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clang::clangd::CodeCompletion Struct Reference

#include <CodeComplete.h>

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struct  IncludeCandidate
struct  Scores

Public Member Functions

CompletionItem render (const CodeCompleteOptions &) const

Public Attributes

std::string Name
std::string FilterText
std::string Scope
std::string RequiredQualifier
std::string Signature
std::string SnippetSuffix
std::string ReturnType
llvm::Optional< markup::DocumentDocumentation
CompletionItemKind Kind = CompletionItemKind::Missing
unsigned BundleSize = 1
SymbolOrigin Origin = SymbolOrigin::Unknown
llvm::SmallVector< IncludeCandidate, 1 > Includes
std::vector< TextEditFixIts
 Holds information about small corrections that needs to be done. More...
Range CompletionTokenRange
 Holds the range of the token we are going to replace with this completion. More...
Scores Score
bool Deprecated = false
 Indicates if this item is deprecated. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 156 of file CodeComplete.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ render()

CompletionItem clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::render ( const CodeCompleteOptions Opts) const

Definition at line 2155 of file CodeComplete.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ BundleSize

unsigned clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::BundleSize = 1

Definition at line 185 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ CompletionTokenRange

Range clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::CompletionTokenRange

Holds the range of the token we are going to replace with this completion.

Definition at line 207 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ Deprecated

bool clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::Deprecated = false

Indicates if this item is deprecated.

Definition at line 233 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ Documentation

llvm::Optional<markup::Document> clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::Documentation

Definition at line 175 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ FilterText

std::string clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::FilterText

Definition at line 162 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ FixIts

std::vector<TextEdit> clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::FixIts

Holds information about small corrections that needs to be done.

Like converting '->' to '.' on member access.

Definition at line 204 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ Includes

llvm::SmallVector<IncludeCandidate, 1> clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::Includes

Definition at line 200 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ Kind

CompletionItemKind clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::Kind = CompletionItemKind::Missing

Definition at line 176 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ Name

std::string clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::Name

Definition at line 158 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ Origin

SymbolOrigin clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::Origin = SymbolOrigin::Unknown

Definition at line 186 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ RequiredQualifier

std::string clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::RequiredQualifier

Definition at line 167 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ ReturnType

std::string clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::ReturnType

Definition at line 173 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ Scope

std::string clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::Scope

Definition at line 165 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ Score

Scores clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::Score

Definition at line 230 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ Signature

std::string clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::Signature

Definition at line 169 of file CodeComplete.h.

◆ SnippetSuffix

std::string clang::clangd::CodeCompletion::SnippetSuffix

Definition at line 171 of file CodeComplete.h.

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