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clang::FunctionCallFilterCCC Class Reference

#include "clang/Sema/TypoCorrection.h"

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Public Member Functions

 FunctionCallFilterCCC (Sema &SemaRef, unsigned NumArgs, bool HasExplicitTemplateArgs, MemberExpr *ME=nullptr)
bool ValidateCandidate (const TypoCorrection &candidate) override
 Simple predicate used by the default RankCandidate to determine whether to return an edit distance of 0 or InvalidDistance.
std::unique_ptr< CorrectionCandidateCallbackclone () override
 Clone this CorrectionCandidateCallback.
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::CorrectionCandidateCallback
 CorrectionCandidateCallback (const IdentifierInfo *Typo=nullptr, NestedNameSpecifier *TypoNNS=nullptr)
virtual ~CorrectionCandidateCallback ()=default
virtual bool ValidateCandidate (const TypoCorrection &candidate)
 Simple predicate used by the default RankCandidate to determine whether to return an edit distance of 0 or InvalidDistance.
virtual unsigned RankCandidate (const TypoCorrection &candidate)
 Method used by Sema::CorrectTypo to assign an "edit distance" rank to a candidate (where a lower value represents a better candidate), or returning InvalidDistance if the candidate is not at all viable.
virtual std::unique_ptr< CorrectionCandidateCallbackclone ()=0
 Clone this CorrectionCandidateCallback.
void setTypoName (const IdentifierInfo *II)
void setTypoNNS (NestedNameSpecifier *NNS)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from clang::CorrectionCandidateCallback
bool WantTypeSpecifiers = true
bool WantExpressionKeywords = true
bool WantCXXNamedCasts = true
bool WantFunctionLikeCasts = true
bool WantRemainingKeywords = true
bool WantObjCSuper = false
bool IsObjCIvarLookup = false
bool IsAddressOfOperand = false
- Static Public Attributes inherited from clang::CorrectionCandidateCallback
static const unsigned InvalidDistance = TypoCorrection::InvalidDistance
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::CorrectionCandidateCallback
bool MatchesTypo (const TypoCorrection &candidate)
- Protected Attributes inherited from clang::CorrectionCandidateCallback
const IdentifierInfoTypo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 383 of file TypoCorrection.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FunctionCallFilterCCC()

FunctionCallFilterCCC::FunctionCallFilterCCC ( Sema SemaRef,
unsigned  NumArgs,
bool  HasExplicitTemplateArgs,
MemberExpr ME = nullptr 

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

std::unique_ptr< CorrectionCandidateCallback > clang::FunctionCallFilterCCC::clone ( )

Clone this CorrectionCandidateCallback.

CorrectionCandidateCallbacks are initially stack-allocated. However in case where delayed typo-correction is done we need to move the callback to storage with a longer lifetime. Every class deriving from CorrectionCandidateCallback must implement this method.

Implements clang::CorrectionCandidateCallback.

Definition at line 390 of file TypoCorrection.h.

◆ ValidateCandidate()

bool FunctionCallFilterCCC::ValidateCandidate ( const TypoCorrection candidate)

Simple predicate used by the default RankCandidate to determine whether to return an edit distance of 0 or InvalidDistance.

This can be overridden by validators that only need to determine if a candidate is viable, without ranking potentially viable candidates. Only ValidateCandidate or RankCandidate need to be overridden by a callback wishing to check the viability of correction candidates. The default predicate always returns true if the candidate is not a type name or keyword, true for types if WantTypeSpecifiers is true, and true for keywords if WantTypeSpecifiers, WantExpressionKeywords, WantCXXNamedCasts, WantRemainingKeywords, or WantObjCSuper is true.

Reimplemented from clang::CorrectionCandidateCallback.

Definition at line 5645 of file SemaLookup.cpp.

References clang::C, clang::Type::getAs(), clang::getAsTypeTemplateDecl(), clang::TypoCorrection::getCorrectionDecl(), clang::ASTContext::getLangOpts(), clang::MemberExpr::getMemberDecl(), clang::FunctionDecl::getMinRequiredArguments(), clang::FunctionDecl::getNumParams(), clang::DeclContext::getParent(), clang::DeclContext::getParentASTContext(), clang::Type::getPointeeType(), clang::Type::isAnyPointerType(), clang::CXXRecordDecl::isDerivedFrom(), clang::TypoCorrection::isKeyword(), clang::QualType::isNull(), and clang::Type::isReferenceType().

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