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1//===--- Marshalling.h -------------------------------------------*- C++-*-===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
12#include "Index.pb.h"
13#include "index/Index.h"
14#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
15#include "llvm/Support/StringSaver.h"
17namespace clang {
18namespace clangd {
19namespace remote {
21// Marshalling provides an interface for translattion between native clangd
22// types into the Protobuf-generated classes. Most translations are 1-to-1 and
23// wrap variables into appropriate Protobuf types.
25/// A notable exception is URI translation. Because paths to files are different
26/// on indexing machine and client machine
27/// ("/remote/machine/projects/llvm-project/llvm/include/HelloWorld.h" versus
28/// "/usr/local/username/llvm-project/llvm/include/HelloWorld.h"), they need to
29/// be converted appropriately. Remote machine strips the prefix
30/// (RemoteIndexRoot) from the absolute path and passes paths relative to the
31/// project root over the wire ("include/HelloWorld.h" in this example). The
32/// indexed project root is passed to the remote server. Client receives this
33/// relative path and constructs a URI that points to the relevant file in the
34/// filesystem. The relative path is appended to LocalIndexRoot to construct the
35/// full path and build the final URI.
38 Marshaller() = delete;
39 Marshaller(llvm::StringRef RemoteIndexRoot, llvm::StringRef LocalIndexRoot);
41 llvm::Expected<clangd::Symbol> fromProtobuf(const Symbol &Message);
42 llvm::Expected<clangd::Ref> fromProtobuf(const Ref &Message);
43 llvm::Expected<std::pair<clangd::SymbolID, clangd::Symbol>>
44 fromProtobuf(const Relation &Message);
46 llvm::Expected<clangd::LookupRequest>
47 fromProtobuf(const LookupRequest *Message);
48 llvm::Expected<clangd::FuzzyFindRequest>
49 fromProtobuf(const FuzzyFindRequest *Message);
50 llvm::Expected<clangd::RefsRequest> fromProtobuf(const RefsRequest *Message);
51 llvm::Expected<clangd::RelationsRequest>
52 fromProtobuf(const RelationsRequest *Message);
54 /// toProtobuf() functions serialize native clangd types and strip IndexRoot
55 /// from the file paths specific to indexing machine. fromProtobuf() functions
56 /// deserialize clangd types and translate relative paths into machine-native
57 /// URIs.
63 llvm::Expected<Symbol> toProtobuf(const clangd::Symbol &From);
64 llvm::Expected<Ref> toProtobuf(const clangd::Ref &From);
65 llvm::Expected<Relation> toProtobuf(const clangd::SymbolID &Subject,
66 const clangd::Symbol &Object);
68 /// Translates \p RelativePath into the absolute path and builds URI for the
69 /// user machine. This translation happens on the client side with the
70 /// \p RelativePath received from remote index server and \p IndexRoot is
71 /// provided by the client.
72 ///
73 /// The relative path passed over the wire has unix slashes.
74 llvm::Expected<std::string> relativePathToURI(llvm::StringRef RelativePath);
75 /// Translates a URI from the server's backing index to a relative path
76 /// suitable to send over the wire to the client.
77 llvm::Expected<std::string> uriToRelativePath(llvm::StringRef URI);
82 clang::index::SymbolInfo fromProtobuf(const SymbolInfo &Message);
83 SymbolInfo toProtobuf(const clang::index::SymbolInfo &Info);
84 llvm::Expected<clangd::SymbolLocation>
85 fromProtobuf(const SymbolLocation &Message);
86 llvm::Expected<SymbolLocation>
88 llvm::Expected<HeaderWithReferences>
90 llvm::Expected<clangd::Symbol::IncludeHeaderWithReferences>
91 fromProtobuf(const HeaderWithReferences &Message);
93 /// RemoteIndexRoot and LocalIndexRoot are absolute paths to the project (on
94 /// remote and local machine respectively) and include a trailing slash. One
95 /// of them can be missing (if the machines are different they don't know each
96 /// other's specifics and will only do one-way translation), but both can not
97 /// be missing at the same time.
98 std::string RemoteIndexRoot;
99 std::string LocalIndexRoot;
100 llvm::BumpPtrAllocator Arena;
101 llvm::UniqueStringSaver Strings;
104} // namespace remote
105} // namespace clangd
106} // namespace clang
A URI describes the location of a source file.
Definition: URI.h:28
A notable exception is URI translation.
Definition: Marshalling.h:36
LookupRequest toProtobuf(const clangd::LookupRequest &From)
toProtobuf() functions serialize native clangd types and strip IndexRoot from the file paths specific...
llvm::Expected< std::string > uriToRelativePath(llvm::StringRef URI)
Translates a URI from the server's backing index to a relative path suitable to send over the wire to...
llvm::Expected< clangd::Symbol > fromProtobuf(const Symbol &Message)
llvm::Expected< std::string > relativePathToURI(llvm::StringRef RelativePath)
Translates RelativePath into the absolute path and builds URI for the user machine.
Describes a named symbol from a header.
Definition: SymbolInfo.h:26
@ Info
An information message.
===– Representation.cpp - ClangDoc Representation --------—*- C++ -*-===//
Represents a symbol occurrence in the source file.
Definition: Ref.h:85
Represents a relation between two symbols.
Definition: Relation.h:32
The class presents a C++ symbol, e.g.
Definition: Symbol.h:39