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clang::syntax::TokenCollector Class Reference

Collects tokens for the main file while running the frontend action. More...

#include "clang/Tooling/Syntax/Tokens.h"

Public Member Functions

 TokenCollector (Preprocessor &P)
 Adds the hooks to collect the tokens.
TokenBuffer consume () &&
 Finalizes token collection.

Detailed Description

Collects tokens for the main file while running the frontend action.

An instance of this object should be created on FrontendAction::BeginSourceFile() and the results should be consumed after FrontendAction::Execute() finishes.

Definition at line 418 of file Tokens.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TokenCollector()

TokenCollector::TokenCollector ( Preprocessor PP)

Adds the hooks to collect the tokens.

Fills in the TokenBuffer by tracing the run of a preprocessor.

Should be called before the preprocessing starts, i.e. as a part of BeginSourceFile() or CreateASTConsumer().

The implementation tracks the tokens, macro expansions and directives coming from the preprocessor and:

  • for each token, figures out if it is a part of an expanded token stream, spelled token stream or both. Stores the tokens appropriately.
  • records mappings from the spelled to expanded token ranges, e.g. for macro expansions. FIXME: also properly record:
    • #include directives,
    • #pragma, #line and other PP directives,
    • skipped pp regions,
    • ...

Definition at line 676 of file Tokens.cpp.

References clang::Preprocessor::addPPCallbacks(), clang::Preprocessor::getSourceManager(), clang::Token::isAnnotation(), and clang::Preprocessor::setTokenWatcher().

Member Function Documentation

◆ consume()

TokenBuffer TokenCollector::consume ( ) &&

Finalizes token collection.

Should be called after preprocessing is finished, i.e. after running Execute().

Definition at line 888 of file Tokens.cpp.

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