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clang::ento::bugreporter::TrackingBugReporterVisitor Class Reference

Visitor that tracks expressions and values. More...

#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/BugReporter/BugReporterVisitors.h"

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Public Member Functions

 TrackingBugReporterVisitor (TrackerRef ParentTracker)
TrackergetParentTracker ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::BugReporterVisitor
 BugReporterVisitor ()=default
 BugReporterVisitor (const BugReporterVisitor &)=default
 BugReporterVisitor (BugReporterVisitor &&)
BugReporterVisitoroperator= (const BugReporterVisitor &)=delete
BugReporterVisitoroperator= (BugReporterVisitor &&)=delete
virtual ~BugReporterVisitor ()
virtual PathDiagnosticPieceRef VisitNode (const ExplodedNode *Succ, BugReporterContext &BRC, PathSensitiveBugReport &BR)=0
 Return a diagnostic piece which should be associated with the given node.
virtual void finalizeVisitor (BugReporterContext &BRC, const ExplodedNode *EndPathNode, PathSensitiveBugReport &BR)
 Last function called on the visitor, no further calls to VisitNode would follow.
virtual PathDiagnosticPieceRef getEndPath (BugReporterContext &BRC, const ExplodedNode *N, PathSensitiveBugReport &BR)
 Provide custom definition for the final diagnostic piece on the path - the piece, which is displayed before the path is expanded.
virtual void Profile (llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID) const =0

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::BugReporterVisitor
static PathDiagnosticPieceRef getDefaultEndPath (const BugReporterContext &BRC, const ExplodedNode *N, const PathSensitiveBugReport &BR)
 Generates the default final diagnostic piece.

Detailed Description

Visitor that tracks expressions and values.

Definition at line 348 of file BugReporterVisitors.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TrackingBugReporterVisitor()

clang::ento::bugreporter::TrackingBugReporterVisitor::TrackingBugReporterVisitor ( TrackerRef  ParentTracker)

Definition at line 353 of file BugReporterVisitors.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getParentTracker()

Tracker & clang::ento::bugreporter::TrackingBugReporterVisitor::getParentTracker ( )

Definition at line 356 of file BugReporterVisitors.h.

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