clang 19.0.0git
Todo List
Member clang::CXXRecordDecl::isDerivedFrom (const CXXRecordDecl *Base, CXXBasePaths &Paths) const
add a separate parameter to configure IsDerivedFrom, rather than tangling input and output in Paths
Class clang::DesignatedInitExpr::Designator
This class is infuriatingly similar to clang::Designator, but minor differences (storing indices vs. storing pointers) keep us from reusing it. Try harder, later, to rectify these differences.
Member clang::Sema::CheckFieldDecl (DeclarationName Name, QualType T, TypeSourceInfo *TInfo, RecordDecl *Record, SourceLocation Loc, bool Mutable, Expr *BitfieldWidth, InClassInitStyle InitStyle, SourceLocation TSSL, AccessSpecifier AS, NamedDecl *PrevDecl, Declarator *D=nullptr)
The Declarator argument is a hack. It will be removed once
Member CXCompletionResult::CursorKind
In the future, we would like to provide a full cursor, to allow the client to extract additional information from declaration.