that this declaration is globally visible, even if it came from a module that is not visible.
ModuleOwnershipKind getModuleOwnershipKind () const
 Get the kind of module ownership for this declaration.
void setModuleOwnershipKind (ModuleOwnershipKind MOK)
 Set whether this declaration is hidden from name lookup.
unsigned getIdentifierNamespace () const
bool isInIdentifierNamespace (unsigned NS) const
bool hasTagIdentifierNamespace () const
DeclContextgetLexicalDeclContext ()
 getLexicalDeclContext - The declaration context where this Decl was lexically declared (LexicalDC).
const DeclContextgetLexicalDeclContext () const
virtual bool isOutOfLine () const
 Determine whether this declaration is declared out of line (outside its semantic context).
void setDeclContext (DeclContext *DC)
 setDeclContext - Set both the semantic and lexical DeclContext to DC.
void setLexicalDeclContext (DeclContext *DC)
bool isTemplated () const
 Determine whether this declaration is a templated entity (whether it is.
unsigned getTemplateDepth () const
 Determine the number of levels of template parameter surrounding this declaration.
bool isDefinedOutsideFunctionOrMethod () const
 isDefinedOutsideFunctionOrMethod - This predicate returns true if this scoped decl is defined outside the current function or method.
bool isInLocalScopeForInstantiation () const
 Determine whether a substitution into this declaration would occur as part of a substitution into a dependent local scope.
const DeclContextgetParentFunctionOrMethod (bool LexicalParent=false) const
 If this decl is defined inside a function/method/block it returns the corresponding DeclContext, otherwise it returns null.
DeclContextgetParentFunctionOrMethod (bool LexicalParent=false)
virtual DeclgetCanonicalDecl ()
 Retrieves the "canonical" declaration of the given declaration.
const DeclgetCanonicalDecl () const
bool isCanonicalDecl () const
 Whether this particular Decl is a canonical one.
redecl_range redecls () const
 Returns an iterator range for all the redeclarations of the same decl.
redecl_iterator redecls_begin () const
redecl_iterator redecls_end () const
DeclgetPreviousDecl ()
 Retrieve the previous declaration that declares the same entity as this declaration, or NULL if there is no previous declaration.
const DeclgetPreviousDecl () const
 Retrieve the previous declaration that declares the same entity as this declaration, or NULL if there is no previous declaration.
bool isFirstDecl () const
 True if this is the first declaration in its redeclaration chain.
DeclgetMostRecentDecl ()
 Retrieve the most recent declaration that declares the same entity as this declaration (which may be this declaration).
const DeclgetMostRecentDecl () const
 Retrieve the most recent declaration that declares the same entity as this declaration (which may be this declaration).
virtual StmtgetBody () const
 getBody - If this Decl represents a declaration for a body of code, such as a function or method definition, this method returns the top-level Stmt* of that body.
virtual bool hasBody () const
 Returns true if this Decl represents a declaration for a body of code, such as a function or method definition.
SourceLocation getBodyRBrace () const
 getBodyRBrace - Gets the right brace of the body, if a body exists.
bool isTemplateParameter () const
 isTemplateParameter - Determines whether this declaration is a template parameter.
bool isTemplateParameterPack () const
 isTemplateParameter - Determines whether this declaration is a template parameter pack.
bool isParameterPack () const
 Whether this declaration is a parameter pack.
bool isTemplateDecl () const
 returns true if this declaration is a template
bool isFunctionOrFunctionTemplate () const
 Whether this declaration is a function or function template.
TemplateDeclgetDescribedTemplate () const
 If this is a declaration that describes some template, this method returns that template declaration.
const TemplateParameterListgetDescribedTemplateParams () const
 If this is a declaration that describes some template or partial specialization, this returns the corresponding template parameter list.
FunctionDeclgetAsFunction () LLVM_READONLY
 Returns the function itself, or the templated function if this is a function template.
const FunctionDeclgetAsFunction () const
void setLocalExternDecl ()
 Changes the namespace of this declaration to reflect that it's a function-local extern declaration.
bool isLocalExternDecl () const
 Determine whether this is a block-scope declaration with linkage.
void setObjectOfFriendDecl (bool PerformFriendInjection=false)
 Changes the namespace of this declaration to reflect that it's the object of a friend declaration.
void clearIdentifierNamespace ()
 Clears the namespace of this declaration.
FriendObjectKind getFriendObjectKind () const
 Determines whether this declaration is the object of a friend declaration and, if so, what kind.
void setNonMemberOperator ()
 Specifies that this declaration is a C++ overloaded non-member.
void print (raw_ostream &Out, unsigned Indentation=0, bool PrintInstantiation=false) const
void print (raw_ostream &Out, const PrintingPolicy &Policy, unsigned Indentation=0, bool PrintInstantiation=false) const
void dump () const
void dumpColor () const
void dump (raw_ostream &Out, bool Deserialize=false, ASTDumpOutputFormat OutputFormat=ADOF_Default) const
int64_t getID () const
const FunctionTypegetFunctionType (bool BlocksToo=true) const
 Looks through the Decl's underlying type to extract a FunctionType when possible.
bool isFunctionPointerType () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ImplicitConceptSpecializationDeclCreate (const ASTContext &C, DeclContext *DC, SourceLocation SL, ArrayRef< TemplateArgument > ConvertedArgs)
static ImplicitConceptSpecializationDeclCreateDeserialized (const ASTContext &C, GlobalDeclID ID, unsigned NumTemplateArgs)
static bool classofKind (Kind K)
static bool classof (const Decl *D)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::Decl
static bool isFlexibleArrayMemberLike (ASTContext &Context, const Decl *D, QualType Ty, LangOptions::StrictFlexArraysLevelKind StrictFlexArraysLevel, bool IgnoreTemplateOrMacroSubstitution)
 Whether it resembles a flexible array member.
static unsigned getIdentifierNamespaceForKind (Kind DK)
static bool isTagIdentifierNamespace (unsigned NS)
static void add (Kind k)
static void EnableStatistics ()
static void PrintStats ()
static bool classofKind (Kind K)
static DeclContextcastToDeclContext (const Decl *)
static DeclcastFromDeclContext (const DeclContext *)
static void printGroup (Decl **Begin, unsigned NumDecls, raw_ostream &Out, const PrintingPolicy &Policy, unsigned Indentation=0)

Public Attributes

friend TrailingObjects


class ASTDeclReader

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from clang::Decl
enum  Kind
 Lists the kind of concrete classes of Decl. More...
enum  IdentifierNamespace {
  IDNS_Label = 0x0001 , IDNS_Tag = 0x0002 , IDNS_Type = 0x0004 , IDNS_Member = 0x0008 ,
  IDNS_Namespace = 0x0010 , IDNS_Ordinary = 0x0020 , IDNS_ObjCProtocol = 0x0040 , IDNS_OrdinaryFriend = 0x0080 ,
  IDNS_TagFriend = 0x0100 , IDNS_Using = 0x0200 , IDNS_NonMemberOperator = 0x0400 , IDNS_LocalExtern = 0x0800 ,
  IDNS_OMPReduction = 0x1000 , IDNS_OMPMapper = 0x2000
 IdentifierNamespace - The different namespaces in which declarations may appear. More...
enum  ObjCDeclQualifier {
  OBJC_TQ_None = 0x0 , OBJC_TQ_In = 0x1 , OBJC_TQ_Inout = 0x2 , OBJC_TQ_Out = 0x4 ,
  OBJC_TQ_Bycopy = 0x8 , OBJC_TQ_Byref = 0x10 , OBJC_TQ_Oneway = 0x20 , OBJC_TQ_CSNullability = 0x40
 ObjCDeclQualifier - 'Qualifiers' written next to the return and parameter types in method declarations. More...
enum class  ModuleOwnershipKind : unsigned char {
  Unowned , Visible , VisibleWhenImported , ReachableWhenImported ,
 The kind of ownership a declaration has, for visibility purposes. More...
enum  FriendObjectKind { FOK_None , FOK_Declared , FOK_Undeclared }
using attr_iterator = AttrVec::const_iterator
using attr_range = llvm::iterator_range< attr_iterator >
using redecl_range = llvm::iterator_range< redecl_iterator >
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::Decl
void * operator new (std::size_t Size, const ASTContext &Ctx, GlobalDeclID ID, std::size_t Extra=0)
 Allocate memory for a deserialized declaration.
void * operator new (std::size_t Size, const ASTContext &Ctx, DeclContext *Parent, std::size_t Extra=0)
 Allocate memory for a non-deserialized declaration.
 Decl (Kind DK, DeclContext *DC, SourceLocation L)
 Decl (Kind DK, EmptyShell Empty)
virtual ~Decl ()
void updateOutOfDate (IdentifierInfo &II) const
 Update a potentially out-of-date declaration.
Linkage getCachedLinkage () const
void setCachedLinkage (Linkage L) const
bool hasCachedLinkage () const
void setModulePrivate ()
 Specify that this declaration was marked as being private to the module in which it was defined.
bool hasLocalOwningModuleStorage () const
virtual DeclgetNextRedeclarationImpl ()
 Returns the next redeclaration or itself if this is the only decl.
virtual DeclgetPreviousDeclImpl ()
 Implementation of getPreviousDecl(), to be overridden by any subclass that has a redeclaration chain.
virtual DeclgetMostRecentDeclImpl ()
 Implementation of getMostRecentDecl(), to be overridden by any subclass that has a redeclaration chain.
ASTMutationListenergetASTMutationListener () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from clang::Decl
llvm::PointerIntPair< Decl *, 3, ModuleOwnershipKindNextInContextAndBits
 The next declaration within the same lexical DeclContext.
unsigned Access: 2
 Access - Used by C++ decls for the access specifier.
unsigned FromASTFile: 1
 Whether this declaration was loaded from an AST file.
unsigned IdentifierNamespace: 14
 IdentifierNamespace - This specifies what IDNS_* namespace this lives in.
unsigned CacheValidAndLinkage: 3
 If 0, we have not computed the linkage of this declaration.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3187 of file DeclTemplate.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ classof()

static bool clang::ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl::classof ( const Decl D)

Definition at line 3212 of file DeclTemplate.h.

References classofKind(), and clang::Decl::getKind().

◆ classofKind()

static bool clang::ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl::classofKind ( Kind  K)

Definition at line 3211 of file DeclTemplate.h.

Referenced by classof().

◆ Create()

ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl * ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl::Create ( const ASTContext C,
DeclContext DC,
SourceLocation  SL,
ArrayRef< TemplateArgument ConvertedArgs 

Definition at line 1103 of file DeclTemplate.cpp.

References clang::C.

Referenced by clang::Sema::CheckConceptTemplateId().

◆ CreateDeserialized()

ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl * ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl::CreateDeserialized ( const ASTContext C,
GlobalDeclID  ID,
unsigned  NumTemplateArgs 

Definition at line 1112 of file DeclTemplate.cpp.

References clang::C.

◆ getTemplateArguments()

ArrayRef< TemplateArgument > clang::ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl::getTemplateArguments ( ) const

◆ setTemplateArguments()

void ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl::setTemplateArguments ( ArrayRef< TemplateArgument Converted)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ASTDeclReader

friend class ASTDeclReader

Definition at line 3215 of file DeclTemplate.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ TrailingObjects

friend clang::ImplicitConceptSpecializationDecl::TrailingObjects

Definition at line 3214 of file DeclTemplate.h.

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