Extra Clang Tools 11.0.0 (In-Progress) Release Notes

Written by the LLVM Team


These are in-progress notes for the upcoming Extra Clang Tools 11 release. Release notes for previous releases can be found on the Download Page.


This document contains the release notes for the Extra Clang Tools, part of the Clang release 11.0.0. Here we describe the status of the Extra Clang Tools in some detail, including major improvements from the previous release and new feature work. All LLVM releases may be downloaded from the LLVM releases web site.

For more information about Clang or LLVM, including information about the latest release, please see the Clang Web Site or the LLVM Web Site.

Note that if you are reading this file from a Git checkout or the main Clang web page, this document applies to the next release, not the current one. To see the release notes for a specific release, please see the releases page.

What’s New in Extra Clang Tools 11.0.0?

Some of the major new features and improvements to Extra Clang Tools are listed here. Generic improvements to Extra Clang Tools as a whole or to its underlying infrastructure are described first, followed by tool-specific sections.

Improvements to clangd

The improvements are…

Improvements to clang-doc

The improvements are…

Improvements to clang-query

The improvements are…

Improvements to clang-rename

The improvements are…

Improvements to clang-tidy

New checks

  • New bugprone-misplaced-pointer-arithmetic-in-alloc check.

    Finds cases where an integer expression is added to or subtracted from the result of a memory allocation function (malloc(), calloc(), realloc(), alloca()) instead of its argument.

  • New bugprone-reserved-identifier check.

    Checks for usages of identifiers reserved for use by the implementation.

  • New cert-oop57-cpp check.

    Flags use of the C standard library functions memset, memcpy and memcmp and similar derivatives on non-trivial types.

  • New objc-dealloc-in-category check.

    Finds implementations of -dealloc in Objective-C categories.

  • New misc-no-recursion check.

    Finds recursive functions and diagnoses them.

Changes in existing checks

  • Improved readability-qualified-auto check now supports a AddConstToQualified to enable adding const qualifiers to variables typed with auto * and auto &.
  • Improved readability-redundant-string-init check now supports a StringNames option enabling its application to custom string classes. The check now detects in class initializers and constructor initializers which are deemed to be redundant.

Improvements to include-fixer

The improvements are…

Improvements to clang-include-fixer

The improvements are…

Improvements to modularize

The improvements are…

Improvements to pp-trace

The improvements are…