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clang::threadSafety::SExprBuilder::CallingContext Struct Reference

Encapsulates the lexical context of a function call. More...

#include "clang/Analysis/Analyses/ThreadSafetyCommon.h"

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Public Member Functions

 CallingContext (CallingContext *P, const NamedDecl *D=nullptr)

Public Attributes

const NamedDeclAttrDecl
const ExprSelfArg
unsigned NumArgs
const Expr *const * FunArgs
bool SelfArrow

Detailed Description

Encapsulates the lexical context of a function call.

The lexical context includes the arguments to the call, including the implicit object argument. When an attribute containing a mutex expression is attached to a method, the expression may refer to formal parameters of the method. Actual arguments must be substituted for formal parameters to derive the appropriate mutex expression in the lexical context where the function is called. PrevCtx holds the context in which the arguments themselves should be evaluated; multiple calling contexts can be chained together by the lock_returned attribute.

Definition at line 326 of file ThreadSafetyCommon.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CallingContext()

clang::threadSafety::SExprBuilder::CallingContext::CallingContext ( CallingContext P,
const NamedDecl D = nullptr 

Definition at line 334 of file ThreadSafetyCommon.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AttrDecl

const NamedDecl* clang::threadSafety::SExprBuilder::CallingContext::AttrDecl

Definition at line 328 of file ThreadSafetyCommon.h.

◆ FunArgs

const Expr* const* clang::threadSafety::SExprBuilder::CallingContext::FunArgs

◆ NumArgs

unsigned clang::threadSafety::SExprBuilder::CallingContext::NumArgs

◆ Prev

CallingContext* clang::threadSafety::SExprBuilder::CallingContext::Prev

Definition at line 327 of file ThreadSafetyCommon.h.

◆ SelfArg

const Expr* clang::threadSafety::SExprBuilder::CallingContext::SelfArg

◆ SelfArrow

bool clang::threadSafety::SExprBuilder::CallingContext::SelfArrow

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