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clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet Class Reference

TemplateSpecCandidateSet - A set of generalized overload candidates, used in template specializations. More...

#include "clang/Sema/TemplateDeduction.h"

Public Types

using iterator = SmallVector< TemplateSpecCandidate, 16 >::iterator

Public Member Functions

 TemplateSpecCandidateSet (SourceLocation Loc, bool ForTakingAddress=false)
 TemplateSpecCandidateSet (const TemplateSpecCandidateSet &)=delete
TemplateSpecCandidateSetoperator= (const TemplateSpecCandidateSet &)=delete
 ~TemplateSpecCandidateSet ()
SourceLocation getLocation () const
void clear ()
 Clear out all of the candidates.
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
size_t size () const
bool empty () const
TemplateSpecCandidateaddCandidate ()
 Add a new candidate with NumConversions conversion sequence slots to the overload set.
void NoteCandidates (Sema &S, SourceLocation Loc)
 NoteCandidates - When no template specialization match is found, prints diagnostic messages containing the non-matching specializations that form the candidate set.
void NoteCandidates (Sema &S, SourceLocation Loc) const

Detailed Description

TemplateSpecCandidateSet - A set of generalized overload candidates, used in template specializations.

TODO: In the future, we may need to unify/generalize this with OverloadCandidateSet.

Definition at line 338 of file TemplateDeduction.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ iterator

Definition at line 363 of file TemplateDeduction.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TemplateSpecCandidateSet() [1/2]

clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::TemplateSpecCandidateSet ( SourceLocation  Loc,
bool  ForTakingAddress = false 

Definition at line 350 of file TemplateDeduction.h.

References Loc.

◆ TemplateSpecCandidateSet() [2/2]

clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::TemplateSpecCandidateSet ( const TemplateSpecCandidateSet )

◆ ~TemplateSpecCandidateSet()

clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::~TemplateSpecCandidateSet ( )

Definition at line 355 of file TemplateDeduction.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCandidate()

TemplateSpecCandidate & clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::addCandidate ( )

◆ begin()

iterator clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::begin ( )

Definition at line 365 of file TemplateDeduction.h.

◆ clear()

void TemplateSpecCandidateSet::clear ( )

Clear out all of the candidates.

TODO: This may be unnecessary.

Definition at line 12738 of file SemaOverload.cpp.

◆ empty()

bool clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::empty ( ) const

Definition at line 369 of file TemplateDeduction.h.

◆ end()

iterator clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::end ( )

Definition at line 366 of file TemplateDeduction.h.

◆ getLocation()

SourceLocation clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::getLocation ( ) const

◆ NoteCandidates() [1/2]

void TemplateSpecCandidateSet::NoteCandidates ( Sema S,
SourceLocation  Loc 

◆ NoteCandidates() [2/2]

void clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::NoteCandidates ( Sema S,
SourceLocation  Loc 
) const

Definition at line 380 of file TemplateDeduction.h.

References Loc, and NoteCandidates().

◆ operator=()

TemplateSpecCandidateSet & clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::operator= ( const TemplateSpecCandidateSet )

◆ size()

size_t clang::TemplateSpecCandidateSet::size ( ) const

Definition at line 368 of file TemplateDeduction.h.

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