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clang::query::QueryParser Class Reference

#include <QueryParser.h>


struct  LexOrCompleteWord

Static Public Member Functions

static QueryRef parse (StringRef Line, const QuerySession &QS)
 Parse Line as a query. More...
static std::vector< llvm::LineEditor::Completion > complete (StringRef Line, size_t Pos, const QuerySession &QS)
 Compute a list of completions for Line assuming a cursor at. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file QueryParser.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ complete()

std::vector< LineEditor::Completion > clang::query::QueryParser::complete ( StringRef  Line,
size_t  Pos,
const QuerySession QS 

Compute a list of completions for Line assuming a cursor at.

Poscharacters past the start of Line, ordered from most likely to least likely.
A vector of completions for Line.

Definition at line 368 of file QueryParser.cpp.

References Line, and Pos.

◆ parse()

QueryRef clang::query::QueryParser::parse ( StringRef  Line,
const QuerySession QS 

Parse Line as a query.

A QueryRef representing the query, which may be an InvalidQuery.

Definition at line 363 of file QueryParser.cpp.

References Line.

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