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clang::Sema::OffsetOfComponent Struct Reference

#include "clang/Sema/Sema.h"

Public Attributes

SourceLocation LocStart
SourceLocation LocEnd
bool isBrackets
union {
   IdentifierInfo *   IdentInfo
   Expr *   E

Detailed Description

Definition at line 5672 of file Sema.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ E

Expr* clang::Sema::OffsetOfComponent::E

Definition at line 5677 of file Sema.h.

◆ IdentInfo

IdentifierInfo* clang::Sema::OffsetOfComponent::IdentInfo

Definition at line 5676 of file Sema.h.

◆ isBrackets

bool clang::Sema::OffsetOfComponent::isBrackets

Definition at line 5674 of file Sema.h.

◆ LocEnd

SourceLocation clang::Sema::OffsetOfComponent::LocEnd

Definition at line 5673 of file Sema.h.

◆ LocStart

SourceLocation clang::Sema::OffsetOfComponent::LocStart

Definition at line 5673 of file Sema.h.


union { ... } clang::Sema::OffsetOfComponent::U

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