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clang::ASTNodeImporter Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  ImportDefinitionKind { IDK_Default, IDK_Everything, IDK_Basic }
 What we should import from the definition. More...
typedef DesignatedInitExpr::Designator Designator

Public Member Functions

 ASTNodeImporter (ASTImporter &Importer)
QualType VisitType (const Type *T)
QualType VisitAtomicType (const AtomicType *T)
QualType VisitBuiltinType (const BuiltinType *T)
QualType VisitDecayedType (const DecayedType *T)
QualType VisitComplexType (const ComplexType *T)
QualType VisitPointerType (const PointerType *T)
QualType VisitBlockPointerType (const BlockPointerType *T)
QualType VisitLValueReferenceType (const LValueReferenceType *T)
QualType VisitRValueReferenceType (const RValueReferenceType *T)
QualType VisitMemberPointerType (const MemberPointerType *T)
QualType VisitConstantArrayType (const ConstantArrayType *T)
QualType VisitIncompleteArrayType (const IncompleteArrayType *T)
QualType VisitVariableArrayType (const VariableArrayType *T)
QualType VisitVectorType (const VectorType *T)
QualType VisitExtVectorType (const ExtVectorType *T)
QualType VisitFunctionNoProtoType (const FunctionNoProtoType *T)
QualType VisitFunctionProtoType (const FunctionProtoType *T)
QualType VisitParenType (const ParenType *T)
QualType VisitTypedefType (const TypedefType *T)
QualType VisitTypeOfExprType (const TypeOfExprType *T)
QualType VisitTypeOfType (const TypeOfType *T)
QualType VisitDecltypeType (const DecltypeType *T)
QualType VisitUnaryTransformType (const UnaryTransformType *T)
QualType VisitAutoType (const AutoType *T)
QualType VisitInjectedClassNameType (const InjectedClassNameType *T)
QualType VisitRecordType (const RecordType *T)
QualType VisitEnumType (const EnumType *T)
QualType VisitAttributedType (const AttributedType *T)
QualType VisitTemplateTypeParmType (const TemplateTypeParmType *T)
QualType VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmType (const SubstTemplateTypeParmType *T)
QualType VisitTemplateSpecializationType (const TemplateSpecializationType *T)
QualType VisitElaboratedType (const ElaboratedType *T)
QualType VisitObjCInterfaceType (const ObjCInterfaceType *T)
QualType VisitObjCObjectType (const ObjCObjectType *T)
QualType VisitObjCObjectPointerType (const ObjCObjectPointerType *T)
bool ImportDeclParts (NamedDecl *D, DeclContext *&DC, DeclContext *&LexicalDC, DeclarationName &Name, NamedDecl *&ToD, SourceLocation &Loc)
void ImportDefinitionIfNeeded (Decl *FromD, Decl *ToD=nullptr)
void ImportDeclarationNameLoc (const DeclarationNameInfo &From, DeclarationNameInfo &To)
void ImportDeclContext (DeclContext *FromDC, bool ForceImport=false)
bool ImportCastPath (CastExpr *E, CXXCastPath &Path)
Designator ImportDesignator (const Designator &D)
bool shouldForceImportDeclContext (ImportDefinitionKind IDK)
bool ImportDefinition (RecordDecl *From, RecordDecl *To, ImportDefinitionKind Kind=IDK_Default)
bool ImportDefinition (VarDecl *From, VarDecl *To, ImportDefinitionKind Kind=IDK_Default)
bool ImportDefinition (EnumDecl *From, EnumDecl *To, ImportDefinitionKind Kind=IDK_Default)
bool ImportDefinition (ObjCInterfaceDecl *From, ObjCInterfaceDecl *To, ImportDefinitionKind Kind=IDK_Default)
bool ImportDefinition (ObjCProtocolDecl *From, ObjCProtocolDecl *To, ImportDefinitionKind Kind=IDK_Default)
TemplateParameterListImportTemplateParameterList (TemplateParameterList *Params)
TemplateArgument ImportTemplateArgument (const TemplateArgument &From)
TemplateArgumentLoc ImportTemplateArgumentLoc (const TemplateArgumentLoc &TALoc, bool &Error)
bool ImportTemplateArguments (const TemplateArgument *FromArgs, unsigned NumFromArgs, SmallVectorImpl< TemplateArgument > &ToArgs)
bool IsStructuralMatch (RecordDecl *FromRecord, RecordDecl *ToRecord, bool Complain=true)
bool IsStructuralMatch (VarDecl *FromVar, VarDecl *ToVar, bool Complain=true)
bool IsStructuralMatch (EnumDecl *FromEnum, EnumDecl *ToRecord)
bool IsStructuralMatch (EnumConstantDecl *FromEC, EnumConstantDecl *ToEC)
bool IsStructuralMatch (ClassTemplateDecl *From, ClassTemplateDecl *To)
bool IsStructuralMatch (VarTemplateDecl *From, VarTemplateDecl *To)
DeclVisitDecl (Decl *D)
DeclVisitAccessSpecDecl (AccessSpecDecl *D)
DeclVisitStaticAssertDecl (StaticAssertDecl *D)
DeclVisitTranslationUnitDecl (TranslationUnitDecl *D)
DeclVisitNamespaceDecl (NamespaceDecl *D)
DeclVisitTypedefNameDecl (TypedefNameDecl *D, bool IsAlias)
DeclVisitTypedefDecl (TypedefDecl *D)
DeclVisitTypeAliasDecl (TypeAliasDecl *D)
DeclVisitLabelDecl (LabelDecl *D)
DeclVisitEnumDecl (EnumDecl *D)
DeclVisitRecordDecl (RecordDecl *D)
DeclVisitEnumConstantDecl (EnumConstantDecl *D)
DeclVisitFunctionDecl (FunctionDecl *D)
DeclVisitCXXMethodDecl (CXXMethodDecl *D)
DeclVisitCXXConstructorDecl (CXXConstructorDecl *D)
DeclVisitCXXDestructorDecl (CXXDestructorDecl *D)
DeclVisitCXXConversionDecl (CXXConversionDecl *D)
DeclVisitFieldDecl (FieldDecl *D)
DeclVisitIndirectFieldDecl (IndirectFieldDecl *D)
DeclVisitFriendDecl (FriendDecl *D)
DeclVisitObjCIvarDecl (ObjCIvarDecl *D)
DeclVisitVarDecl (VarDecl *D)
DeclVisitImplicitParamDecl (ImplicitParamDecl *D)
DeclVisitParmVarDecl (ParmVarDecl *D)
DeclVisitObjCMethodDecl (ObjCMethodDecl *D)
DeclVisitObjCTypeParamDecl (ObjCTypeParamDecl *D)
DeclVisitObjCCategoryDecl (ObjCCategoryDecl *D)
DeclVisitObjCProtocolDecl (ObjCProtocolDecl *D)
DeclVisitLinkageSpecDecl (LinkageSpecDecl *D)
ObjCTypeParamListImportObjCTypeParamList (ObjCTypeParamList *list)
DeclVisitObjCInterfaceDecl (ObjCInterfaceDecl *D)
DeclVisitObjCCategoryImplDecl (ObjCCategoryImplDecl *D)
DeclVisitObjCImplementationDecl (ObjCImplementationDecl *D)
DeclVisitObjCPropertyDecl (ObjCPropertyDecl *D)
DeclVisitObjCPropertyImplDecl (ObjCPropertyImplDecl *D)
DeclVisitTemplateTypeParmDecl (TemplateTypeParmDecl *D)
DeclVisitNonTypeTemplateParmDecl (NonTypeTemplateParmDecl *D)
DeclVisitTemplateTemplateParmDecl (TemplateTemplateParmDecl *D)
DeclVisitClassTemplateDecl (ClassTemplateDecl *D)
DeclVisitClassTemplateSpecializationDecl (ClassTemplateSpecializationDecl *D)
DeclVisitVarTemplateDecl (VarTemplateDecl *D)
DeclVisitVarTemplateSpecializationDecl (VarTemplateSpecializationDecl *D)
DeclGroupRef ImportDeclGroup (DeclGroupRef DG)
StmtVisitStmt (Stmt *S)
StmtVisitGCCAsmStmt (GCCAsmStmt *S)
StmtVisitDeclStmt (DeclStmt *S)
StmtVisitNullStmt (NullStmt *S)
StmtVisitCompoundStmt (CompoundStmt *S)
StmtVisitCaseStmt (CaseStmt *S)
StmtVisitDefaultStmt (DefaultStmt *S)
StmtVisitLabelStmt (LabelStmt *S)
StmtVisitAttributedStmt (AttributedStmt *S)
StmtVisitIfStmt (IfStmt *S)
StmtVisitSwitchStmt (SwitchStmt *S)
StmtVisitWhileStmt (WhileStmt *S)
StmtVisitDoStmt (DoStmt *S)
StmtVisitForStmt (ForStmt *S)
StmtVisitGotoStmt (GotoStmt *S)
StmtVisitIndirectGotoStmt (IndirectGotoStmt *S)
StmtVisitContinueStmt (ContinueStmt *S)
StmtVisitBreakStmt (BreakStmt *S)
StmtVisitReturnStmt (ReturnStmt *S)
StmtVisitCXXCatchStmt (CXXCatchStmt *S)
StmtVisitCXXTryStmt (CXXTryStmt *S)
StmtVisitCXXForRangeStmt (CXXForRangeStmt *S)
StmtVisitObjCForCollectionStmt (ObjCForCollectionStmt *S)
StmtVisitObjCAtCatchStmt (ObjCAtCatchStmt *S)
StmtVisitObjCAtFinallyStmt (ObjCAtFinallyStmt *S)
StmtVisitObjCAtTryStmt (ObjCAtTryStmt *S)
StmtVisitObjCAtSynchronizedStmt (ObjCAtSynchronizedStmt *S)
StmtVisitObjCAtThrowStmt (ObjCAtThrowStmt *S)
StmtVisitObjCAutoreleasePoolStmt (ObjCAutoreleasePoolStmt *S)
ExprVisitExpr (Expr *E)
ExprVisitVAArgExpr (VAArgExpr *E)
ExprVisitGNUNullExpr (GNUNullExpr *E)
ExprVisitPredefinedExpr (PredefinedExpr *E)
ExprVisitDeclRefExpr (DeclRefExpr *E)
ExprVisitImplicitValueInitExpr (ImplicitValueInitExpr *ILE)
ExprVisitDesignatedInitExpr (DesignatedInitExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXNullPtrLiteralExpr (CXXNullPtrLiteralExpr *E)
ExprVisitIntegerLiteral (IntegerLiteral *E)
ExprVisitFloatingLiteral (FloatingLiteral *E)
ExprVisitCharacterLiteral (CharacterLiteral *E)
ExprVisitStringLiteral (StringLiteral *E)
ExprVisitCompoundLiteralExpr (CompoundLiteralExpr *E)
ExprVisitAtomicExpr (AtomicExpr *E)
ExprVisitAddrLabelExpr (AddrLabelExpr *E)
ExprVisitParenExpr (ParenExpr *E)
ExprVisitParenListExpr (ParenListExpr *E)
ExprVisitStmtExpr (StmtExpr *E)
ExprVisitUnaryOperator (UnaryOperator *E)
ExprVisitUnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr (UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr *E)
ExprVisitBinaryOperator (BinaryOperator *E)
ExprVisitConditionalOperator (ConditionalOperator *E)
ExprVisitBinaryConditionalOperator (BinaryConditionalOperator *E)
ExprVisitOpaqueValueExpr (OpaqueValueExpr *E)
ExprVisitArrayTypeTraitExpr (ArrayTypeTraitExpr *E)
ExprVisitExpressionTraitExpr (ExpressionTraitExpr *E)
ExprVisitArraySubscriptExpr (ArraySubscriptExpr *E)
ExprVisitCompoundAssignOperator (CompoundAssignOperator *E)
ExprVisitImplicitCastExpr (ImplicitCastExpr *E)
ExprVisitExplicitCastExpr (ExplicitCastExpr *E)
ExprVisitOffsetOfExpr (OffsetOfExpr *OE)
ExprVisitCXXThrowExpr (CXXThrowExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXNoexceptExpr (CXXNoexceptExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXDefaultArgExpr (CXXDefaultArgExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXScalarValueInitExpr (CXXScalarValueInitExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXBindTemporaryExpr (CXXBindTemporaryExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXTemporaryObjectExpr (CXXTemporaryObjectExpr *CE)
ExprVisitMaterializeTemporaryExpr (MaterializeTemporaryExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXNewExpr (CXXNewExpr *CE)
ExprVisitCXXDeleteExpr (CXXDeleteExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXConstructExpr (CXXConstructExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXMemberCallExpr (CXXMemberCallExpr *E)
ExprVisitExprWithCleanups (ExprWithCleanups *EWC)
ExprVisitCXXThisExpr (CXXThisExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXBoolLiteralExpr (CXXBoolLiteralExpr *E)
ExprVisitMemberExpr (MemberExpr *E)
ExprVisitCallExpr (CallExpr *E)
ExprVisitInitListExpr (InitListExpr *E)
ExprVisitArrayInitLoopExpr (ArrayInitLoopExpr *E)
ExprVisitArrayInitIndexExpr (ArrayInitIndexExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXDefaultInitExpr (CXXDefaultInitExpr *E)
ExprVisitCXXNamedCastExpr (CXXNamedCastExpr *E)
ExprVisitSubstNonTypeTemplateParmExpr (SubstNonTypeTemplateParmExpr *E)
template<typename IIter , typename OIter >
void ImportArray (IIter Ibegin, IIter Iend, OIter Obegin)
template<typename IIter , typename OIter >
bool ImportArrayChecked (IIter Ibegin, IIter Iend, OIter Obegin)
template<typename InContainerTy , typename OutContainerTy >
bool ImportContainerChecked (const InContainerTy &InContainer, OutContainerTy &OutContainer)
template<typename InContainerTy , typename OIter >
bool ImportArrayChecked (const InContainerTy &InContainer, OIter Obegin)
void ImportOverrides (CXXMethodDecl *ToMethod, CXXMethodDecl *FromMethod)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::TypeVisitor< ASTNodeImporter, QualType >
QualType Visit (const Type *T)
 Performs the operation associated with this visitor object. More...
QualType VisitType (const Type *)
 Method called if ImpClass doesn't provide specific handler for some type class. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::declvisitor::Base< declvisitor::make_ptr, ASTNodeImporter, Decl * >
DeclVisit (PTR(Decl) D)
DeclVisitDecl (PTR(Decl) D)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::StmtVisitorBase< make_ptr, ASTNodeImporter, Stmt *, ParamTys... >
StmtVisit (PTR(Stmt) S, ParamTys... P)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from clang::StmtVisitorBase< make_ptr, ASTNodeImporter, Stmt *, ParamTys... >
ParamTys P

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Designator

Definition at line 96 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ImportDefinitionKind

What we should import from the definition.


Import the default subset of the definition, which might be nothing (if minimal import is set) or might be everything (if minimal import is not set).


Import everything.


Import only the bare bones needed to establish a valid DeclContext.

Definition at line 101 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ASTNodeImporter()

clang::ASTNodeImporter::ASTNodeImporter ( ASTImporter Importer)

Member Function Documentation

◆ ImportArray()

template<typename IIter , typename OIter >
void clang::ASTNodeImporter::ImportArray ( IIter  Ibegin,
IIter  Iend,
OIter  Obegin 

Definition at line 286 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::ASTImporter::Import(), and clang::ast_matchers::type.

◆ ImportArrayChecked() [1/2]

template<typename IIter , typename OIter >
bool clang::ASTNodeImporter::ImportArrayChecked ( IIter  Ibegin,
IIter  Iend,
OIter  Obegin 

◆ ImportArrayChecked() [2/2]

template<typename InContainerTy , typename OIter >
bool clang::ASTNodeImporter::ImportArrayChecked ( const InContainerTy &  InContainer,
OIter  Obegin 

Definition at line 319 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References ImportArrayChecked(), and ImportOverrides().

◆ ImportCastPath()

bool ASTNodeImporter::ImportCastPath ( CastExpr E,
CXXCastPath Path 

Definition at line 4887 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ ImportContainerChecked()

template<typename InContainerTy , typename OutContainerTy >
bool clang::ASTNodeImporter::ImportContainerChecked ( const InContainerTy &  InContainer,
OutContainerTy &  OutContainer 

◆ ImportDeclarationNameLoc()

void ASTNodeImporter::ImportDeclarationNameLoc ( const DeclarationNameInfo From,
DeclarationNameInfo To 

◆ ImportDeclContext()

void ASTNodeImporter::ImportDeclContext ( DeclContext FromDC,
bool  ForceImport = false 

◆ ImportDeclGroup()

DeclGroupRef ASTNodeImporter::ImportDeclGroup ( DeclGroupRef  DG)

◆ ImportDeclParts()

bool ASTNodeImporter::ImportDeclParts ( NamedDecl D,
DeclContext *&  DC,
DeclContext *&  LexicalDC,
DeclarationName Name,
NamedDecl *&  ToD,
SourceLocation Loc 

Definition at line 819 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ ImportDefinition() [1/5]

bool ASTNodeImporter::ImportDefinition ( RecordDecl From,
RecordDecl To,
ImportDefinitionKind  Kind = IDK_Default 

◆ ImportDefinition() [2/5]

bool ASTNodeImporter::ImportDefinition ( VarDecl From,
VarDecl To,
ImportDefinitionKind  Kind = IDK_Default 

◆ ImportDefinition() [3/5]

bool ASTNodeImporter::ImportDefinition ( EnumDecl From,
EnumDecl To,
ImportDefinitionKind  Kind = IDK_Default 

◆ ImportDefinition() [4/5]

bool ASTNodeImporter::ImportDefinition ( ObjCInterfaceDecl From,
ObjCInterfaceDecl To,
ImportDefinitionKind  Kind = IDK_Default 

◆ ImportDefinition() [5/5]

bool ASTNodeImporter::ImportDefinition ( ObjCProtocolDecl From,
ObjCProtocolDecl To,
ImportDefinitionKind  Kind = IDK_Default 

◆ ImportDefinitionIfNeeded()

void ASTNodeImporter::ImportDefinitionIfNeeded ( Decl FromD,
Decl ToD = nullptr 

◆ ImportDesignator()

ASTNodeImporter::Designator ASTNodeImporter::ImportDesignator ( const Designator D)

◆ ImportObjCTypeParamList()

ObjCTypeParamList * ASTNodeImporter::ImportObjCTypeParamList ( ObjCTypeParamList list)

Definition at line 2989 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::ObjCTypeParamList::create().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ ImportOverrides()

void ASTNodeImporter::ImportOverrides ( CXXMethodDecl ToMethod,
CXXMethodDecl FromMethod 

◆ ImportTemplateArgument()

TemplateArgument ASTNodeImporter::ImportTemplateArgument ( const TemplateArgument From)

◆ ImportTemplateArgumentLoc()

TemplateArgumentLoc ASTNodeImporter::ImportTemplateArgumentLoc ( const TemplateArgumentLoc TALoc,
bool Error 

◆ ImportTemplateArguments()

bool ASTNodeImporter::ImportTemplateArguments ( const TemplateArgument FromArgs,
unsigned  NumFromArgs,
SmallVectorImpl< TemplateArgument > &  ToArgs 

◆ ImportTemplateParameterList()

TemplateParameterList * ASTNodeImporter::ImportTemplateParameterList ( TemplateParameterList Params)

◆ IsStructuralMatch() [1/6]

bool ASTNodeImporter::IsStructuralMatch ( RecordDecl FromRecord,
RecordDecl ToRecord,
bool  Complain = true 

◆ IsStructuralMatch() [2/6]

bool ASTNodeImporter::IsStructuralMatch ( VarDecl FromVar,
VarDecl ToVar,
bool  Complain = true 

◆ IsStructuralMatch() [3/6]

bool ASTNodeImporter::IsStructuralMatch ( EnumDecl FromEnum,
EnumDecl ToRecord 

◆ IsStructuralMatch() [4/6]

bool ASTNodeImporter::IsStructuralMatch ( EnumConstantDecl FromEC,
EnumConstantDecl ToEC 

Definition at line 1246 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::EnumConstantDecl::getInitVal().

◆ IsStructuralMatch() [5/6]

bool ASTNodeImporter::IsStructuralMatch ( ClassTemplateDecl From,
ClassTemplateDecl To 

◆ IsStructuralMatch() [6/6]

bool ASTNodeImporter::IsStructuralMatch ( VarTemplateDecl From,
VarTemplateDecl To 

◆ shouldForceImportDeclContext()

bool clang::ASTNodeImporter::shouldForceImportDeclContext ( ImportDefinitionKind  IDK)

◆ VisitAccessSpecDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitAccessSpecDecl ( AccessSpecDecl D)

◆ VisitAddrLabelExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitAddrLabelExpr ( AddrLabelExpr E)

Definition at line 4628 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitArrayInitIndexExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitArrayInitIndexExpr ( ArrayInitIndexExpr E)

Definition at line 5456 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitArrayInitLoopExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitArrayInitLoopExpr ( ArrayInitLoopExpr E)

Definition at line 5439 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitArraySubscriptExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitArraySubscriptExpr ( ArraySubscriptExpr E)

Definition at line 4839 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitArrayTypeTraitExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitArrayTypeTraitExpr ( ArrayTypeTraitExpr E)

Definition at line 4793 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitAtomicExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitAtomicExpr ( AtomicExpr E)

Definition at line 4612 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitAtomicType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitAtomicType ( const AtomicType T)

Definition at line 340 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::AtomicType::getValueType(), and clang::QualType::isNull().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitAttributedStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitAttributedStmt ( AttributedStmt S)

Definition at line 4017 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitAttributedType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitAttributedType ( const AttributedType T)

◆ VisitAutoType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitAutoType ( const AutoType T)

◆ VisitBinaryConditionalOperator()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitBinaryConditionalOperator ( BinaryConditionalOperator E)

Definition at line 4760 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitBinaryOperator()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitBinaryOperator ( BinaryOperator E)

Definition at line 4717 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitBlockPointerType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitBlockPointerType ( const BlockPointerType T)

◆ VisitBreakStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitBreakStmt ( BreakStmt S)

Definition at line 4200 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitBuiltinType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitBuiltinType ( const BuiltinType T)

Definition at line 348 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::BuiltinType::getKind().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitCallExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCallExpr ( CallExpr E)

Definition at line 5362 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCaseStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCaseStmt ( CaseStmt S)

Definition at line 3979 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCharacterLiteral()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCharacterLiteral ( CharacterLiteral E)

Definition at line 4571 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitClassTemplateDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitClassTemplateDecl ( ClassTemplateDecl D)

◆ VisitClassTemplateSpecializationDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitClassTemplateSpecializationDecl ( ClassTemplateSpecializationDecl D)

◆ VisitComplexType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitComplexType ( const ComplexType T)

Definition at line 401 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::ComplexType::getElementType(), and clang::QualType::isNull().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitCompoundAssignOperator()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCompoundAssignOperator ( CompoundAssignOperator E)

Definition at line 4857 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCompoundLiteralExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCompoundLiteralExpr ( CompoundLiteralExpr E)

Definition at line 4594 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCompoundStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCompoundStmt ( CompoundStmt S)

Definition at line 3966 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitConditionalOperator()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitConditionalOperator ( ConditionalOperator E)

Definition at line 4737 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitConstantArrayType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitConstantArrayType ( const ConstantArrayType T)

◆ VisitContinueStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitContinueStmt ( ContinueStmt S)

Definition at line 4195 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXBindTemporaryExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXBindTemporaryExpr ( CXXBindTemporaryExpr E)

Definition at line 5112 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXBoolLiteralExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXBoolLiteralExpr ( CXXBoolLiteralExpr E)

Definition at line 5317 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXCatchStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXCatchStmt ( CXXCatchStmt S)

Definition at line 4218 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXConstructExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXConstructExpr ( CXXConstructExpr E)

Definition at line 5247 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXConstructorDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXConstructorDecl ( CXXConstructorDecl D)

Definition at line 2061 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References VisitCXXMethodDecl().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitCXXConversionDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXConversionDecl ( CXXConversionDecl D)

Definition at line 2069 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References VisitCXXMethodDecl().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitCXXDefaultArgExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXDefaultArgExpr ( CXXDefaultArgExpr E)

Definition at line 5089 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXDefaultInitExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXDefaultInitExpr ( CXXDefaultInitExpr E)

◆ VisitCXXDeleteExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXDeleteExpr ( CXXDeleteExpr E)

Definition at line 5223 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXDestructorDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXDestructorDecl ( CXXDestructorDecl D)

Definition at line 2065 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References VisitCXXMethodDecl().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitCXXForRangeStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXForRangeStmt ( CXXForRangeStmt S)

Definition at line 4252 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXMemberCallExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXMemberCallExpr ( CXXMemberCallExpr E)

Definition at line 5290 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXMethodDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXMethodDecl ( CXXMethodDecl D)

◆ VisitCXXNamedCastExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXNamedCastExpr ( CXXNamedCastExpr E)

Definition at line 5473 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXNewExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXNewExpr ( CXXNewExpr CE)

◆ VisitCXXNoexceptExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXNoexceptExpr ( CXXNoexceptExpr E)

Definition at line 5055 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXNullPtrLiteralExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXNullPtrLiteralExpr ( CXXNullPtrLiteralExpr E)

Definition at line 4542 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXScalarValueInitExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXScalarValueInitExpr ( CXXScalarValueInitExpr E)

Definition at line 5099 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXTemporaryObjectExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXTemporaryObjectExpr ( CXXTemporaryObjectExpr CE)

◆ VisitCXXThisExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXThisExpr ( CXXThisExpr E)

Definition at line 5308 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXThrowExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXThrowExpr ( CXXThrowExpr E)

Definition at line 5075 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitCXXTryStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitCXXTryStmt ( CXXTryStmt S)

Definition at line 4235 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitDecayedType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitDecayedType ( const DecayedType T)

Definition at line 393 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::AdjustedType::getOriginalType(), and clang::QualType::isNull().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitDecl ( Decl D)

◆ VisitDeclRefExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitDeclRefExpr ( DeclRefExpr E)

Definition at line 4440 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitDeclStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitDeclStmt ( DeclStmt S)

Definition at line 3949 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitDecltypeType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitDecltypeType ( const DecltypeType T)

◆ VisitDefaultStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitDefaultStmt ( DefaultStmt S)

Definition at line 3994 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitDesignatedInitExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitDesignatedInitExpr ( DesignatedInitExpr E)

◆ VisitDoStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitDoStmt ( DoStmt S)

Definition at line 4126 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitElaboratedType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitElaboratedType ( const ElaboratedType T)

◆ VisitEnumConstantDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitEnumConstantDecl ( EnumConstantDecl D)

Definition at line 1779 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitEnumDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitEnumDecl ( EnumDecl D)

Definition at line 1523 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitEnumType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitEnumType ( const EnumType T)

Definition at line 671 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::EnumType::getDecl().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitExplicitCastExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitExplicitCastExpr ( ExplicitCastExpr E)

Definition at line 4914 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitExpr ( Expr E)

Definition at line 4392 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitExpressionTraitExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitExpressionTraitExpr ( ExpressionTraitExpr E)

Definition at line 4811 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitExprWithCleanups()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitExprWithCleanups ( ExprWithCleanups EWC)

◆ VisitExtVectorType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitExtVectorType ( const ExtVectorType T)

◆ VisitFieldDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitFieldDecl ( FieldDecl D)

Definition at line 2090 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitFloatingLiteral()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitFloatingLiteral ( FloatingLiteral E)

Definition at line 4561 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitForStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitForStmt ( ForStmt S)

Definition at line 4141 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitFriendDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitFriendDecl ( FriendDecl D)

◆ VisitFunctionDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitFunctionDecl ( FunctionDecl D)

Definition at line 1838 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext(), and VisitCXXMethodDecl().

◆ VisitFunctionNoProtoType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitFunctionNoProtoType ( const FunctionNoProtoType T)

◆ VisitFunctionProtoType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitFunctionProtoType ( const FunctionProtoType T)

◆ VisitGCCAsmStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitGCCAsmStmt ( GCCAsmStmt S)

Definition at line 3876 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitGNUNullExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitGNUNullExpr ( GNUNullExpr E)

Definition at line 4417 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitGotoStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitGotoStmt ( GotoStmt S)

Definition at line 4172 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitIfStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitIfStmt ( IfStmt S)

Definition at line 4037 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitImplicitCastExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitImplicitCastExpr ( ImplicitCastExpr E)

Definition at line 4897 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitImplicitParamDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitImplicitParamDecl ( ImplicitParamDecl D)

Definition at line 2472 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitImplicitValueInitExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitImplicitValueInitExpr ( ImplicitValueInitExpr ILE)

Definition at line 4483 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitIncompleteArrayType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitIncompleteArrayType ( const IncompleteArrayType T)

◆ VisitIndirectFieldDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitIndirectFieldDecl ( IndirectFieldDecl D)

Definition at line 2154 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitIndirectGotoStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitIndirectGotoStmt ( IndirectGotoStmt S)

Definition at line 4185 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitInitListExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitInitListExpr ( InitListExpr E)

◆ VisitInjectedClassNameType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitInjectedClassNameType ( const InjectedClassNameType T)

◆ VisitIntegerLiteral()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitIntegerLiteral ( IntegerLiteral E)

Definition at line 4551 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitLabelDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitLabelDecl ( LabelDecl D)

Definition at line 1490 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitLabelStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitLabelStmt ( LabelStmt S)

Definition at line 4004 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitLinkageSpecDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitLinkageSpecDecl ( LinkageSpecDecl D)

◆ VisitLValueReferenceType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitLValueReferenceType ( const LValueReferenceType T)

◆ VisitMaterializeTemporaryExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitMaterializeTemporaryExpr ( MaterializeTemporaryExpr E)

Definition at line 5157 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitMemberExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitMemberExpr ( MemberExpr E)

Definition at line 5327 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitMemberPointerType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitMemberPointerType ( const MemberPointerType T)

◆ VisitNamespaceDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitNamespaceDecl ( NamespaceDecl D)

Definition at line 1342 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitNonTypeTemplateParmDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitNonTypeTemplateParmDecl ( NonTypeTemplateParmDecl D)

Definition at line 3353 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitNullStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitNullStmt ( NullStmt S)

Definition at line 3960 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitObjCAtCatchStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCAtCatchStmt ( ObjCAtCatchStmt S)

Definition at line 4307 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitObjCAtFinallyStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCAtFinallyStmt ( ObjCAtFinallyStmt S)

Definition at line 4326 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitObjCAtSynchronizedStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCAtSynchronizedStmt ( ObjCAtSynchronizedStmt S)

Definition at line 4358 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitObjCAtThrowStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCAtThrowStmt ( ObjCAtThrowStmt S)

◆ VisitObjCAtTryStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCAtTryStmt ( ObjCAtTryStmt S)

Definition at line 4335 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitObjCAutoreleasePoolStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCAutoreleasePoolStmt ( ObjCAutoreleasePoolStmt S)

◆ VisitObjCCategoryDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCCategoryDecl ( ObjCCategoryDecl D)

Definition at line 2692 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitObjCCategoryImplDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCCategoryImplDecl ( ObjCCategoryImplDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCForCollectionStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCForCollectionStmt ( ObjCForCollectionStmt S)

Definition at line 4289 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitObjCImplementationDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCImplementationDecl ( ObjCImplementationDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCInterfaceDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCInterfaceDecl ( ObjCInterfaceDecl D)

Definition at line 3009 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::ObjCInterfaceDecl::getDefinition().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitObjCInterfaceType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCInterfaceType ( const ObjCInterfaceType T)

Definition at line 770 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::ObjCInterfaceType::getDecl().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitObjCIvarDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCIvarDecl ( ObjCIvarDecl D)

Definition at line 2288 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitObjCMethodDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCMethodDecl ( ObjCMethodDecl D)

Definition at line 2549 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitObjCObjectPointerType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCObjectPointerType ( const ObjCObjectPointerType T)

◆ VisitObjCObjectType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCObjectType ( const ObjCObjectType T)

◆ VisitObjCPropertyDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCPropertyDecl ( ObjCPropertyDecl D)

Definition at line 3184 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitObjCPropertyImplDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCPropertyImplDecl ( ObjCPropertyImplDecl D)

◆ VisitObjCProtocolDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCProtocolDecl ( ObjCProtocolDecl D)

Definition at line 2812 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::ObjCProtocolDecl::getDefinition().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitObjCTypeParamDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitObjCTypeParamDecl ( ObjCTypeParamDecl D)

Definition at line 2663 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitOffsetOfExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitOffsetOfExpr ( OffsetOfExpr OE)

Definition at line 4995 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::Expr::getType(), clang::QualType::isNull(), Nodes, and clang::T.

◆ VisitOpaqueValueExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitOpaqueValueExpr ( OpaqueValueExpr E)

Definition at line 4825 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitParenExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitParenExpr ( ParenExpr E)

Definition at line 4642 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitParenListExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitParenListExpr ( ParenListExpr E)

Definition at line 4653 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitParenType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitParenType ( const ParenType T)

Definition at line 569 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::ParenType::getInnerType(), and clang::QualType::isNull().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitParmVarDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitParmVarDecl ( ParmVarDecl D)

Definition at line 2497 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitPointerType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitPointerType ( const PointerType T)

Definition at line 409 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::PointerType::getPointeeType(), and clang::QualType::isNull().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitPredefinedExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitPredefinedExpr ( PredefinedExpr E)

Definition at line 4426 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitRecordDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitRecordDecl ( RecordDecl D)

Definition at line 1599 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::RecordDecl::getDefinition().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitRecordType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitRecordType ( const RecordType T)

Definition at line 662 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::RecordType::getDecl().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitReturnStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitReturnStmt ( ReturnStmt S)

Definition at line 4205 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitRValueReferenceType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitRValueReferenceType ( const RValueReferenceType T)

◆ VisitStaticAssertDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitStaticAssertDecl ( StaticAssertDecl D)

◆ VisitStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitStmt ( Stmt S)

Definition at line 3869 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitStmtExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitStmtExpr ( StmtExpr E)

Definition at line 4663 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitStringLiteral()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitStringLiteral ( StringLiteral E)

Definition at line 4581 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitSubstNonTypeTemplateParmExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitSubstNonTypeTemplateParmExpr ( SubstNonTypeTemplateParmExpr E)

Definition at line 5508 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitSubstTemplateTypeParmType ( const SubstTemplateTypeParmType T)

◆ VisitSwitchStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitSwitchStmt ( SwitchStmt S)

Definition at line 4067 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitTemplateSpecializationType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitTemplateSpecializationType ( const TemplateSpecializationType T)

◆ VisitTemplateTemplateParmDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitTemplateTemplateParmDecl ( TemplateTemplateParmDecl D)

Definition at line 3383 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitTemplateTypeParmDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitTemplateTypeParmDecl ( TemplateTypeParmDecl D)

◆ VisitTemplateTypeParmType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitTemplateTypeParmType ( const TemplateTypeParmType T)

◆ VisitTranslationUnitDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitTranslationUnitDecl ( TranslationUnitDecl D)

Definition at line 1279 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::Decl::getTranslationUnitDecl().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitType ( const Type T)

Definition at line 334 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::Type::getTypeClassName().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitTypeAliasDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitTypeAliasDecl ( TypeAliasDecl D)

Definition at line 1486 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References VisitTypedefNameDecl().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitTypedefDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitTypedefDecl ( TypedefDecl D)

Definition at line 1482 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References VisitTypedefNameDecl().

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitTypedefNameDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitTypedefNameDecl ( TypedefNameDecl D,
bool  IsAlias 

◆ VisitTypedefType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitTypedefType ( const TypedefType T)

Definition at line 577 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::TypedefType::getDecl().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitTypeOfExprType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitTypeOfExprType ( const TypeOfExprType T)

Definition at line 586 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::TypeOfExprType::getUnderlyingExpr().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitTypeOfType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitTypeOfType ( const TypeOfType T)

Definition at line 594 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

References clang::TypeOfType::getUnderlyingType(), and clang::QualType::isNull().

Referenced by ASTNodeImporter().

◆ VisitUnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitUnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr ( UnaryExprOrTypeTraitExpr E)

Definition at line 4692 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitUnaryOperator()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitUnaryOperator ( UnaryOperator E)

Definition at line 4677 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitUnaryTransformType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitUnaryTransformType ( const UnaryTransformType T)

◆ VisitVAArgExpr()

Expr * ASTNodeImporter::VisitVAArgExpr ( VAArgExpr E)

Definition at line 4398 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

◆ VisitVarDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitVarDecl ( VarDecl D)

Definition at line 2341 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

Referenced by shouldForceImportDeclContext().

◆ VisitVariableArrayType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitVariableArrayType ( const VariableArrayType T)

◆ VisitVarTemplateDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitVarTemplateDecl ( VarTemplateDecl D)

◆ VisitVarTemplateSpecializationDecl()

Decl * ASTNodeImporter::VisitVarTemplateSpecializationDecl ( VarTemplateSpecializationDecl D)

◆ VisitVectorType()

QualType ASTNodeImporter::VisitVectorType ( const VectorType T)

◆ VisitWhileStmt()

Stmt * ASTNodeImporter::VisitWhileStmt ( WhileStmt S)

Definition at line 4105 of file ASTImporter.cpp.

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