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clang::tidy::misc Namespace Reference


class  DefinitionsInHeadersCheck
 Finds non-extern non-inline function and variable definitions in header files, which can lead to potential ODR violations. More...
class  MiscModule
class  MisplacedConstCheck
 This check diagnoses when a const qualifier is applied to a typedef to a pointer type rather than to the pointee. More...
class  NewDeleteOverloadsCheck
class  NonCopyableObjectsCheck
 The check flags dereferences and non-pointer declarations of objects that are not meant to be passed by value, such as C FILE objects. More...
class  NonPrivateMemberVariablesInClassesCheck
 This checker finds classes that not only contain the data (non-static member variables), but also have logic (non-static member functions), and diagnoses all member variables that have any other scope other than private. More...
class  NoRecursionCheck
 Finds strongly connected functions (by analyzing call graph for SCC's that are loops), diagnoses each function in the cycle, and displays one example of possible call graph loop (recursion). More...
class  RedundantExpressionCheck
 The checker detects expressions that are redundant, because they contain ineffective, useless parts. More...
class  StaticAssertCheck
 Replaces assert() with static_assert() if the condition is evaluatable at compile time. More...
class  ThrowByValueCatchByReferenceCheck
 checks for locations that do not throw by value More...
class  UnconventionalAssignOperatorCheck
 Finds declarations of assignment operators with the wrong return and/or argument types and definitions with good return type but wrong return statements. More...
class  UniqueptrResetReleaseCheck
 Find and replace unique_ptr::reset(release()) with std::move(). More...
class  UnusedAliasDeclsCheck
 Finds unused namespace alias declarations. More...
class  UnusedParametersCheck
 Finds unused parameters and fixes them, so that -Wunused-parameter can be turned on. More...
class  UnusedUsingDeclsCheck
 Finds unused using declarations. More...


static QualType guessAlternateQualification (ASTContext &Context, QualType QT)
static bool exprEvaluatesToZero (BinaryOperatorKind Opcode, APSInt Value)
static bool exprEvaluatesToBitwiseNegatedZero (BinaryOperatorKind Opcode, APSInt Value)
static bool exprEvaluatesToSymbolic (BinaryOperatorKind Opcode, APSInt Value)
template<typename T >
static CharSourceRange removeNode (const MatchFinder::MatchResult &Result, const T *PrevNode, const T *Node, const T *NextNode)
static FixItHint removeParameter (const MatchFinder::MatchResult &Result, const FunctionDecl *Function, unsigned Index)
static FixItHint removeArgument (const MatchFinder::MatchResult &Result, const CallExpr *Call, unsigned Index)
static bool shouldCheckDecl (const Decl *TargetDecl)

Function Documentation

◆ exprEvaluatesToBitwiseNegatedZero()

static bool clang::tidy::misc::exprEvaluatesToBitwiseNegatedZero ( BinaryOperatorKind  Opcode,
APSInt  Value 

Definition at line 1046 of file RedundantExpressionCheck.cpp.

◆ exprEvaluatesToSymbolic()

static bool clang::tidy::misc::exprEvaluatesToSymbolic ( BinaryOperatorKind  Opcode,
APSInt  Value 

Definition at line 1051 of file RedundantExpressionCheck.cpp.

◆ exprEvaluatesToZero()

static bool clang::tidy::misc::exprEvaluatesToZero ( BinaryOperatorKind  Opcode,
APSInt  Value 

Definition at line 1042 of file RedundantExpressionCheck.cpp.

◆ guessAlternateQualification()

static QualType clang::tidy::misc::guessAlternateQualification ( ASTContext &  Context,
QualType  QT 

Definition at line 34 of file MisplacedConstCheck.cpp.

◆ removeArgument()

static FixItHint clang::tidy::misc::removeArgument ( const MatchFinder::MatchResult &  Result,
const CallExpr *  Call,
unsigned  Index 

Definition at line 67 of file UnusedParametersCheck.cpp.

◆ removeNode()

template<typename T >
static CharSourceRange clang::tidy::misc::removeNode ( const MatchFinder::MatchResult &  Result,
const T *  PrevNode,
const T *  Node,
const T *  NextNode 

Definition at line 41 of file UnusedParametersCheck.cpp.

◆ removeParameter()

static FixItHint clang::tidy::misc::removeParameter ( const MatchFinder::MatchResult &  Result,
const FunctionDecl *  Function,
unsigned  Index 

Definition at line 58 of file UnusedParametersCheck.cpp.

◆ shouldCheckDecl()

static bool clang::tidy::misc::shouldCheckDecl ( const Decl TargetDecl)

Definition at line 53 of file UnusedUsingDeclsCheck.cpp.