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clang::ExplicitSpecifier Class Reference

Store information needed for an explicit specifier. More...

#include "clang/AST/DeclCXX.h"

Public Member Functions

 ExplicitSpecifier ()=default
 ExplicitSpecifier (Expr *Expression, ExplicitSpecKind Kind)
ExplicitSpecKind getKind () const
const ExprgetExpr () const
ExprgetExpr ()
bool isSpecified () const
 Determine if the declaration had an explicit specifier of any kind.
bool isEquivalent (const ExplicitSpecifier Other) const
 Check for equivalence of explicit specifiers.
bool isExplicit () const
 Determine whether this specifier is known to correspond to an explicit declaration.
bool isInvalid () const
 Determine if the explicit specifier is invalid.
void setKind (ExplicitSpecKind Kind)
void setExpr (Expr *E)

Static Public Member Functions

static ExplicitSpecifier getFromDecl (FunctionDecl *Function)
static const ExplicitSpecifier getFromDecl (const FunctionDecl *Function)
static ExplicitSpecifier Invalid ()

Detailed Description

Store information needed for an explicit specifier.

Used by CXXDeductionGuideDecl, CXXConstructorDecl and CXXConversionDecl.

Definition at line 1892 of file DeclCXX.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ExplicitSpecifier() [1/2]

clang::ExplicitSpecifier::ExplicitSpecifier ( )

Referenced by Invalid().

◆ ExplicitSpecifier() [2/2]

clang::ExplicitSpecifier::ExplicitSpecifier ( Expr Expression,
ExplicitSpecKind  Kind 

Definition at line 1898 of file DeclCXX.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getExpr() [1/2]

Expr * clang::ExplicitSpecifier::getExpr ( )

Definition at line 1902 of file DeclCXX.h.

◆ getExpr() [2/2]

const Expr * clang::ExplicitSpecifier::getExpr ( ) const

◆ getFromDecl() [1/2]

static const ExplicitSpecifier clang::ExplicitSpecifier::getFromDecl ( const FunctionDecl Function)

Definition at line 1929 of file DeclCXX.h.

References clang::Function, and getFromDecl().

◆ getFromDecl() [2/2]

ExplicitSpecifier ExplicitSpecifier::getFromDecl ( FunctionDecl Function)

◆ getKind()

ExplicitSpecKind clang::ExplicitSpecifier::getKind ( ) const

◆ Invalid()

static ExplicitSpecifier clang::ExplicitSpecifier::Invalid ( )

Definition at line 1932 of file DeclCXX.h.

References ExplicitSpecifier(), and clang::Unresolved.

Referenced by clang::Sema::instantiateExplicitSpecifier().

◆ isEquivalent()

bool ExplicitSpecifier::isEquivalent ( const ExplicitSpecifier  Other) const

Check for equivalence of explicit specifiers.

true if the explicit specifier are equivalent, false otherwise.

Definition at line 2126 of file DeclCXX.cpp.

References clang::ODRHash::AddStmt(), clang::ODRHash::CalculateHash(), getExpr(), getKind(), clang::Other, and clang::Unresolved.

◆ isExplicit()

bool clang::ExplicitSpecifier::isExplicit ( ) const

Determine whether this specifier is known to correspond to an explicit declaration.

Returns false if the specifier is absent or has an expression that is value-dependent or evaluates to false.

Definition at line 1916 of file DeclCXX.h.

References clang::ResolvedTrue.

Referenced by DiagnoseFailedExplicitSpec(), clang::CXXDeductionGuideDecl::isExplicit(), clang::CXXConstructorDecl::isExplicit(), clang::CXXConversionDecl::isExplicit(), isNonDependentlyExplicit(), and clang::CXXConstructorDecl::setExplicitSpecifier().

◆ isInvalid()

bool clang::ExplicitSpecifier::isInvalid ( ) const

Determine if the explicit specifier is invalid.

This state occurs after a substitution failures.

Definition at line 1921 of file DeclCXX.h.

References clang::Unresolved.

Referenced by instantiateExplicitSpecifierDeferred(), and clang::TemplateDeclInstantiator::VisitFunctionDecl().

◆ isSpecified()

bool clang::ExplicitSpecifier::isSpecified ( ) const

Determine if the declaration had an explicit specifier of any kind.

Definition at line 1905 of file DeclCXX.h.

References clang::ResolvedFalse.

Referenced by clang::DeclSpec::hasExplicitSpecifier().

◆ setExpr()

void clang::ExplicitSpecifier::setExpr ( Expr E)

Definition at line 1926 of file DeclCXX.h.

Referenced by clang::Sema::tryResolveExplicitSpecifier().

◆ setKind()

void clang::ExplicitSpecifier::setKind ( ExplicitSpecKind  Kind)

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