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clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock Class Reference

A basic block is part of an SCFG. More...

#include "clang/Analysis/Analyses/ThreadSafetyTIL.h"

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struct  TopologyNode

Public Types

using InstrArray = SimpleArray< SExpr * >
using BlockArray = SimpleArray< BasicBlock * >

Public Member Functions

 BasicBlock (MemRegionRef A)
 BasicBlock (BasicBlock &B, MemRegionRef A, InstrArray &&As, InstrArray &&Is, Terminator *T)
int blockID () const
 Returns the block ID. Every block has a unique ID in the CFG.
size_t numPredecessors () const
 Returns the number of predecessors.
size_t numSuccessors () const
const SCFGcfg () const
SCFGcfg ()
const BasicBlockparent () const
BasicBlockparent ()
const InstrArrayarguments () const
InstrArrayarguments ()
InstrArrayinstructions ()
const InstrArrayinstructions () const
BlockArraypredecessors ()
 Returns a list of predecessors.
const BlockArraypredecessors () const
ArrayRef< BasicBlock * > successors ()
ArrayRef< BasicBlock * > successors () const
const Terminatorterminator () const
Terminatorterminator ()
void setTerminator (Terminator *E)
bool Dominates (const BasicBlock &Other)
bool PostDominates (const BasicBlock &Other)
void addArgument (Phi *V)
 Add a new argument.
void addInstruction (SExpr *V)
 Add a new instruction.
unsigned addPredecessor (BasicBlock *Pred)
void reserveArguments (unsigned Nargs)
void reserveInstructions (unsigned Nins)
void reservePredecessors (unsigned NumPreds)
unsigned findPredecessorIndex (const BasicBlock *BB) const
 Return the index of BB, or Predecessors.size if BB is not a predecessor.
template<class V >
V::R_BasicBlock traverse (V &Vs, typename V::R_Ctx Ctx)
template<class C >
C::CType compare (const BasicBlock *E, C &Cmp) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::threadSafety::til::SExpr
 SExpr ()=delete
TIL_Opcode opcode () const
void * operator new (size_t S, MemRegionRef &R)
void * operator new (size_t)=delete
 SExpr objects must be created in an arena.
void operator delete (void *)=delete
 SExpr objects cannot be deleted.
unsigned id () const
 Returns the instruction ID for this expression.
BasicBlockblock () const
 Returns the block, if this is an instruction in a basic block, otherwise returns null.
void setID (BasicBlock *B, unsigned id)
 Set the basic block and instruction ID for this expression.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool classof (const SExpr *E)


class SCFG

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::threadSafety::til::SExpr
 SExpr (TIL_Opcode Op)
 SExpr (const SExpr &E)
SExproperator= (const SExpr &)=delete
- Protected Attributes inherited from clang::threadSafety::til::SExpr
const TIL_Opcode Opcode
unsigned char Reserved = 0
unsigned short Flags = 0
unsigned SExprID = 0
BasicBlockBlock = nullptr

Detailed Description

A basic block is part of an SCFG.

It can be treated as a function in continuation passing style. A block consists of a sequence of phi nodes, which are "arguments" to the function, followed by a sequence of instructions. It ends with a Terminator, which is a Branch or Goto to another basic block in the same SCFG.

Definition at line 1508 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ BlockArray

Definition at line 1511 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ InstrArray

Definition at line 1510 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BasicBlock() [1/2]

clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::BasicBlock ( MemRegionRef  A)

Definition at line 1539 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ BasicBlock() [2/2]

clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::BasicBlock ( BasicBlock B,
MemRegionRef  A,
InstrArray &&  As,
InstrArray &&  Is,
Terminator T 

Definition at line 1541 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addArgument()

void clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::addArgument ( Phi V)

◆ addInstruction()

void clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::addInstruction ( SExpr V)

◆ addPredecessor()

unsigned BasicBlock::addPredecessor ( BasicBlock Pred)

◆ arguments() [1/2]

InstrArray & clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::arguments ( )

Definition at line 1562 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ arguments() [2/2]

const InstrArray & clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::arguments ( ) const

◆ blockID()

int clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::blockID ( ) const

◆ cfg() [1/2]

SCFG * clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::cfg ( )

Definition at line 1556 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ cfg() [2/2]

const SCFG * clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::cfg ( ) const

Definition at line 1555 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ classof()

static bool clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::classof ( const SExpr E)

Definition at line 1546 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

References clang::threadSafety::til::SExpr::opcode().

◆ compare()

template<class C >
C::CType clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::compare ( const BasicBlock E,
C Cmp 
) const

Definition at line 1645 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ Dominates()

bool clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::Dominates ( const BasicBlock Other)

◆ findPredecessorIndex()

unsigned clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::findPredecessorIndex ( const BasicBlock BB) const

Return the index of BB, or Predecessors.size if BB is not a predecessor.

Definition at line 1615 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

References clang::threadSafety::til::SimpleArray< T >::cbegin().

◆ instructions() [1/2]

InstrArray & clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::instructions ( )

◆ instructions() [2/2]

const InstrArray & clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::instructions ( ) const

Definition at line 1565 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ numPredecessors()

size_t clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::numPredecessors ( ) const

Returns the number of predecessors.

Definition at line 1552 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

References clang::threadSafety::til::SimpleArray< T >::size().

◆ numSuccessors()

size_t clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::numSuccessors ( ) const

Definition at line 1553 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

References successors().

◆ parent() [1/2]

BasicBlock * clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::parent ( )

◆ parent() [2/2]

const BasicBlock * clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::parent ( ) const

◆ PostDominates()

bool clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::PostDominates ( const BasicBlock Other)

◆ predecessors() [1/2]

BlockArray & clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::predecessors ( )

Returns a list of predecessors.

The order of predecessors in the list is important; each phi node has exactly one argument for each precessor, in the same order.

Definition at line 1570 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ predecessors() [2/2]

const BlockArray & clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::predecessors ( ) const

Definition at line 1571 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ reserveArguments()

void clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::reserveArguments ( unsigned  Nargs)

◆ reserveInstructions()

void clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::reserveInstructions ( unsigned  Nins)

◆ reservePredecessors()

void BasicBlock::reservePredecessors ( unsigned  NumPreds)

◆ setTerminator()

void clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::setTerminator ( Terminator E)

Definition at line 1579 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ successors() [1/2]

ArrayRef< BasicBlock * > clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::successors ( )

Definition at line 1573 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

References clang::threadSafety::til::Terminator::successors().

Referenced by numSuccessors().

◆ successors() [2/2]

ArrayRef< BasicBlock * > clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::successors ( ) const

◆ terminator() [1/2]

Terminator * clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::terminator ( )

Definition at line 1577 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

◆ terminator() [2/2]

const Terminator * clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::terminator ( ) const

◆ traverse()

template<class V >
V::R_BasicBlock clang::threadSafety::til::BasicBlock::traverse ( V Vs,
typename V::R_Ctx  Ctx 

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friend class SCFG

Definition at line 1651 of file ThreadSafetyTIL.h.

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