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clang::GenerateHeaderUnitAction Class Reference

#include "clang/Frontend/FrontendActions.h"

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- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ASTFrontendAction
 ASTFrontendAction ()
bool usesPreprocessorOnly () const override
 Does this action only use the preprocessor?
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::FrontendAction
 FrontendAction ()
virtual ~FrontendAction ()
CompilerInstancegetCompilerInstance () const
void setCompilerInstance (CompilerInstance *Value)
bool isCurrentFileAST () const
const FrontendInputFilegetCurrentInput () const
StringRef getCurrentFile () const
StringRef getCurrentFileOrBufferName () const
InputKind getCurrentFileKind () const
ASTUnitgetCurrentASTUnit () const
ModulegetCurrentModule () const
std::unique_ptr< ASTUnittakeCurrentASTUnit ()
void setCurrentInput (const FrontendInputFile &CurrentInput, std::unique_ptr< ASTUnit > AST=nullptr)
virtual bool isModelParsingAction () const
 Is this action invoked on a model file?
virtual bool hasPCHSupport () const
 Does this action support use with PCH?
virtual bool hasIRSupport () const
 Does this action support use with IR files?
virtual bool hasCodeCompletionSupport () const
 Does this action support use with code completion?
bool PrepareToExecute (CompilerInstance &CI)
 Prepare the action to execute on the given compiler instance.
bool BeginSourceFile (CompilerInstance &CI, const FrontendInputFile &Input)
 Prepare the action for processing the input file Input.
llvm::Error Execute ()
 Set the source manager's main input file, and run the action.
virtual void EndSourceFile ()
 Perform any per-file post processing, deallocate per-file objects, and run statistics and output file cleanup code.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::GenerateModuleAction
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ASTConsumer > > CreateMultiplexConsumer (CompilerInstance &CI, StringRef InFile)
std::unique_ptr< ASTConsumerCreateASTConsumer (CompilerInstance &CI, StringRef InFile) override
 Create the AST consumer object for this action, if supported.
TranslationUnitKind getTranslationUnitKind () override
 For AST-based actions, the kind of translation unit we're handling.
bool hasASTFileSupport () const override
 Does this action support use with AST files?
bool shouldEraseOutputFiles () override
 Callback at the end of processing a single input, to determine if the output files should be erased or not.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::ASTFrontendAction
void ExecuteAction () override
 Implement the ExecuteAction interface by running Sema on the already-initialized AST consumer.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::FrontendAction
virtual bool PrepareToExecuteAction (CompilerInstance &CI)
 Prepare to execute the action on the given CompilerInstance.
virtual bool BeginInvocation (CompilerInstance &CI)
 Callback before starting processing a single input, giving the opportunity to modify the CompilerInvocation or do some other action before BeginSourceFileAction is called.
virtual void EndSourceFileAction ()
 Callback at the end of processing a single input.

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Definition at line 178 of file FrontendActions.h.

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