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clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change Struct Reference

Represents a change before a token, a break inside a token, or the layout of an unchanged token (or whitespace within). More...

#include "/home/buildbot/as-worker-4/publish-doxygen-docs/llvm-project/clang/lib/Format/WhitespaceManager.h"


class  IsBeforeInFile
 Functor to sort changes in original source order. More...

Public Member Functions

 Change (const FormatToken &Tok, bool CreateReplacement, SourceRange OriginalWhitespaceRange, int Spaces, unsigned StartOfTokenColumn, unsigned NewlinesBefore, StringRef PreviousLinePostfix, StringRef CurrentLinePrefix, bool IsAligned, bool ContinuesPPDirective, bool IsInsideToken)
 Creates a Change.
std::tuple< unsigned, unsigned, unsignedindentAndNestingLevel () const

Public Attributes

const FormatTokenTok
bool CreateReplacement
SourceRange OriginalWhitespaceRange
unsigned StartOfTokenColumn
unsigned NewlinesBefore
std::string PreviousLinePostfix
std::string CurrentLinePrefix
bool IsAligned
bool ContinuesPPDirective
int Spaces
bool IsInsideToken
bool IsTrailingComment
unsigned TokenLength
unsigned PreviousEndOfTokenColumn
unsigned EscapedNewlineColumn
const ChangeStartOfBlockComment
int IndentationOffset
int ConditionalsLevel

Detailed Description

Represents a change before a token, a break inside a token, or the layout of an unchanged token (or whitespace within).

Definition at line 89 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Change()

clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::Change ( const FormatToken Tok,
bool  CreateReplacement,
SourceRange  OriginalWhitespaceRange,
int  Spaces,
unsigned  StartOfTokenColumn,
unsigned  NewlinesBefore,
StringRef  PreviousLinePostfix,
StringRef  CurrentLinePrefix,
bool  IsAligned,
bool  ContinuesPPDirective,
bool  IsInsideToken 

Creates a Change.

The generated Change will replace the characters at OriginalWhitespaceRange with a concatenation of PreviousLinePostfix, NewlinesBefore line breaks, Spaces spaces and CurrentLinePrefix.

StartOfTokenColumn and InPPDirective will be used to lay out trailing comments and escaped newlines.

Definition at line 34 of file WhitespaceManager.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ indentAndNestingLevel()

std::tuple< unsigned, unsigned, unsigned > clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::indentAndNestingLevel ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ ConditionalsLevel

int clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::ConditionalsLevel

Definition at line 164 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

Referenced by indentAndNestingLevel().

◆ ContinuesPPDirective

bool clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::ContinuesPPDirective

Definition at line 130 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ CreateReplacement

bool clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::CreateReplacement

Definition at line 121 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ CurrentLinePrefix

std::string clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::CurrentLinePrefix

Definition at line 128 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ EscapedNewlineColumn

unsigned clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::EscapedNewlineColumn

Definition at line 149 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ IndentationOffset

int clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::IndentationOffset

Definition at line 160 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ IsAligned

bool clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::IsAligned

Definition at line 129 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ IsInsideToken

bool clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::IsInsideToken

Definition at line 141 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ IsTrailingComment

bool clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::IsTrailingComment

Definition at line 146 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ NewlinesBefore

unsigned clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::NewlinesBefore

Definition at line 126 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ OriginalWhitespaceRange

SourceRange clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::OriginalWhitespaceRange

◆ PreviousEndOfTokenColumn

unsigned clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::PreviousEndOfTokenColumn

Definition at line 148 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ PreviousLinePostfix

std::string clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::PreviousLinePostfix

Definition at line 127 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ Spaces

int clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::Spaces

Definition at line 137 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ StartOfBlockComment

const Change* clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::StartOfBlockComment

Definition at line 159 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ StartOfTokenColumn

unsigned clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::StartOfTokenColumn

Definition at line 125 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

◆ Tok

const FormatToken* clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::Tok

Definition at line 119 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

Referenced by indentAndNestingLevel().

◆ TokenLength

unsigned clang::format::WhitespaceManager::Change::TokenLength

Definition at line 147 of file WhitespaceManager.h.

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