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clang::doc::BaseRecordInfo Struct Reference

#include <Representation.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BaseRecordInfo ()
 BaseRecordInfo (SymbolID USR, StringRef Name, StringRef Path, bool IsVirtual, AccessSpecifier Access, bool IsParent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::doc::RecordInfo
 RecordInfo (SymbolID USR=SymbolID(), StringRef Name=StringRef(), StringRef Path=StringRef())
void merge (RecordInfo &&I)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::doc::SymbolInfo
 SymbolInfo (InfoType IT, SymbolID USR=SymbolID(), StringRef Name=StringRef(), StringRef Path=StringRef())
void merge (SymbolInfo &&I)
- Public Member Functions inherited from clang::doc::Info
 Info (InfoType IT=InfoType::IT_default, SymbolID USR=SymbolID(), StringRef Name=StringRef(), StringRef Path=StringRef())
 Info (const Info &Other)=delete
 Info (Info &&Other)=default
virtual ~Info ()=default
void mergeBase (Info &&I)
bool mergeable (const Info &Other)
llvm::SmallString< 16 > extractName () const
llvm::SmallString< 64 > getRelativeFilePath (const StringRef &CurrentPath) const
 Returns the file path for this Info relative to CurrentPath.
llvm::SmallString< 16 > getFileBaseName () const
 Returns the basename that should be used for this Info.

Public Attributes

bool IsVirtual = false
AccessSpecifier Access = AccessSpecifier::AS_public
bool IsParent = false
- Public Attributes inherited from clang::doc::RecordInfo
TagTypeKind TagType = TagTypeKind::Struct
SmallString< 16 > FullName
std::optional< TemplateInfoTemplate
bool IsTypeDef = false
llvm::SmallVector< MemberTypeInfo, 4 > Members
llvm::SmallVector< Reference, 4 > Parents
llvm::SmallVector< Reference, 4 > VirtualParents
std::vector< BaseRecordInfoBases
ScopeChildren Children
- Public Attributes inherited from clang::doc::SymbolInfo
std::optional< LocationDefLoc
llvm::SmallVector< Location, 2 > Loc
- Public Attributes inherited from clang::doc::Info
SymbolID USR
const InfoType IT = InfoType::IT_default
SmallString< 16 > Name
llvm::SmallVector< Reference, 4 > Namespace
std::vector< CommentInfoDescription
llvm::SmallString< 128 > Path

Detailed Description

Definition at line 399 of file Representation.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BaseRecordInfo() [1/2]

clang::doc::BaseRecordInfo::BaseRecordInfo ( )

Definition at line 298 of file Representation.cpp.

◆ BaseRecordInfo() [2/2]

clang::doc::BaseRecordInfo::BaseRecordInfo ( SymbolID  USR,
StringRef  Name,
StringRef  Path,
bool  IsVirtual,
AccessSpecifier  Access,
bool  IsParent 

Definition at line 300 of file Representation.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Access

AccessSpecifier clang::doc::BaseRecordInfo::Access = AccessSpecifier::AS_public

◆ IsParent

bool clang::doc::BaseRecordInfo::IsParent = false

◆ IsVirtual

bool clang::doc::BaseRecordInfo::IsVirtual = false

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