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directory  dexp


file  Dex.cpp [code]
file  Dex.h [code]
 This defines Dex - a symbol index implementation based on query iterators over symbol tokens, such as fuzzy matching trigrams, scopes, types, etc.
file  Iterator.cpp [code]
file  Iterator.h [code]
 Symbol index queries consist of specific requirements for the requested symbol, such as high fuzzy matching score, scope, type etc.
file  PostingList.cpp [code]
file  PostingList.h [code]
 This defines posting list interface: a storage for identifiers of symbols which can be characterized by a specific feature (such as fuzzy-find trigram, scope, type or any other Search Token).
file  Token.h [code]
 Token objects represent a characteristic of a symbol, which can be used to perform efficient search.
file  Trigram.cpp [code]
file  Trigram.h [code]
 Trigrams are attributes of the symbol unqualified name used to effectively extract symbols which can be fuzzy-matched given user query from the inverted index.