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BitwiseShiftChecker Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void checkPreStmt (const BinaryOperator *B, CheckerContext &Ctx) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::CheckerBase
StringRef getTagDescription () const override
CheckerNameRef getCheckerName () const
virtual void printState (raw_ostream &Out, ProgramStateRef State, const char *NL, const char *Sep) const
 See CheckerManager::runCheckersForPrintState.
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ProgramPointTag
 ProgramPointTag (void *tagKind=nullptr)
virtual ~ProgramPointTag ()
virtual StringRef getTagDescription () const =0
const void * getTagKind () const
 Used to implement 'isKind' in subclasses.

Public Attributes

bool Pedantic = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::Checker< check::PreStmt< BinaryOperator > >
static void _register (CHECKER *checker, CheckerManager &mgr)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::check::PreStmt< BinaryOperator >
static void _register (CHECKER *checker, CheckerManager &mgr)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 346 of file BitwiseShiftChecker.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ checkPreStmt()

void BitwiseShiftChecker::checkPreStmt ( const BinaryOperator B,
CheckerContext Ctx 
) const

Definition at line 350 of file BitwiseShiftChecker.cpp.

References clang::BinaryOperator::getOpcode(), and Pedantic.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Pedantic

bool BitwiseShiftChecker::Pedantic = false

Definition at line 359 of file BitwiseShiftChecker.cpp.

Referenced by checkPreStmt().

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