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clang::LambdaIntroducer Struct Reference

Represents a complete lambda introducer. More...

#include "clang/Sema/DeclSpec.h"

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struct  LambdaCapture
 An individual capture in a lambda introducer. More...

Public Member Functions

 LambdaIntroducer ()
void addCapture (LambdaCaptureKind Kind, SourceLocation Loc, IdentifierInfo *Id, SourceLocation EllipsisLoc, LambdaCaptureInitKind InitKind, ExprResult Init, ParsedType InitCaptureType, SourceRange ExplicitRange)
 Append a capture in a lambda introducer. More...

Public Attributes

SourceRange Range
SourceLocation DefaultLoc
LambdaCaptureDefault Default
SmallVector< LambdaCapture, 4 > Captures

Detailed Description

Represents a complete lambda introducer.

Definition at line 2635 of file DeclSpec.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LambdaIntroducer()

clang::LambdaIntroducer::LambdaIntroducer ( )

Definition at line 2662 of file DeclSpec.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCapture()

void clang::LambdaIntroducer::addCapture ( LambdaCaptureKind  Kind,
SourceLocation  Loc,
IdentifierInfo Id,
SourceLocation  EllipsisLoc,
LambdaCaptureInitKind  InitKind,
ExprResult  Init,
ParsedType  InitCaptureType,
SourceRange  ExplicitRange 

Append a capture in a lambda introducer.

Definition at line 2666 of file DeclSpec.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Captures

SmallVector<LambdaCapture, 4> clang::LambdaIntroducer::Captures

Definition at line 2660 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ Default

LambdaCaptureDefault clang::LambdaIntroducer::Default

Definition at line 2659 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ DefaultLoc

SourceLocation clang::LambdaIntroducer::DefaultLoc

Definition at line 2658 of file DeclSpec.h.

◆ Range

SourceRange clang::LambdaIntroducer::Range

Definition at line 2657 of file DeclSpec.h.

Referenced by addConstevalToLambdaDeclSpecifier().

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