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Transformer Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for Transformer:


file  MatchConsumer.h [code]
file  Parsing.h [code]
 Defines parsing functions for Transformer types.
file  RangeSelector.h [code]
 Defines a combinator library supporting the definition of selectors, which select source ranges based on (bound) AST nodes.
file  RewriteRule.h [code]
 Defines the RewriteRule class and related functions for creating, modifying and interpreting RewriteRules.
file  SourceCode.h [code]
file  SourceCodeBuilders.h [code]
 This file collects facilities for generating source code strings.
file  Stencil.h [code]
 This file defines the Stencil abstraction: a code-generating object, parameterized by named references to (bound) AST nodes.
file  Transformer.h [code]