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clang::CodeGen::CGOpenMPRuntime Class Reference

#include "/opt/doxygen-docs/src/llvm/tools/clang/lib/CodeGen/CGOpenMPRuntime.h"

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class  DisableAutoDeclareTargetRAII
 Allows to disable automatic handling of functions used in target regions as those marked as omp declare target. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createOffloadEntry (llvm::Constant *ID, llvm::Constant *Addr, uint64_t Size, int32_t Flags, llvm::GlobalValue::LinkageTypes Linkage)
 Creates offloading entry for the provided entry ID ID, address Addr, size Size, and flags Flags. More...
virtual void emitTargetOutlinedFunctionHelper (const OMPExecutableDirective &D, StringRef ParentName, llvm::Function *&OutlinedFn, llvm::Constant *&OutlinedFnID, bool IsOffloadEntry, const RegionCodeGenTy &CodeGen)
 Helper to emit outlined function for 'target' directive. More...
void emitOMPIfClause (CodeGenFunction &CGF, const Expr *Cond, const RegionCodeGenTy &ThenGen, const RegionCodeGenTy &ElseGen)
 Emits code for OpenMP 'if' clause using specified CodeGen function. More...
llvm::ValueemitUpdateLocation (CodeGenFunction &CGF, SourceLocation Loc, unsigned Flags=0)
 Emits object of ident_t type with info for source location. More...
llvm::TypegetIdentTyPointerTy ()
 Returns pointer to ident_t type. More...
llvm::ValuegetThreadID (CodeGenFunction &CGF, SourceLocation Loc)
 Gets thread id value for the current thread. More...
virtual StringRef getOutlinedHelperName () const
 Get the function name of an outlined region. More...
void emitCall (CodeGenFunction &CGF, SourceLocation Loc, llvm::Value *Callee, ArrayRef< llvm::Value *> Args=llvm::None) const
 Emits Callee function call with arguments Args with location Loc. More...
virtual Address emitThreadIDAddress (CodeGenFunction &CGF, SourceLocation Loc)
 Emits address of the word in a memory where current thread id is stored. More...

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 201 of file CGOpenMPRuntime.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createOffloadEntry()

void CGOpenMPRuntime::createOffloadEntry ( llvm::Constant *  ID,
llvm::Constant *  Addr,
uint64_t  Size,
int32_t  Flags,
llvm::GlobalValue::LinkageTypes  Linkage 

◆ emitCall()

void CGOpenMPRuntime::emitCall ( CodeGenFunction CGF,
SourceLocation  Loc,
llvm::Value Callee,
ArrayRef< llvm::Value *>  Args = llvm::None 
) const

◆ emitOMPIfClause()

void CGOpenMPRuntime::emitOMPIfClause ( CodeGenFunction CGF,
const Expr Cond,
const RegionCodeGenTy ThenGen,
const RegionCodeGenTy ElseGen 

◆ emitTargetOutlinedFunctionHelper()

void CGOpenMPRuntime::emitTargetOutlinedFunctionHelper ( const OMPExecutableDirective D,
StringRef  ParentName,
llvm::Function *&  OutlinedFn,
llvm::Constant *&  OutlinedFnID,
bool  IsOffloadEntry,
const RegionCodeGenTy CodeGen 

Helper to emit outlined function for 'target' directive.

DDirective to emit.
ParentNameName of the function that encloses the target region.
OutlinedFnOutlined function value to be defined by this call.
OutlinedFnIDOutlined function ID value to be defined by this call.
IsOffloadEntryTrue if the outlined function is an offload entry.
CodeGenLambda codegen specific to an accelerator device. An outlined function may not be an entry if, e.g. the if clause always evaluates to false.

Definition at line 6165 of file CGOpenMPRuntime.cpp.

References clang::ExternalLinkage, clang::CodeGen::CodeGenFunction::GenerateOpenMPCapturedStmtFunction(), clang::OMPExecutableDirective::getCapturedStmt(), clang::CodeGen::CodeGenModule::getContext(), clang::CodeGen::CodeGenModule::getLangOpts(), clang::OMPExecutableDirective::getLocStart(), clang::CodeGen::CodeGenModule::getModule(), getTargetEntryUniqueInfo(), clang::CodeGen::CodeGenTypeCache::Int8PtrTy, clang::CodeGen::CodeGenTypeCache::Int8Ty, Line, clang::CodeGen::OffloadEntriesInfoManager, clang::CodeGen::OffloadEntriesInfoManagerTy::OMPTargetRegionEntryTargetRegion, and clang::CodeGen::OffloadEntriesInfoManagerTy::registerTargetRegionEntryInfo().

◆ emitThreadIDAddress()

Address CGOpenMPRuntime::emitThreadIDAddress ( CodeGenFunction CGF,
SourceLocation  Loc 

◆ emitUpdateLocation()

llvm::Value * CGOpenMPRuntime::emitUpdateLocation ( CodeGenFunction CGF,
SourceLocation  Loc,
unsigned  Flags = 0 

◆ getIdentTyPointerTy()

llvm::Type * CGOpenMPRuntime::getIdentTyPointerTy ( )

Returns pointer to ident_t type.

Definition at line 1609 of file CGOpenMPRuntime.cpp.

Referenced by clang::CodeGen::createRuntimeFunction().

◆ getOutlinedHelperName()

virtual StringRef clang::CodeGen::CGOpenMPRuntime::getOutlinedHelperName ( ) const

Get the function name of an outlined region.

Reimplemented in clang::CodeGen::CGOpenMPRuntimeNVPTX.

Definition at line 266 of file CGOpenMPRuntime.h.

Referenced by emitParallelOrTeamsOutlinedFunction().

◆ getThreadID()

llvm::Value * CGOpenMPRuntime::getThreadID ( CodeGenFunction CGF,
SourceLocation  Loc 

Member Data Documentation


CodeGenModule& clang::CodeGen::CGOpenMPRuntime::CGM

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