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clang::ento::ScanReachableSymbols Class Reference

#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/PathSensitive/ProgramState.h"

Public Member Functions

 ScanReachableSymbols (ProgramStateRef st, SymbolVisitor &v)
bool scan (nonloc::LazyCompoundVal val)
bool scan (nonloc::CompoundVal val)
bool scan (SVal val)
bool scan (const MemRegion *R)
bool scan (const SymExpr *sym)

Detailed Description

A utility class that visits the reachable symbols using a custom SymbolVisitor. Terminates recursive traversal when the visitor function returns false.

Definition at line 904 of file ProgramState.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScanReachableSymbols()

clang::ento::ScanReachableSymbols::ScanReachableSymbols ( ProgramStateRef  st,
SymbolVisitor v 

Definition at line 911 of file ProgramState.h.

References state.

Member Function Documentation

◆ scan() [1/5]

bool ScanReachableSymbols::scan ( const MemRegion R)

◆ scan() [2/5]

bool ScanReachableSymbols::scan ( const SymExpr sym)

◆ scan() [3/5]

bool ScanReachableSymbols::scan ( nonloc::CompoundVal  val)

◆ scan() [4/5]

bool ScanReachableSymbols::scan ( nonloc::LazyCompoundVal  val)

◆ scan() [5/5]

bool ScanReachableSymbols::scan ( SVal  val)

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