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Dex.h File Reference
#include "index/dex/Iterator.h"
#include "index/Index.h"
#include "index/Relation.h"
#include "index/dex/PostingList.h"
#include "index/dex/Token.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringSet.h"
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class  clang::clangd::dex::Dex
 In-memory Dex trigram-based index implementation. More...


 ===– Representation.cpp - ClangDoc Representation --------—*- C++ -*-===//


llvm::SmallVector< llvm::StringRef, ProximityURILimit > clang::clangd::dex::generateProximityURIs (llvm::StringRef)
 Returns Search Token for a number of parent directories of given Path. More...

Detailed Description

This defines Dex - a symbol index implementation based on query iterators over symbol tokens, such as fuzzy matching trigrams, scopes, types, etc. While consuming more memory and having longer build stage due to preprocessing, Dex will have substantially lower latency. It will also allow efficient symbol searching which is crucial for operations like code completion, and can be very important for a number of different code transformations which will be eventually supported by Clangd.

Definition in file Dex.h.