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clang::index::IndexingOptions Struct Reference

#include "clang/Index/IndexingOptions.h"

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Public Types

enum class  SystemSymbolFilterKind { None , DeclarationsOnly , All }

Public Attributes

SystemSymbolFilterKind SystemSymbolFilter
bool IndexFunctionLocals = false
bool IndexImplicitInstantiation = false
bool IndexMacros = true
bool IndexMacrosInPreprocessor = false
bool IndexParametersInDeclarations = false
bool IndexTemplateParameters = false
std::function< bool(const Decl *)> ShouldTraverseDecl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file IndexingOptions.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ SystemSymbolFilterKind


Definition at line 21 of file IndexingOptions.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ IndexFunctionLocals

bool clang::index::IndexingOptions::IndexFunctionLocals = false

◆ IndexImplicitInstantiation

bool clang::index::IndexingOptions::IndexImplicitInstantiation = false

◆ IndexMacros

bool clang::index::IndexingOptions::IndexMacros = true

Definition at line 31 of file IndexingOptions.h.

◆ IndexMacrosInPreprocessor

bool clang::index::IndexingOptions::IndexMacrosInPreprocessor = false

◆ IndexParametersInDeclarations

bool clang::index::IndexingOptions::IndexParametersInDeclarations = false

◆ IndexTemplateParameters

bool clang::index::IndexingOptions::IndexTemplateParameters = false

◆ ShouldTraverseDecl

std::function<bool(const Decl *)> clang::index::IndexingOptions::ShouldTraverseDecl

◆ SystemSymbolFilter

SystemSymbolFilterKind clang::index::IndexingOptions::SystemSymbolFilter

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