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clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options Struct Reference

#include <ClangdLSPServer.h>

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Public Attributes

config::ProviderConfigProvider = nullptr
 Supplies configuration (overrides ClangdServer::ContextProvider).
bool UseDirBasedCDB = true
 Look for compilation databases, rather than using compile commands set via LSP (extensions) only.
std::optional< OffsetEncodingEncoding
 The offset-encoding to use, or std::nullopt to negotiate it over LSP.
std::function< void()> MemoryCleanup = nullptr
 If set, periodically called to release memory.
clangd::CodeCompleteOptions CodeComplete
 Per-feature options.
MarkupKind SignatureHelpDocumentationFormat = MarkupKind::PlainText
clangd::RenameOptions Rename
std::function< bool(const Tweak &)> TweakFilter
 Returns true if the tweak should be enabled.
size_t ReferencesLimit = 0
 Limit the number of references returned (0 means no limit).
- Public Attributes inherited from clang::clangd::ClangdServer::Options
unsigned AsyncThreadsCount = getDefaultAsyncThreadsCount()
 To process requests asynchronously, ClangdServer spawns worker threads.
ASTRetentionPolicy RetentionPolicy
 AST caching policy. The default is to keep up to 3 ASTs in memory.
bool StorePreamblesInMemory = true
 Cached preambles are potentially large. If false, store them on disk.
clangd::PreambleThrottlerPreambleThrottler = nullptr
 This throttler controls which preambles may be built at a given time.
bool BuildDynamicSymbolIndex = false
 If true, ClangdServer builds a dynamic in-memory index for symbols in opened files and uses the index to augment code completion results.
bool BackgroundIndex = false
 If true, ClangdServer automatically indexes files in the current project on background threads.
llvm::ThreadPriority BackgroundIndexPriority = llvm::ThreadPriority::Low
SymbolIndexStaticIndex = nullptr
 If set, use this index to augment code completion results.
std::function< Context(PathRef)> ContextProvider
 If set, queried to derive a processing context for some work.
TidyProviderRef ClangTidyProvider
 The Options provider to use when running clang-tidy.
std::optional< std::string > WorkspaceRoot
 Clangd's workspace root.
std::optional< std::string > ResourceDir
 The resource directory is used to find internal headers, overriding defaults and -resource-dir compiler flag).
DebouncePolicy UpdateDebounce
 Time to wait after a new file version before computing diagnostics.
bool ImplicitCancellation = true
 Cancel certain requests if the file changes before they begin running.
std::vector< std::string > QueryDriverGlobs
 Clangd will execute compiler drivers matching one of these globs to fetch system include path.
bool LineFoldingOnly = false
FeatureModuleSetFeatureModules = nullptr
bool UseDirtyHeaders = false
 If true, use the dirty buffer contents when building Preambles.
bool PreambleParseForwardingFunctions = false
bool ImportInsertions = false
 Whether include fixer insertions for Objective-C code should use #import instead of #include.
bool PublishInactiveRegions = false
 Whether to collect and publish information about inactive preprocessor regions in the document.

Additional Inherited Members

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 operator TUScheduler::Options () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CodeComplete

clangd::CodeCompleteOptions clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options::CodeComplete

Per-feature options.

Generally ClangdServer lets these vary per-request, but LSP allows limited/no customizations.

Definition at line 56 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

◆ ConfigProvider

config::Provider* clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options::ConfigProvider = nullptr

Supplies configuration (overrides ClangdServer::ContextProvider).

Definition at line 44 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

◆ Encoding

std::optional<OffsetEncoding> clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options::Encoding

The offset-encoding to use, or std::nullopt to negotiate it over LSP.

Definition at line 49 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

◆ MemoryCleanup

std::function<void()> clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options::MemoryCleanup = nullptr

If set, periodically called to release memory.

Consider malloc_trim(3)

Definition at line 52 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

◆ ReferencesLimit

size_t clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options::ReferencesLimit = 0

Limit the number of references returned (0 means no limit).

Definition at line 65 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

◆ Rename

clangd::RenameOptions clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options::Rename

Definition at line 58 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

◆ SignatureHelpDocumentationFormat

MarkupKind clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options::SignatureHelpDocumentationFormat = MarkupKind::PlainText

Definition at line 57 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

◆ TweakFilter

std::function<bool(const Tweak &)> clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options::TweakFilter
Initial value:
= [](const Tweak &T) {
return !T.hidden();

Returns true if the tweak should be enabled.

Definition at line 60 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

◆ UseDirBasedCDB

bool clang::clangd::ClangdLSPServer::Options::UseDirBasedCDB = true

Look for compilation databases, rather than using compile commands set via LSP (extensions) only.

Definition at line 47 of file ClangdLSPServer.h.

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