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clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator Class Reference

Represents a single C99 designator. More...

#include "clang/AST/Expr.h"

Public Member Functions

 Designator ()
bool isFieldDesignator () const
bool isArrayDesignator () const
bool isArrayRangeDesignator () const
const IdentifierInfogetFieldName () const
FieldDeclgetFieldDecl () const
void setFieldDecl (FieldDecl *FD)
SourceLocation getDotLoc () const
SourceLocation getFieldLoc () const
unsigned getArrayIndex () const
SourceLocation getLBracketLoc () const
SourceLocation getEllipsisLoc () const
SourceLocation getRBracketLoc () const
SourceLocation getBeginLoc () const LLVM_READONLY
SourceLocation getEndLoc () const LLVM_READONLY
SourceRange getSourceRange () const LLVM_READONLY

Static Public Member Functions

static Designator CreateFieldDesignator (const IdentifierInfo *FieldName, SourceLocation DotLoc, SourceLocation FieldLoc)
 Creates a field designator.
static Designator CreateArrayDesignator (unsigned Index, SourceLocation LBracketLoc, SourceLocation RBracketLoc)
 Creates an array designator.
static Designator CreateArrayRangeDesignator (unsigned Index, SourceLocation LBracketLoc, SourceLocation EllipsisLoc, SourceLocation RBracketLoc)
 Creates a GNU array-range designator.

Detailed Description

Represents a single C99 designator.

This class is infuriatingly similar to clang::Designator, but minor differences (storing indices vs. storing pointers) keep us from reusing it. Try harder, later, to rectify these differences.

Definition at line 5135 of file Expr.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Designator()

clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::Designator ( )

Definition at line 5206 of file Expr.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateArrayDesignator()

static Designator clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::CreateArrayDesignator ( unsigned  Index,
SourceLocation  LBracketLoc,
SourceLocation  RBracketLoc 

Creates an array designator.

Definition at line 5252 of file Expr.h.

References ArrayOrRangeInfo.

Referenced by clang::ASTNodeImporter::import().

◆ CreateArrayRangeDesignator()

static Designator clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::CreateArrayRangeDesignator ( unsigned  Index,
SourceLocation  LBracketLoc,
SourceLocation  EllipsisLoc,
SourceLocation  RBracketLoc 

Creates a GNU array-range designator.

Definition at line 5262 of file Expr.h.

References ArrayOrRangeInfo.

Referenced by clang::ASTNodeImporter::import().

◆ CreateFieldDesignator()

static Designator clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::CreateFieldDesignator ( const IdentifierInfo FieldName,
SourceLocation  DotLoc,
SourceLocation  FieldLoc 

Creates a field designator.

Definition at line 5216 of file Expr.h.

References FieldInfo.

Referenced by clang::ASTNodeImporter::import().

◆ getArrayIndex()

unsigned clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getArrayIndex ( ) const

◆ getBeginLoc()

SourceLocation clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getBeginLoc ( ) const

◆ getDotLoc()

SourceLocation clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getDotLoc ( ) const

◆ getEllipsisLoc()

SourceLocation clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getEllipsisLoc ( ) const

Definition at line 5285 of file Expr.h.

References ArrayOrRangeInfo, and isArrayRangeDesignator().

Referenced by clang::ASTNodeImporter::import().

◆ getEndLoc()

SourceLocation clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getEndLoc ( ) const

Definition at line 5303 of file Expr.h.

References getFieldLoc(), getRBracketLoc(), and isFieldDesignator().

Referenced by getSourceRange().

◆ getFieldDecl()

FieldDecl * clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getFieldDecl ( ) const

Definition at line 5226 of file Expr.h.

References FieldInfo, and isFieldDesignator().

Referenced by getFieldName().

◆ getFieldLoc()

SourceLocation clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getFieldLoc ( ) const

◆ getFieldName()

const IdentifierInfo * DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getFieldName ( ) const

◆ getLBracketLoc()

SourceLocation clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getLBracketLoc ( ) const

◆ getRBracketLoc()

SourceLocation clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getRBracketLoc ( ) const

◆ getSourceRange()

SourceRange clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::getSourceRange ( ) const

Definition at line 5307 of file Expr.h.

References getBeginLoc(), and getEndLoc().

Referenced by clang::DesignatedInitExpr::getDesignatorsSourceRange().

◆ isArrayDesignator()

bool clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::isArrayDesignator ( ) const

◆ isArrayRangeDesignator()

bool clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::isArrayRangeDesignator ( ) const

◆ isFieldDesignator()

bool clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::isFieldDesignator ( ) const

◆ setFieldDecl()

void clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::setFieldDecl ( FieldDecl FD)

Definition at line 5233 of file Expr.h.

References FieldInfo, and isFieldDesignator().

Member Data Documentation

◆ ArrayOrRangeInfo

struct ArrayOrRangeDesignatorInfo clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::ArrayOrRangeInfo

An array or GNU array-range designator, e.g., "[9]" or "[10..15]".

Definition at line 5200 of file Expr.h.

Referenced by CreateArrayDesignator(), CreateArrayRangeDesignator(), getArrayIndex(), getEllipsisLoc(), getLBracketLoc(), and getRBracketLoc().

◆ FieldInfo

struct FieldDesignatorInfo clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator::FieldInfo

A field designator, e.g., ".x".

Definition at line 5197 of file Expr.h.

Referenced by CreateFieldDesignator(), getDotLoc(), getFieldDecl(), getFieldLoc(), getFieldName(), and setFieldDecl().

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