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clang::tidy::fuchsia Namespace Reference


class  DefaultArgumentsCallsCheck
 Default arguments are not allowed in called functions. More...
class  DefaultArgumentsDeclarationsCheck
 Default parameters are not allowed in declared functions. More...
class  FuchsiaModule
 This module is for Fuchsia-specific checks. More...
class  MultipleInheritanceCheck
 Multiple implementation inheritance is discouraged. More...
class  OverloadedOperatorCheck
 Overloading operators is disallowed by the Fuchsia coding standard. More...
class  StaticallyConstructedObjectsCheck
 Constructing global, non-trivial objects with static storage is disallowed, unless the object is statically initialized with a constexpr constructor or has no explicit constructor. More...
class  TrailingReturnCheck
 Functions that have trailing returns are disallowed, except for those using decltype specifiers and lambda with otherwise unutterable return types. More...
class  VirtualInheritanceCheck
 Defining classes with virtual inheritance is disallowed. More...


static ClangTidyModuleRegistry::Add< FuchsiaModuleX ("fuchsia-module", "Adds Fuchsia platform checks.")

Function Documentation

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static ClangTidyModuleRegistry::Add< FuchsiaModule > clang::tidy::fuchsia::X ( "fuchsia-module"  ,
"Adds Fuchsia platform checks."