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clang::ento::SymbolicRegion Class Reference

SymbolicRegion - A special, "non-concrete" region. More...

#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/PathSensitive/MemRegion.h"

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Public Member Functions

SymbolRef getSymbol () const
 It might return null.
QualType getPointeeStaticType () const
 Gets the type of the wrapped symbol.
bool isBoundable () const override
void Profile (llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID) const override
void dumpToStream (raw_ostream &os) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::SubRegion
LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_RETURNS_NONNULL const MemRegiongetSuperRegion () const
MemRegionManagergetMemRegionManager () const override
bool isSubRegionOf (const MemRegion *R) const override
 Check if the region is a subregion of the given region.
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::MemRegion
ASTContextgetContext () const
virtual void Profile (llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID) const =0
virtual MemRegionManagergetMemRegionManager () const =0
LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_RETURNS_NONNULL const MemSpaceRegiongetMemorySpace () const
LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_RETURNS_NONNULL const MemRegiongetBaseRegion () const
LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_RETURNS_NONNULL const MemRegiongetMostDerivedObjectRegion () const
 Recursively retrieve the region of the most derived class instance of regions of C++ base class instances.
virtual bool isSubRegionOf (const MemRegion *R) const
 Check if the region is a subregion of the given region.
LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_RETURNS_NONNULL const MemRegionStripCasts (bool StripBaseAndDerivedCasts=true) const
const SymbolicRegiongetSymbolicBase () const
 If this is a symbolic region, returns the region.
bool hasStackStorage () const
bool hasStackNonParametersStorage () const
bool hasStackParametersStorage () const
RegionOffset getAsOffset () const
 Compute the offset within the top level memory object.
std::string getString () const
 Get a string representation of a region for debug use.
virtual void dumpToStream (raw_ostream &os) const
void dump () const
virtual bool canPrintPretty () const
 Returns true if this region can be printed in a user-friendly way.
virtual void printPretty (raw_ostream &os) const
 Print the region for use in diagnostics.
virtual bool canPrintPrettyAsExpr () const
 Returns true if this region's textual representation can be used as part of a larger expression.
virtual void printPrettyAsExpr (raw_ostream &os) const
 Print the region as expression.
Kind getKind () const
template<typename RegionTy >
const RegionTy * getAs () const
template<typename RegionTy >
LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_RETURNS_NONNULL const RegionTy * castAs () const
virtual bool isBoundable () const
std::string getDescriptiveName (bool UseQuotes=true) const
 Get descriptive name for memory region.
SourceRange sourceRange () const
 Retrieve source range from memory region.

Static Public Member Functions

static void ProfileRegion (llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &ID, SymbolRef sym, const MemRegion *superRegion)
static bool classof (const MemRegion *R)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::SubRegion
static bool classof (const MemRegion *R)


class MemRegionManager

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from clang::ento::MemRegion
enum  Kind
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::SubRegion
 SubRegion (const MemRegion *sReg, Kind k)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from clang::ento::MemRegion
 MemRegion (Kind k)
virtual ~MemRegion ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from clang::ento::SubRegion
const MemRegionsuperRegion

Detailed Description

SymbolicRegion - A special, "non-concrete" region.

Unlike other region classes, SymbolicRegion represents a region that serves as an alias for either a real region, a NULL pointer, etc. It essentially is used to map the concept of symbolic values into the domain of regions. Symbolic regions do not need to be typed.

Definition at line 775 of file MemRegion.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ classof()

static bool clang::ento::SymbolicRegion::classof ( const MemRegion R)

Definition at line 818 of file MemRegion.h.

References clang::ento::MemRegion::getKind().

◆ dumpToStream()

void SymbolicRegion::dumpToStream ( raw_ostream &  os) const

Reimplemented from clang::ento::MemRegion.

Definition at line 556 of file MemRegion.cpp.

References clang::ento::SubRegion::getSuperRegion().

◆ getPointeeStaticType()

QualType clang::ento::SymbolicRegion::getPointeeStaticType ( ) const

Gets the type of the wrapped symbol.

This type might not be accurate at all times - it's just our best guess. Consider these cases: void foo(void *data, char *str, base *obj) {...} The type of the pointee of data is of course not void, yet that's our best guess. str might point to any object and obj might point to some derived instance. TypedRegions other hand are representing the cases when we actually know their types.

Definition at line 804 of file MemRegion.h.

References clang::Type::getPointeeType(), and clang::ento::SymExpr::getType().

◆ getSymbol()

SymbolRef clang::ento::SymbolicRegion::getSymbol ( ) const

It might return null.

Definition at line 794 of file MemRegion.h.

Referenced by getOriginParam(), and clang::ento::SValExplainer::VisitSymbolicRegion().

◆ isBoundable()

bool clang::ento::SymbolicRegion::isBoundable ( ) const

Reimplemented from clang::ento::MemRegion.

Definition at line 808 of file MemRegion.h.

◆ Profile()

void SymbolicRegion::Profile ( llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &  ID) const

Implements clang::ento::MemRegion.

Definition at line 338 of file MemRegion.cpp.

References clang::ento::SubRegion::getSuperRegion(), and ProfileRegion().

◆ ProfileRegion()

void SymbolicRegion::ProfileRegion ( llvm::FoldingSetNodeID &  ID,
SymbolRef  sym,
const MemRegion superRegion 

Definition at line 331 of file MemRegion.cpp.

Referenced by Profile().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ MemRegionManager

friend class MemRegionManager

Definition at line 776 of file MemRegion.h.

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