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WebAssemblyABIInfo Class Referencefinal
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Public Member Functions

 WebAssemblyABIInfo (CodeGen::CodeGenTypes &CGT, WebAssemblyABIKind Kind)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::CodeGen::ABIInfo
 ABIInfo (CodeGen::CodeGenTypes &cgt)
virtual ~ABIInfo ()
virtual bool allowBFloatArgsAndRet () const
CodeGen::CGCXXABIgetCXXABI () const
ASTContextgetContext () const
llvm::LLVMContext & getVMContext () const
const llvm::DataLayout & getDataLayout () const
const TargetInfogetTarget () const
const CodeGenOptionsgetCodeGenOpts () const
llvm::CallingConv::ID getRuntimeCC () const
 Return the calling convention to use for system runtime functions.
virtual void computeInfo (CodeGen::CGFunctionInfo &FI) const =0
virtual CodeGen::Address EmitVAArg (CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF, CodeGen::Address VAListAddr, QualType Ty) const =0
 EmitVAArg - Emit the target dependent code to load a value of.
bool isAndroid () const
bool isOHOSFamily () const
virtual CodeGen::Address EmitMSVAArg (CodeGen::CodeGenFunction &CGF, CodeGen::Address VAListAddr, QualType Ty) const
 Emit the target dependent code to load a value of.
virtual bool isHomogeneousAggregateBaseType (QualType Ty) const
virtual bool isHomogeneousAggregateSmallEnough (const Type *Base, uint64_t Members) const
virtual bool isZeroLengthBitfieldPermittedInHomogeneousAggregate () const
bool isHomogeneousAggregate (QualType Ty, const Type *&Base, uint64_t &Members) const
 isHomogeneousAggregate - Return true if a type is an ELFv2 homogeneous aggregate.
bool isPromotableIntegerTypeForABI (QualType Ty) const
CodeGen::ABIArgInfo getNaturalAlignIndirect (QualType Ty, bool ByVal=true, bool Realign=false, llvm::Type *Padding=nullptr) const
 A convenience method to return an indirect ABIArgInfo with an expected alignment equal to the ABI alignment of the given type.
CodeGen::ABIArgInfo getNaturalAlignIndirectInReg (QualType Ty, bool Realign=false) const
virtual void appendAttributeMangling (TargetAttr *Attr, raw_ostream &Out) const
virtual void appendAttributeMangling (TargetVersionAttr *Attr, raw_ostream &Out) const
virtual void appendAttributeMangling (TargetClonesAttr *Attr, unsigned Index, raw_ostream &Out) const
virtual void appendAttributeMangling (StringRef AttrStr, raw_ostream &Out) const

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llvm::CallingConv::ID RuntimeCC

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file WebAssembly.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WebAssemblyABIInfo()

WebAssemblyABIInfo::WebAssemblyABIInfo ( CodeGen::CodeGenTypes CGT,
WebAssemblyABIKind  Kind 

Definition at line 26 of file WebAssembly.cpp.

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