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clang::clangd::BackgroundIndex Class Reference

#include <Background.h>

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struct  Options

Public Member Functions

 BackgroundIndex (const ThreadsafeFS &, const GlobalCompilationDatabase &CDB, BackgroundIndexStorage::Factory IndexStorageFactory, Options Opts)
 Creates a new background index and starts its threads. More...
 ~BackgroundIndex ()
void enqueue (const std::vector< std::string > &ChangedFiles)
void boostRelated (llvm::StringRef Path)
 Boosts priority of indexing related to Path. More...
void stop ()
LLVM_NODISCARD bool blockUntilIdleForTest (llvm::Optional< double > TimeoutSeconds=10)
void profile (MemoryTree &MT) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::clangd::SwapIndex
 SwapIndex (std::unique_ptr< SymbolIndex > Index=nullptr)
void reset (std::unique_ptr< SymbolIndex >)
bool fuzzyFind (const FuzzyFindRequest &, llvm::function_ref< void(const Symbol &)>) const override
 Matches symbols in the index fuzzily and applies Callback on each matched symbol before returning. More...
void lookup (const LookupRequest &, llvm::function_ref< void(const Symbol &)>) const override
 Looks up symbols with any of the given symbol IDs and applies Callback on each matched symbol. More...
bool refs (const RefsRequest &, llvm::function_ref< void(const Ref &)>) const override
 Finds all occurrences (e.g. More...
void relations (const RelationsRequest &, llvm::function_ref< void(const SymbolID &, const Symbol &)>) const override
llvm::unique_function< IndexContents(llvm::StringRef) const > indexedFiles () const override
size_t estimateMemoryUsage () const override
 Returns estimated size of index (in bytes). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::clangd::SymbolIndex
virtual ~SymbolIndex ()=default
virtual void relations (const RelationsRequest &Req, llvm::function_ref< void(const SymbolID &Subject, const Symbol &Object)> Callback) const =0
 Finds all relations (S, P, O) stored in the index such that S is among Req.Subjects and P is Req.Predicate, and invokes Callback for (S, O) in each. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from clang::clangd::SymbolIndex
using IndexedFiles = llvm::unique_function< IndexContents(llvm::StringRef) const >
 Returns function which checks if the specified file was used to build this index or not. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 133 of file Background.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BackgroundIndex()

clang::clangd::BackgroundIndex::BackgroundIndex ( const ThreadsafeFS TFS,
const GlobalCompilationDatabase CDB,
BackgroundIndexStorage::Factory  IndexStorageFactory,
Options  Opts 

Creates a new background index and starts its threads.

The current Context will be propagated to each worker thread.

Definition at line 91 of file Background.cpp.

◆ ~BackgroundIndex()

clang::clangd::BackgroundIndex::~BackgroundIndex ( )

Definition at line 116 of file Background.cpp.

References stop(), and clang::clangd::AsyncTaskRunner::wait().

Member Function Documentation

◆ blockUntilIdleForTest()

LLVM_NODISCARD bool clang::clangd::BackgroundIndex::blockUntilIdleForTest ( llvm::Optional< double >  TimeoutSeconds = 10)

◆ boostRelated()

void clang::clangd::BackgroundIndex::boostRelated ( llvm::StringRef  Path)

Boosts priority of indexing related to Path.

Typically used to index TUs when headers are opened.

Definition at line 175 of file Background.cpp.

References clang::clangd::BackgroundQueue::boost(), clang::clangd::filenameWithoutExtension(), and clang::clangd::isHeaderFile().

◆ enqueue()

void clang::clangd::BackgroundIndex::enqueue ( const std::vector< std::string > &  ChangedFiles)

Definition at line 159 of file Background.h.

References clang::clangd::BackgroundQueue::push().

◆ profile()

void clang::clangd::BackgroundIndex::profile ( MemoryTree MT) const

◆ stop()

void clang::clangd::BackgroundIndex::stop ( )

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