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clang::ProfileList Class Reference

#include "clang/Basic/ProfileList.h"

Public Types

enum  ExclusionType { Allow , Skip , Forbid }
 Represents if an how something should be excluded from profiling. More...

Public Member Functions

 ProfileList (ArrayRef< std::string > Paths, SourceManager &SM)
 ~ProfileList ()
bool isEmpty () const
ExclusionType getDefault (CodeGenOptions::ProfileInstrKind Kind) const
std::optional< ExclusionTypeisFunctionExcluded (StringRef FunctionName, CodeGenOptions::ProfileInstrKind Kind) const
std::optional< ExclusionTypeisLocationExcluded (SourceLocation Loc, CodeGenOptions::ProfileInstrKind Kind) const
std::optional< ExclusionTypeisFileExcluded (StringRef FileName, CodeGenOptions::ProfileInstrKind Kind) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file ProfileList.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ExclusionType

Represents if an how something should be excluded from profiling.


Profiling is allowed.


Profiling is skipped using the skipprofile attribute.


Profiling is forbidden using the noprofile attribute.

Definition at line 31 of file ProfileList.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProfileList()

ProfileList::ProfileList ( ArrayRef< std::string >  Paths,
SourceManager SM 

Definition at line 67 of file ProfileList.cpp.

◆ ~ProfileList()

ProfileList::~ProfileList ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDefault()

ProfileList::ExclusionType ProfileList::getDefault ( CodeGenOptions::ProfileInstrKind  Kind) const

◆ isEmpty()

bool clang::ProfileList::isEmpty ( ) const

Definition at line 51 of file ProfileList.h.

References clang::Empty.

Referenced by clang::CodeGen::CodeGenModule::isFunctionBlockedByProfileList().

◆ isFileExcluded()

std::optional< ProfileList::ExclusionType > ProfileList::isFileExcluded ( StringRef  FileName,
CodeGenOptions::ProfileInstrKind  Kind 
) const

◆ isFunctionExcluded()

std::optional< ProfileList::ExclusionType > ProfileList::isFunctionExcluded ( StringRef  FunctionName,
CodeGenOptions::ProfileInstrKind  Kind 
) const

◆ isLocationExcluded()

std::optional< ProfileList::ExclusionType > ProfileList::isLocationExcluded ( SourceLocation  Loc,
CodeGenOptions::ProfileInstrKind  Kind 
) const

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