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clang::CompilerInvocation Class Reference

Helper class for holding the data necessary to invoke the compiler. More...

#include "clang/Frontend/CompilerInvocation.h"

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Public Types

using StringAllocator = llvm::function_ref< const char *(const llvm::Twine &)>

Public Member Functions

std::string getModuleHash () const
 Retrieve a module hash string that is suitable for uniquely identifying the conditions under which the module was built. More...
void generateCC1CommandLine (llvm::SmallVectorImpl< const char * > &Args, StringAllocator SA) const
 Generate a cc1-compatible command line arguments from this instance. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::CompilerInvocationRefBase
 CompilerInvocationRefBase ()
 CompilerInvocationRefBase (const CompilerInvocationRefBase &X)
 CompilerInvocationRefBase (CompilerInvocationRefBase &&X)
CompilerInvocationRefBaseoperator= (CompilerInvocationRefBase X)
CompilerInvocationRefBaseoperator= (CompilerInvocationRefBase &&X)
 ~CompilerInvocationRefBase ()
LangOptionsgetLangOpts ()
const LangOptionsgetLangOpts () const
TargetOptionsgetTargetOpts ()
const TargetOptionsgetTargetOpts () const
DiagnosticOptionsgetDiagnosticOpts () const
HeaderSearchOptionsgetHeaderSearchOpts ()
const HeaderSearchOptionsgetHeaderSearchOpts () const
std::shared_ptr< HeaderSearchOptionsgetHeaderSearchOptsPtr () const
std::shared_ptr< PreprocessorOptionsgetPreprocessorOptsPtr ()
PreprocessorOptionsgetPreprocessorOpts ()
const PreprocessorOptionsgetPreprocessorOpts () const
AnalyzerOptionsRef getAnalyzerOpts () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::CompilerInvocationValueBase
MigratorOptionsgetMigratorOpts ()
const MigratorOptionsgetMigratorOpts () const
CodeGenOptionsgetCodeGenOpts ()
const CodeGenOptionsgetCodeGenOpts () const
DependencyOutputOptionsgetDependencyOutputOpts ()
const DependencyOutputOptionsgetDependencyOutputOpts () const
FileSystemOptionsgetFileSystemOpts ()
const FileSystemOptionsgetFileSystemOpts () const
FrontendOptionsgetFrontendOpts ()
const FrontendOptionsgetFrontendOpts () const
PreprocessorOutputOptionsgetPreprocessorOutputOpts ()
const PreprocessorOutputOptionsgetPreprocessorOutputOpts () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CreateFromArgs (CompilerInvocation &Res, ArrayRef< const char * > CommandLineArgs, DiagnosticsEngine &Diags, const char *Argv0=nullptr)
 Create a compiler invocation from a list of input options. More...
static std::string GetResourcesPath (const char *Argv0, void *MainAddr)
 Get the directory where the compiler headers reside, relative to the compiler binary (found by the passed in arguments). More...
static void setLangDefaults (LangOptions &Opts, InputKind IK, const llvm::Triple &T, std::vector< std::string > &Includes, LangStandard::Kind LangStd=LangStandard::lang_unspecified)
 Set language defaults for the given input language and language standard in the given LangOptions object. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from clang::CompilerInvocationRefBase
std::shared_ptr< LangOptionsLangOpts
 Options controlling the language variant. More...
std::shared_ptr< TargetOptionsTargetOpts
 Options controlling the target. More...
IntrusiveRefCntPtr< DiagnosticOptionsDiagnosticOpts
 Options controlling the diagnostic engine. More...
std::shared_ptr< HeaderSearchOptionsHeaderSearchOpts
 Options controlling the #include directive. More...
std::shared_ptr< PreprocessorOptionsPreprocessorOpts
 Options controlling the preprocessor (aside from #include handling). More...
AnalyzerOptionsRef AnalyzerOpts
 Options controlling the static analyzer. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from clang::CompilerInvocationValueBase
MigratorOptions MigratorOpts
CodeGenOptions CodeGenOpts
 Options controlling IRgen and the backend. More...
DependencyOutputOptions DependencyOutputOpts
 Options controlling dependency output. More...
FileSystemOptions FileSystemOpts
 Options controlling file system operations. More...
FrontendOptions FrontendOpts
 Options controlling the frontend itself. More...
PreprocessorOutputOptions PreprocessorOutputOpts
 Options controlling preprocessed output. More...

Detailed Description

Helper class for holding the data necessary to invoke the compiler.

This class is designed to represent an abstract "invocation" of the compiler, including data such as the include paths, the code generation options, the warning flags, and so on.

Definition at line 193 of file CompilerInvocation.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ StringAllocator

using clang::CompilerInvocation::StringAllocator = llvm::function_ref<const char *(const llvm::Twine &)>

Definition at line 239 of file CompilerInvocation.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateFromArgs()

bool CompilerInvocation::CreateFromArgs ( CompilerInvocation Res,
ArrayRef< const char * >  CommandLineArgs,
DiagnosticsEngine Diags,
const char *  Argv0 = nullptr 

Create a compiler invocation from a list of input options.

true on success.
false if an error was encountered while parsing the arguments and attempts to recover and continue parsing the rest of the arguments. The recovery is best-effort and only guarantees that Res will end up in one of the vaild-to-access (albeit arbitrary) states.
[out]Res- The resulting invocation.
[in]CommandLineArgs- Array of argument strings, this must not contain "-cc1".

Definition at line 4528 of file CompilerInvocation.cpp.

References generateCC1CommandLine(), and RoundTrip().

Referenced by clang::createInvocationFromCommandLine(), main(), and clang::tooling::newInvocation().

◆ generateCC1CommandLine()

void CompilerInvocation::generateCC1CommandLine ( llvm::SmallVectorImpl< const char * > &  Args,
StringAllocator  SA 
) const

◆ getModuleHash()

std::string CompilerInvocation::getModuleHash ( ) const

Retrieve a module hash string that is suitable for uniquely identifying the conditions under which the module was built.

Definition at line 4544 of file CompilerInvocation.cpp.

References clang::SanitizerSet::clear(), clang::PreprocessorOptions::DetailedRecord, clang::SanitizerSet::empty(), clang::getClangFullRepositoryVersion(), clang::CompilerInvocationValueBase::getCodeGenOpts(), clang::CompilerInvocationRefBase::getDiagnosticOpts(), clang::CompilerInvocationValueBase::getFrontendOpts(), clang::CompilerInvocationRefBase::getHeaderSearchOpts(), clang::getPPTransparentSanitizers(), clang::CompilerInvocationRefBase::getPreprocessorOpts(), clang::CompilerInvocationRefBase::LangOpts, clang::SanitizerSet::Mask, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::ModuleFormat, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::ModulesIgnoreMacros, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::ModulesStrictContextHash, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::ModulesValidateDiagnosticOptions, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::ModuleUserBuildPath, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::ResourceDir, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::Sysroot, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::SystemHeaderPrefixes, clang::CompilerInvocationRefBase::TargetOpts, clang::threadSafety::sx::toString(), clang::HeaderSearchOptions::UseBuiltinIncludes, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::UseDebugInfo, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::UseLibcxx, clang::PreprocessorOptions::UsePredefines, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::UserEntries, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::UseStandardCXXIncludes, clang::HeaderSearchOptions::UseStandardSystemIncludes, clang::serialization::VERSION_MAJOR, and clang::serialization::VERSION_MINOR.

Referenced by clang::CompilerInstance::createPreprocessor(), and clang::tooling::dependencies::ModuleDepCollectorPP::FileChanged().

◆ GetResourcesPath()

std::string CompilerInvocation::GetResourcesPath ( const char *  Argv0,
void *  MainAddr 

Get the directory where the compiler headers reside, relative to the compiler binary (found by the passed in arguments).

Argv0- The program path (from argv[0]), for finding the builtin compiler path.
MainAddr- The address of main (or some other function in the main executable), for finding the builtin compiler path.

Definition at line 2834 of file CompilerInvocation.cpp.

References string().

Referenced by injectResourceDir().

◆ setLangDefaults()

void CompilerInvocation::setLangDefaults ( LangOptions Opts,
InputKind  IK,
const llvm::Triple &  T,
std::vector< std::string > &  Includes,
LangStandard::Kind  LangStd = LangStandard::lang_unspecified 

Set language defaults for the given input language and language standard in the given LangOptions object.

Opts- The LangOptions object to set up.
IK- The input language.
T- The target triple.
Includes- The affected list of included files.
LangStd- The input language standard.

Definition at line 3102 of file CompilerInvocation.cpp.

References clang::Asm, clang::C, clang::CUDA, clang::CXX, clang::LangOptions::FPM_Fast, clang::LangOptions::FPM_FastHonorPragmas, clang::LangOptions::FPM_On, clang::LangStandard::getLangStandardForKind(), clang::InputKind::getLanguage(), clang::LangOptions::getOpenCLCompatibleVersion(), clang::HIP, clang::InputKind::isObjectiveC(), clang::LangStandard::lang_unspecified, clang::LangOptions::LangStd, clang::LLVM_IR, clang::ObjC, clang::ObjCXX, clang::OpenCL, clang::OpenCLCXX, clang::RenderScript, Std, and clang::Unknown.

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