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1//===--- SignalHandlerCheck.h - clang-tidy ----------------------*- C++ -*-===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
12#include "../ClangTidyCheck.h"
13#include "clang/Analysis/CallGraph.h"
14#include "llvm/ADT/DepthFirstIterator.h"
15#include "llvm/ADT/StringSet.h"
17namespace clang::tidy::bugprone {
19/// Checker for signal handler functions.
21/// For the user-facing documentation see:
27 SignalHandlerCheck(StringRef Name, ClangTidyContext *Context);
28 void storeOptions(ClangTidyOptions::OptionMap &Opts) override;
29 bool isLanguageVersionSupported(const LangOptions &LangOpts) const override;
30 void registerMatchers(ast_matchers::MatchFinder *Finder) override;
31 void check(const ast_matchers::MatchFinder::MatchResult &Result) override;
34 /// Check if a function is allowed as a signal handler.
35 /// Should test the properties of the function, and check in the code body.
36 /// Should not check function calls in the code (this part is done by the call
37 /// graph scan).
38 /// Bug reports are generated for the whole code body (no stop at the first
39 /// found issue). For issues that are not in the code body, only one
40 /// bug report is generated.
41 /// \param FD The function to check. It may or may not have a definition.
42 /// \param CallOrRef Location of the call to this function (in another
43 /// function) or the reference to the function (if it is used as a registered
44 /// signal handler). This is the location where diagnostics are to be placed.
45 /// \param ChainReporter A function that adds bug report notes to display the
46 /// chain of called functions from signal handler registration to the current
47 /// function. This is called at every generated bug report.
48 /// The bool parameter is used like \c SkipPathEnd in \c reportHandlerChain .
49 /// \return Returns true if a diagnostic was emitted for this function.
50 bool checkFunction(const FunctionDecl *FD, const Expr *CallOrRef,
51 std::function<void(bool)> ChainReporter);
52 /// Similar as \c checkFunction but only check for C++14 rules.
53 bool checkFunctionCPP14(const FunctionDecl *FD, const Expr *CallOrRef,
54 std::function<void(bool)> ChainReporter);
55 /// Returns true if a standard library function is considered
56 /// asynchronous-safe.
57 bool isStandardFunctionAsyncSafe(const FunctionDecl *FD) const;
58 /// Add diagnostic notes to show the call chain of functions from a signal
59 /// handler to a function that is called (directly or indirectly) from it.
60 /// Also add a note to the place where the signal handler is registered.
61 /// @param Itr Position during a call graph depth-first iteration. It contains
62 /// the "path" (call chain) from the signal handler to the actual found
63 /// function call.
64 /// @param HandlerRef Reference to the signal handler function where it is
65 /// registered as signal handler.
66 /// @param SkipPathEnd If true the last item of the call chain (farthest away
67 /// from the \c signal call) is omitted from note generation.
68 void reportHandlerChain(const llvm::df_iterator<clang::CallGraphNode *> &Itr,
69 const DeclRefExpr *HandlerRef, bool SkipPathEnd);
71 clang::CallGraph CG;
73 AsyncSafeFunctionSetKind AsyncSafeFunctionSet;
74 llvm::StringSet<> ConformingFunctions;
77} // namespace clang::tidy::bugprone
llvm::SmallString< 256U > Name
Base class for all clang-tidy checks.
Every ClangTidyCheck reports errors through a DiagnosticsEngine provided by this context.
Checker for signal handler functions.
void storeOptions(ClangTidyOptions::OptionMap &Opts) override
Should store all options supported by this check with their current values or default values for opti...
void registerMatchers(ast_matchers::MatchFinder *Finder) override
Override this to register AST matchers with Finder.
bool isLanguageVersionSupported(const LangOptions &LangOpts) const override
Override this to disable registering matchers and PP callbacks if an invalid language version is bein...
void check(const ast_matchers::MatchFinder::MatchResult &Result) override
ClangTidyChecks that register ASTMatchers should do the actual work in here.
llvm::StringMap< ClangTidyValue > OptionMap